September 20, 2006

Children's Tees from Colin Maguire

The Shirt Snob was lucky enough to be sent a tee from Colin Maguire. They make tees for toddlers, sized 18-24 months through 5T. Right now they sell long sleeved layered looking tees perfect for fall as well as short sleeved tees too.


The tee we received is the All-American Toddler Team design. And we must say right off the bat we love it! Quickly after giving birth, the Shirt Snob realized that our little one looks adorable in this layered look, and our faithful readers will remember that we love the ringer tee look, which this has as well. The contrast banding around the neck has a frayed look. It's well made, well printed, and we cannot wait to start using it (Anderson is a little small for it still).

The best part of Colin Maguire's site is that all the designs are made by children who are residing at The Children's Inn at the National Institutes of Health. They provide the latest treatment options for critically ill children and offers a place like home for both the children and their families. Colin Maguire supports the Inn financially (10% of the profits of each t-shirt goes to the Children's Inn) as well as helps to share the spirit of these children and their loved ones.


All the tees are made of 100% cotton, and they launch a new design every month. Each tee comes with an "About the Artist" hangtag. The one we received was designed by Sara. She came to the NIH from Iraq and chose to draw an eagle because it reminds her of America, where she now resides.

We think this is a wonderful cause and the tees are great too, so we highly recommend them to you all.

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August 24, 2006

Review of 19 23


As we told you earlier, we recently received two shirts from 19 23, whom we wrote about last month, to review. They are the Best Friends tees, resembling the charms many girls give each other when they are young. They are cute, and we really like the colors pink and brown together.


The fit is a little tight. We don't remember what size we received, and we can't find a tag in the shirt to tell us, so we don't know if it's tight because it's a medium or if it's a large and on the small side. Either way, it's best for women with longer torsos we think. We also don't know what the shirt is made out of exactly, but it feels like your regular t-shirt. Since we don't have the tag, we also don't know what the shirt is made out of exactly or how to wash it.


Each shirt has a message on the inside that spouts the company's philosophy. The one in the tees we got is "When I am old, you will be older. We will have to determine where our loyalties lie. And if our friendship doesn't work out, we'll bury our charms in the dirt by the big maple tree." The Shirt Snob isn't exactly sure what this philosophy means, but the second sentence sounds like a Harry Potter quote to us, so we like it!


Besides women's shirts, they also sell men's tees.

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August 7, 2006

Upcoming Review of 19 23

Remember how we wrote about 19 23 last month? Well, they were kind enough to send us two shirts for review. Unfortunately, the Shirt Snob is about to go on vacation and won't get a chance to review them until we get back. But we wanted to tell you all that it's coming up, and we're super excited about it. Look for the review hopefully next week!

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July 31, 2006

Review of Teetonic


The good people over at Teetonic were nice enough to send us a tee for review. Teetonic is a site very similar to Threadless in that you are able to rate the designs and comment on them. They seem to have one competition going on at a time, each with a distinct theme. The time that they are in the competition is about a month. And you can certainly submit your design to them as well.

We chose to review Night Owl in black because of our current Owl obsession. The shirts came in a nice, plastic folder with a snap closure and the Teetonic logo going across it. For the pack rats out there, it's totally something you could use as a folder. A sticker with the logo also came in the folder.

We really like the shirt right off the bat. The design is cute (of course, would we say anything bad about owls right now?). It's nice to see a V-neck in a t-shirt, that is so rare. And we really like the fit. We aren't sure who makes the actual tees, but they are a little more true to size than American Apparel and a little less tight on the hips, in case that is important to you. It's also a little stretchy and very comfortable. This tee will definitely be going into the Shirt Snob's tee rotation.

The one thing about Teetonic is that the are located in Scotland. So their prices reflect this a bit. Each one is 20 pounds. We personally have very little idea how much that is in USD, but we do know that they ship to the US. We aren't too sure how much it costs to ship over here or anywhere else, you'll have to ask them that. Or just put it on your credit card and hope for the best!

Each women's tee, unless otherwise stated, is mostly cotton (5% lycra) and a V-neck.

Currently, they only have four women's tees available, but more will be coming in the following weeks.

