June 26, 2007

Review: Tees My Body


The good people over at Tees My Body sent the Shirt Snob a tee for review. We were allowed to choose our own design, and after much thought decided on Ninjas Love Pirates. This is a new design for the ladies, and we think it's hysterical. We must say that Fight Milk Expiration is also a favorite design of theirs.

When we opened the package, the first thing we noticed was the the tee was larger than we thought it'd be. We had ordered a size large, and it's bigger than all the other larges that we've previous reviewed. This is actually quite refreshing to see. Most tee companies sell shirts that are not very forgiving. While we're sure that many of our readers have flat stomachs, we're also sure that some don't. And as someone who's still recovering a bit from a pregnancy, we like that these tees are a bit more of a looser fit. The tee is quite comfortable. It isn't baggy, but it's not too long or tight on the hips and is slightly stretchy. The tee is Hanes, which we've also never had before, but we like it. It is high quality with double stitching. The design is also printed very well. After washing the tee, it did shrink a bit. Before the washing, it was definitely too large for us, but afterwards, it fits quite well without hugging our belly. If you aren't sure of your size, we'd say order a size up.


We really enjoyed our interactions with the good people at Tees My Body. They have been very nice, accommodating, and helpful. The Shirt Snob thinks that this is a great company, and we really hope you buy some of their great designs. You won't be disappointed!

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June 8, 2007

Accessory Friday-Review of Tucker Paisley Card Holder


You may remember that we wrote about Tucker Paisley recently. The company was kind enough to send the Shirt Snob a card holder as a thank you, so we thought we'd review it here. We've decided to use it for our Mommy cards, but they can obviously be used for any cards that you may have. The one we received is cream with a red design. It is lined in red satin and is quite pretty.

The card holder fits about eight of our Mommy cards, but the cards are super thick so you'd be able to fit more of they're smaller. It's easy to get them in and out, one just needs to squeeze the sides a bit. The holder seems to be high quality with good seams, sturdy materials, and the Tucker Paisley logo right where it should be. We figure that each card holder is probably slightly different because of how the pattern ends up on the holder. But we just love the paisley design and the color combinations offered on their site.

The people at Tucker Paisley have also been wonderful. We've corresponded with them some, and they are friendly and helpful. We am very pleased with the card holder, and we would definitely buy from them again in the future. The Shirt Snob cannot recommend them enough!

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March 27, 2007

Review: Switched Clothing


The Shirt Snob has just received two tees from Switched Clothing, whom we told you about in January, and we are happy to be doing a review for you all.

The company gave me enough points in my account to buy two tees. With each purchase, you receive points that can later be used as credit to buy tees. We placed my order quite easily using these points, and our shirts shipped promptly. They came in a box and were wrapped in tissue paper that was wrapped in newspaper very neatly and wrinkle free.


The two tees we received are Dangerous Killer and Darwin and Jesus Fish. Both tees are comfy and cozy, just what you'd want in a t-shirt. They are American Apparel, so if you own others, you know how great they are. There are no tags in the shirts, and their designs both look great and are printed well. We are very happy with them!

Switched Clothing has been really easy to work with. They seem more than eager to please their customers, and if you have any questions we're sure they'd be more than happy to answer them. In fact, we originally ordered the wrong size (thinking their were baby doll tees instead of the regular women's cut), and they were more than happy to take the tees back and ship out my new order right away. Our order also arrived with detailed instructions on how to care for the tees and who to contact if you have a problem. They really seem to work hard to please their customers. The company also has a MySpace page, which is how we communicated with them a bunch.


They are also having free shipping on all orders of $30 or more until April 20, which is the same day as their iPod giveaway is over. Check out their website for more details on that contest.

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February 13, 2007

Review: Lucky Threadz


The Shirt Snob received two tees from Lucky Threadz to do a review! We are very excited as they have some funny designs on their site, and we were impressed when we first discovered them last month. The tee we received is Hasselhoff, which we chose because he was all the rage this past summer and is always a fun joke and we love how his name is written like Waffle House.

We received our order promptly in a cardboard tube which we really liked. These tees are printed on American Apparel, so if you own a few you know how they fit. The Shirt Snob ordered a medium, and we found it to be just a tad tight for us. But we are sort of in between sizes and hopefully losing those last few pregger pounds soon, so it will fit better. The tees come down to about mid hip, so if you're a very curvy gal, you might want to order a size up to compensate. The prints are great on the tees we received. There isn't a blemish anywhere, and they are holding up in the wash.


Customer service with Lucky Threadz has been great. They have been quick with responding to us and more than helpful. The Shirt Snob has been emailing with Jake in particular, and he's answered my questions and been great!

Overall, we are very happy with our tee from Lucky Threadz, and we highly recommend you buy some shirts from them! They've also added some new designs recently. We really like Apple Pi and Induced Cookie Dough the best.

