December 16, 2005

More Threadless Tees

emobear.jpg More tees at Threadless right now. We like Time Fades tee and the Biblical Disaster as well as the Emo Bear tee the best, we love Care Bears! There are also some new reprints, including Piece of Meat and God and doG. Don't forget that the tees at Threadless run out fast, so if you are interested, get over there now! Also, now is a great time to remember the Threadless 12 Club, where you get a t-shirt every month for a year. These tees are separate from the others you can buy on this site, or anywhere else. They are made for the members of this club exclusively, and only enough are made for those people. This would make a great gift for the t-shirt lover in your life. The Shirt Snob would get it for her husband, but we bought a laptop instead and are forgoing presents for a while to make up for it.

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December 6, 2005

Threadless sale ends Thursday!

The Threadless sale we told you about last week is going to end this Thursday at noon CST! You must go over there asap if you are going to buy any shirts. We waited until yesterday, and many of our favorites were already gone or in very limited supply. Remember that all tees at Threadless are of a limited supply, sometimes they'll reissue a shirt, but usually once it runs out, that's it forever. Go over there now if you are buying tees for anyone on your holiday shopping list!

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December 2, 2005

Review-Tees from High Hand Designs

IMG_4052.jpg This is a very exciting day for the Shirt Snob because today is the day we post our first true review! In the past, we've certainly said what was on our mind about clothes that we had previously bought, but today's review comes to us from High Hand Designs, who were kind enough to send us four t-shirts to review. So we have the clothes right in front of us, have tried them out, and are ready to share.

Now, first of all let us say that the Shirt Snob and her hubby are big poker fans. We used to have a regular game, but that recently broke up. Now we are missing poker and anxiously awaiting February when the next season of the World Poker Tour starts. Since High Hand Designs sells poker clothing (as well as hats, posters, signs and more), we couldn't have been happier to get tees from this company. What poker player doesn't want poker paraphinalia?

highhanddiamonds.jpg First, the women's tees. We were sent two, one baby doll and one relaxed fit. The Shirt Snob had asked for mediums, since that was our size before the pregger belly erupted. Now, we certainly know what a baby doll t-shirt should fit like, and this shirt like all the others out there. As it says on the website, these tees tend to run a little on the small side, and this is the case. If you are familiar with American Apparel tees (also used by Busted Tees amongst many others companies) you will know how their shirts fit. The Shirt Snob probably wears a large in American Apparel, so the shirt was a little on the small side, as the site claimed it would be. However, the tee was great. We love American Apparel because all of their shirts are made in the USA, so you don't have to feel guilty about wearing something that was made in a sweat shop. Their shirts are also high quality, not the really thin fabric that feels like it's about to fall apart that you can get at some other places. The length was right, it felt good and comfy, and we can't wait until we get back in shape after the baby so we can wear this tee.

The other, relaxed fit t-shirt was fit very differently. It is more of a boy cut, skinny and longer, past the hips. This would be a good shirt to tuck in. Again, although not made on American Apparel, it is a high quality shirt, nice and sturdy as well as comfy, and would be good for the women out there who aren't really into the baby doll tees.

As for the designs on the t-shirts (and I know you were waiting for us to get there), we are actually quite impressed. Both women's shirts say "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" with diamond graphics as the dots over the "i" and a picture of a diamond royal flush next to it. Other options for the women's t-shirts include one that says Stacked with a picture of stacked chips behind it (all conveniently displayed across the bust) as well as a yellow one that says Peace, Love, Poker (also in black), which is a nice mantra for the poker player. For the holidays, there is also a cute shirt of one of our favorite reindeer having the unfortunately disadvantage at the table of having his red nose be an obvious tell to anyone he plays with.

highhandgambling.jpg The men's t-shirts were similar to the women's in quality. We had the Shirt Snob Husband try on two mens ones, The Amazing River Card and It's Only a Gambling Problem If You're Losing. He wears an XL, and both of these tees fit him perfectly, so sizing is great. Both shirts are pre-shrunk cotton as well, so you don't have to worry about leaving them in the drier too long, and again they were comfy and felt like good quality. We love the designs on the men's shirts as well. There are more options for men than for women, but our favorites if pressed to choose are Nice Hand Sir and Hand Size. The Rudolf shirt is also available for men. The men's shirts are actually so witty, they remind us of Busted Tees but with a poker slant.

Now let us comment on some things that set this website apart. First of all, the Shirt Snob loves that there are ringer tees on this site. We have been obsessed with ringer tees ever since our boyfriend in 10th grade gave us one from his boarding school. They are hard to come by though, especially online, so we were thrilled to see that both men and women have a few to chose from. The colors of the tees are also refreshing. There aren't just the usual white, black, and grey here. We received a pink women's and a blue men's, but there are also green, yellow, and light blue to choose from. The designs on the tees are also quite colorful. Most importantly though, until we discovered this site, we thought all poker clothing was attached to an online poker site. Now, we like to play online poker as much as the next person, but we really don't want to be a walking advertisement for Full Tilt Poker, Party Poker, or any of the other sites out there. We'd rather wear something related to poker than something promoting a specific place to play. And all the clothes from those sites are ugly and boring anyway, not funny and fun like High Hand Designs.