Soon the Shirt Snob's business partner will have a review of a men's tee from Teetonic, since we figure all of our readers must have men in their lives who they need to buy presents for at some point. Look for that in the next few days!

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July 6, 2006

Oddica Review


The Shirt Snob was lucky enough to get a complementary t-shirt from Oddica to review (oh, how we love our job!) in the mail a few days ago. We were hoping to get the shirt TapeBird, but instead we ended up with Snailbot. It's a nice design, but not quite in the Shirt Snob's tastes. Nevermind though, a shirt is a shirt, and the company makes them all the same way. The tee is printed on American Apparel, so it's super soft and comfy, and we know it's also high quality. Just don't forget that American Apparel runs a little small, so when in doubt, get a size larger.

The design is very well done we must say. It is printed very well, and we really like the color shirt that they chose to put the design onto (and this is a very big deal to us, one issue we do have with Threadless is all of the shirts we like the best seem to be on yellow tees, not our favorite color). There is also a little designe on the back corner of the shirt as well.

Besides the tee, in the bag were two Oddica stickers, four Oddica postcards with their tee designs on them, a button with the Snailbot design on it, and a library card with the date stamped on it when the shirt was ordered. One of the neatest things though is the bag that everything came in. It has the Oddica logo on it with a picture of Bluebird Migrane and Sheltered on it, so it's very stylish and fun, very exciting to get in the mail. The best part though-it's resealable! We just love that so much.

The company is also very easy to work with. I've dealt with two people there, and both were very friendly and easy going, and they also were very quick to respond to me.

So overall, we are very happy with the company and their products. We highly recommend them to you all!

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June 7, 2006

Review of Threadless Winning Tees and American Red Cross Clothing

When the American Red Cross decided to send the Shirt Snob a few t-shirts from the Threadless contest we've written about, we were obviously more than happy. Who doesn't love free stuff, especially when it's from one of our favorite shirt companies? Well, we got the package in the mail today, and low and behold, we got more than just the tees. There is also stuff from the American Red Cross store! So we will review it all.


First off are the Threadless tees. We've gotten Threadless stuff before, mostly for the Shirt Snob husband, and it's all high quality. The first place winner, Plus we received in a men's large. The Shirt Snob husband took it immediately so he could wear it to work the next day. It fit him well, was comfortable and he liked the design. The website explains the content of the design:

The Red Cross is composed of more than 1,000,000 volunteers from across the country. While we're not entirely positive that we have a ninja or a professional pirate in our ranks, this shirt represents the humanity that forms the American Red Cross. We depend on a wide range of volunteers and employees who selflessly help the American Red Cross daily. Hats off to you!


The second place shirt, St. George vs. the Dragon, came in a women's large. We must admit that while we like the design, we didn't quite understand the connection between this shirt and the American Red Cross. The website explains:

While the traditional tale might have had St. George slaying his foe, the dragon. The Threadless take on their relationship is infused with "hope, humanity and compassion" and the fearless knight pulls a thorn from the dragon's foot.


The third place tee, Florence Nightingale, came in a women's size extra-large. Now, we must admit that while we knew the name, we didn't really remember who she was (we weren't always paying attention in school, sorry Mom!), but we are reminded with this tee who she was and why she was so important to the world.

An inspiration to the founder of the Red Cross Movement, Florence Nightingale selflessly served as a volunteer nurse during the Crimean War for the British Army. This t-shirt honors her compassion for her fellow human being.

It is important to note that the men's shirt is printed on Fruit of the Loom 50/50 Best Tees while the women's are on American Apparel (which runs a little small but is made in the USA and very comfy). Also, the colors differ on these tees slightly between the mens and womens because they are printed on different brand tees, so what you get might be slightly different than what is pictured, although it's pretty close.


The women's Vintage Tee we got from the American Red Cross store is the softest shirt we've ever felt. It was the first thing we pulled out of our package, and boy were we thrilled to see it. It is a large, and while we aren't too sure about sizing on our new post-partum body, it seems to be true to size. We don't dare fully dry it in case it shrinks (it's 50% cotton, the other 50% polyester), but we are pretty sure it would if we tried. What we love about this tee is the design. You all know how much we love ringer tees, but the design on this shirt is simple, to the point, and because of that just the perfect tee to wear when you don't feel like dressing up. It is the perfect tee to pair with your favorite jeans and sneakers when you want a dressed down, laid back outfit.