Overall, we must say that we are very happy with our shirts from High Hand Designs. If you are a poker fan and like t-shirts, this site is truly the place for you. They would also make great gifts for any poker player you know (and admit it, you know a ton!). The shirts would work well with adults of any age, and you can be sure that they will be high quality tees that will last for years to come. Two very happy thumbs up from the Shirt Snob!

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November 30, 2005

Another $10 Sale at Threadless!

threadlessfallfromgrace.jpg Threadless is having yet another $10 sale, this time for the holidays. There are a bunch of t-shirts that are on sale, almost 80 by the Shirt Snob's count, including some new ones. Shop for all your friends and family at once, the tees come in a variety of sizes, both for men and women, and there are funny ones (such as our favorite Gingerbread Nightmares, Fall From Grace, Diabolical Hot Dog, and You Are What You Eat) and more artsy ones (like Water, Just Water, Mission Listen, and Come Back To Me). We aren't sure how long the sale is going to last, so get over there now!

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November 18, 2005

Killer Tees

killerteeshoot.jpg As today is Friday and is known as a more casual day, at least around the workplace, we thought we’d show you some cute t-shirts we’ve discovered recently. Killer Tee is a site run by Brian Dold, who designs shirts with his home state of New Jersey in mind. This is evident by the I Miss My Feathers tee. Our favorite is probably the I’m a Hoot tee because we like owls, although the Little Red Flock Hen is pretty cute too. There are also mens t-shirts as well as vintage tees , in which the company finds old tees and add their designs in flock lettering on top of the screen. Each vintage tee is unique, so you can wear it knowing that no one else has the same shirt as you do.

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November 14, 2005

$10 Tees at Threadless!

threadlesscookie.jpg Once again, Threadless is having their $10 sale. They've just done their inventory and found a ton of shirts that are now in stock that weren't before. The company thinks that a lot of these shirts will be gone today, so get over there asap! Check out their stockroom to see everything and what's in stock right now. A few of our new favorites include Cookies Love Milk (which is already almost gone), Vegetarians are Eating the Rainforests (funny because the Shirt Snob is a vegetarian), and You Are What You Eat, as well as our old favorites Dark Side of the Garden and Calling Home.

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November 11, 2005

Tees from Supermaggie!

supermaggietee.jpg Today we are going to go a little casual. After all, it's a Friday, it's a holiday for some people (every day is a holiday for a blogger, I'm still in my pjs!), and we like these shirts and want you all to know about them too. The tees from Supermaggie! are simple, pretty, and unique with beautiful designs on them all. There are three types, long sleeve, cap sleeve, limited editions, and one of a kind shirts. Our favorites are the Double Mums T, the Moth in Hibiscus T, and the Five Flowers T. All of their t-shirts are printed on 100% cotton American Apparel Tees (our favorite), and sizing runs small so buy a little big.

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October 21, 2005

Snorg Tees

ChooseWiselysnorg.jpg Thanks to the Liquor Snob, we've found a new website for t-shirts, similar to Busted Tees and Threadless. Snorg Tees are cute and funny, in bright colors so you and your shirt stand out. This is a new company, they were only started a little over a year ago. They don't have quite enough women's shirts in the Shirt Snob's opinion. However, they are cute and worth a look. Our favorites are Choose Wisely and I'm Kind of a Big Deal. Even better, these shirts are only $16.95, cheaper than any other decent store we've seen.

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October 20, 2005

Halloween Designs at Cafe Press

cafeskull.jpg We don't know about our readers, but the Shirt Snob is totally obsessed with Halloween. With our favorite holiday right around the corner, we thought we'd share some of our favorite Halloween themed shirts available at Cafe Press. We are a big fan of owls, so we think the Happy Owl-o-Ween design is really cute. Witchy Woman is a funny top, and and we love the Halloween Skull Head, which is a little more spooky. I Heart My Mummy is probably our favorite idea, but we think it'd be much better done as a child or baby shirt. Definitely check out Cafe Press for more designs. And don't forget that each design has a separate list of tops available, including for men and women, long and short sleeves, ringer tops, etc.

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October 18, 2005

Reprints at Threadless

gingerbreadthreadless.jpg Threadless has some new shirts as well as some reprints. Two of the reprints are favorites of the Shirt Snob, so definitely check them out. The first is Dark Side of the Garden, which is great for all those Star Wars geeks out there (and you know you are one of them, just admit it!). The other is Gingerbread Nightmares, good for those of you who like a little dark humor (and it's also good for the upcoming holidays!).

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