Besides all of that, we were also sent a baby onesie. We received the one that says My mom loves me, she knows CPR. It is a 3-6 month size, perfect for the Shirt Snob baby. There is also larger sizes as well as a Dad version. It is also printed on American Apparel, which we didn't know made baby clothes!

The American Red Cross store also has Emergency Preparedness Kits and First Aid Kits, as well as all the clothes. The Shirt Snob highly recommends you look at their store, we are very impressed!

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May 10, 2006

Review: Ktt Shirts


The people at ktt shirts were nice enough to pass a t-shirt along to the Shirt Snob in thanks for us writing about their site in March. So, we've decided to give it a little review so all our lovely readers know what we really think about them. And we must say up front, we like our tee!

The shirt came well wrapped in pink tissue paper. We asked for a large (still have some of that pregnancy weight on, it's only been a month since we gave birth after all!). The shirt is printed on American Apparel, which all our faithful readers know we really like. We felt the shirt was a little tight (as the website says, order one size up), but honestly we have no idea how it should be fitting since we are not used to our body yet and are still wearing pregnancy shirts. Either way, it is very soft. It is a little thin, better suited for the summer months than winter. We haven't washed it yet, but we don't fully dry most of our shirts so they won't shrink, so we don't know if it would or not. We really like the design too. It's cute, the colors contrast well, and it seems to be of a high quality.

The company was great to work with. The designer Kate is a pleasure to work with, very nice and professional. Each shirt is a limited edition printing of about 25 shirts, so you know if you get one you are probably the only person you know who has it. Ktt shirts also just redesigned their website and have added a new t-shirt design, so we highly recommend you go and check them out.

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March 22, 2006

Review: Fright-Rags

frightragspossessed.jpg The scary folks over at Fright-Rags sent us a frightfully unique t-shirt a while back for review. They currently don't have any offerings for us ladies, but they wanted our superior Snob eye to take a look at it. So the Shirt Snob's husband volunteered to take the shotgun around back and take a look, and here's what he has to say:

I don't know a ton about horror movies (although I do like the genre), so many of the shirt designs go right over my head. Self-described as kick-ass, original, horror shirts, all of the tees that this company currently offers fit the bill. Fright-Rags sent Possessed to us for review. I'm not entirely sure what exactly makes this a horror t-shirt, but out of their selection it appealed to me the most.

The shirt itself is made by Gildan. Its 100% heavy-weight pre-shrunk cotton. I requested a large, which felt like it ran a little larger than I was used to, but overall it feels good. The sleeves and torso are long enough for my 6 foot 2 inch frame. Overall the shirt was comfortable and sturdy. It held up through a wash cycle. The color didn't run onto the whites that were washed at the same time. And even after an hour in a hot dryer, the pre-shrunk cotton held up to its name: there was no shrinking to speak of!

The website features a dozen other designs, and another four on clearance right now. Some interesting ones include WWJD (What Would Jason Do), Johnny, frightragsjohnny.jpg and Funhouse. There may not be too many to choose from, but there isn't a bad choice in the bunch. There were also a few stickers in the package they sent us, although I'm not entirely sure if they are something that is included in every order. Overall I'm very happy with the shirt. If you're a horror fan, and we know you're out there, you definitely need to check out their offerings. Even if you're not, Fright Rags will have some shirts that will help you look hip to your zombie-loving friends.

There you have it readers, our second review! We know plenty of you must have men in your lives who live for horror movies, many of our male friends do. So consider checking this website out the next time you buy them a gift, or even tell them to go look themselves. The company was great to work with, we think you'll be impressed. And for those of you women who wish there were shirts for you, keep in mind that they do carry women's tees at times, so continue to check back to see if they have any.

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December 2, 2005

Review-Tees from High Hand Designs

IMG_4052.jpg This is a very exciting day for the Shirt Snob because today is the day we post our first true review! In the past, we've certainly said what was on our mind about clothes that we had previously bought, but today's review comes to us from High Hand Designs, who were kind enough to send us four t-shirts to review. So we have the clothes right in front of us, have tried them out, and are ready to share.

Now, first of all let us say that the Shirt Snob and her hubby are big poker fans. We used to have a regular game, but that recently broke up. Now we are missing poker and anxiously awaiting February when the next season of the World Poker Tour starts. Since High Hand Designs sells poker clothing (as well as hats, posters, signs and more), we couldn't have been happier to get tees from this company. What poker player doesn't want poker paraphinalia?

highhanddiamonds.jpg First, the women's tees. We were sent two, one baby doll and one relaxed fit. The Shirt Snob had asked for mediums, since that was our size before the pregger belly erupted. Now, we certainly know what a baby doll t-shirt should fit like, and this shirt like all the others out there. As it says on the website, these tees tend to run a little on the small side, and this is the case. If you are familiar with American Apparel tees (also used by Busted Tees amongst many others companies) you will know how their shirts fit. The Shirt Snob probably wears a large in American Apparel, so the shirt was a little on the small side, as the site claimed it would be. However, the tee was great. We love American Apparel because all of their shirts are made in the USA, so you don't have to feel guilty about wearing something that was made in a sweat shop. Their shirts are also high quality, not the really thin fabric that feels like it's about to fall apart that you can get at some other places. The length was right, it felt good and comfy, and we can't wait until we get back in shape after the baby so we can wear this tee.

The other, relaxed fit t-shirt was fit very differently. It is more of a boy cut, skinny and longer, past the hips. This would be a good shirt to tuck in. Again, although not made on American Apparel, it is a high quality shirt, nice and sturdy as well as comfy, and would be good for the women out there who aren't really into the baby doll tees.

As for the designs on the t-shirts (and I know you were waiting for us to get there), we are actually quite impressed. Both women's shirts say "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" with diamond graphics as the dots over the "i" and a picture of a diamond royal flush next to it. Other options for the women's t-shirts include one that says Stacked with a picture of stacked chips behind it (all conveniently displayed across the bust) as well as a yellow one that says Peace, Love, Poker (also in black), which is a nice mantra for the poker player. For the holidays, there is also a cute shirt of one of our favorite reindeer having the unfortunately disadvantage at the table of having his red nose be an obvious tell to anyone he plays with.

highhandgambling.jpg The men's t-shirts were similar to the women's in quality. We had the Shirt Snob Husband try on two mens ones, The Amazing River Card and It's Only a Gambling Problem If You're Losing. He wears an XL, and both of these tees fit him perfectly, so sizing is great. Both shirts are pre-shrunk cotton as well, so you don't have to worry about leaving them in the drier too long, and again they were comfy and felt like good quality. We love the designs on the men's shirts as well. There are more options for men than for women, but our favorites if pressed to choose are Nice Hand Sir and Hand Size. The Rudolf shirt is also available for men. The men's shirts are actually so witty, they remind us of Busted Tees but with a poker slant.

Now let us comment on some things that set this website apart. First of all, the Shirt Snob loves that there are ringer tees on this site. We have been obsessed with ringer tees ever since our boyfriend in 10th grade gave us one from his boarding school. They are hard to come by though, especially online, so we were thrilled to see that both men and women have a few to chose from. The colors of the tees are also refreshing. There aren't just the usual white, black, and grey here. We received a pink women's and a blue men's, but there are also green, yellow, and light blue to choose from. The designs on the tees are also quite colorful. Most importantly though, until we discovered this site, we thought all poker clothing was attached to an online poker site. Now, we like to play online poker as much as the next person, but we really don't want to be a walking advertisement for Full Tilt Poker, Party Poker, or any of the other sites out there. We'd rather wear something related to poker than something promoting a specific place to play. And all the clothes from those sites are ugly and boring anyway, not funny and fun like High Hand Designs.

Overall, we must say that we are very happy with our shirts from High Hand Designs. If you are a poker fan and like t-shirts, this site is truly the place for you. They would also make great gifts for any poker player you know (and admit it, you know a ton!). The shirts would work well with adults of any age, and you can be sure that they will be high quality tees that will last for years to come. Two very happy thumbs up from the Shirt Snob!

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