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January 9, 2007

Review: Dirty Microbe

As we promised earlier, we are lucky enough to be able to do a review of Dirty Microbe. They sent us two t-shirts, one for the Shirt Snob and one for the Shirt Snob husband as well. The Shirt Snob chose to review Comunitty Collige and the hubby chose Toast.

First things first, our order arrived very quickly, within a few days. We were mightily impressed by this as this order was placed the week before Christmas, so we're sure they were very busy at the Dirty Microbe headquarters.

Their tee is comfy in your typical t-shirt way. It fits as we thought a large would, although it is a little bit longer than others we've recently reviewed. we guess we'd say it's a bit more of a casual fit, not hugging the stomach, yet still definitely a girly tee, not unisex. The design is great. It's very even, high quality, and there isn't an imperfection anywhere.

Here's what the Shirt Snob husband thought about his tee:

I received "We're Toast" from Dirty Microbe. The shirt is 100% cotton and printed on American Apparel. This is the first time, at least to my knowledge, that I've had an American Apparel shirt. I usually fit very comfortably into a size large, and this shirt is no exception. At first, it seemed a little long, but I quickly got used to this. In fact, my shirts usually shrink by growing shorter, so overall this is probably a good thing. The shirt is a really vibrant blue. And even after a few washings the color is holding up nicely. The one drawback, however, is the caption. It reads, "Shit. We're Toast." While this is a funny sentiment, its not exactly work attire. So this very comfortable shirt will have to remain a weekends and evenings only shirt for the time being. But I chose the design, so I really can't complain.

Dirty Microbe tees are printed on American Apparel, and they print all of their tees themselves. That means they can attest to the quality of their prints, and they say that the prints will last longer than the tees will.

Edited to add 7-24-07:
Please read this post before purchasing anything from Dirty Microbe.

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January 2, 2007

Review-Festa Stuff


Festa Stuff, whom we wrote about last August, was kind enough to send us a tee for review. As you know, we love tees, so we were thrilled to do it. Festa Stuff has tees for everyone you know, in the US at least. Every region has something, with certain big states and cities lucky enough to have their own designs. There's also tees for the Festa Girl as well as baby clothing. As the Shirt Snob is soon leaving the North East and moving to the south, we chose the New England Girl tee. We want everyone to know how much we love it up here after all, even if the housing prices are awful!

The first thing we noticed when we put this tee on is how soft and comfortable it is. We realize that all tees are comfortable, but this one especially is. It is stretchy and form fitting, but not super clingy to your body. The length is also perfect, coming just below the middle of our hips. The fit is perfect for a woman, and we love it.

Another thing we really like is that although the neck is high, it's also very stretchy, so we don't feel like we're being choked. We know this is a little silly, but sometimes tees with high necks are a little too tight.

The design also came out looking great. It looks just like the picture on the website, clean and well done. All of Festa Stuff's designs are wholesome. They are tees you can wear in front of your grandparents without worrying about them being insulted or disgusted by them. After all, there are tons of websites that sell those types of tees, so in being wholesome they are actually being different!

The customer service at Festa Stuff is wonderful. They were more than willing to help us out, answer any questions, and provide us with the best possible service that they could. We cannot recommend them enough, they are a great company with high quality tees with fun designs.

Interested in buying a tee from Festa Stuff? Use the code "FESTAUSA" at check out to get 20% off your order.

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December 15, 2006

Review: Retro Rags

Remember Retro Rags, whom we wrote about last month? Well, they weren't lying when they said they give away a free tee a day. The Shirt Snob was lucky enough to win one! We received an email that gave us a code for a free tee. The actual amount given to us was $33.87, and if we didn't use the whole amount, it'd carry over for a future purchase.

We went to the website, entered our coupon code that was provided in the email, and started browsing. After much thought, we chose the Moby's Dock tee as we are starting a new fascination with whales. They say to buy a size up, so we ordered a large. We moved to the check out page, filled in our shipping info, and bought the shirt. As we were a few dollars ahead after taxes and shipping, that amount is still sitting in our account there.


One word of caution for those of you who may miss it. If you are signed up for the newsletter but haven't actually bought a tee, you may not realize that you have to actually sign up with an account in order to get your gift certificate. The Shirt Snob tried signing in a few times before we realized what the problem was, and in that time we were afraid that we weren't going to get our gift certificate.

The package with our tee came rather quickly through the mail. We were also able to track it's voyage through an email that Retro Rags sent us.

The shirt is made to look vintage we think. There are little tears on the neckline, bottom hem, and sleeves. It's done rather uniformly, so it definitely doesn't look real. The design came out nice. It looks just like the picture on the website, and it is very clean looking. Not a scrape or missed area on the design at all. We think this is at odds with the state of the tee a bit, part of it looking new and part of it looking weathered. There is also no tag as all the info you'll need is printed on the shirt where the tag would normally be.


The fit of the tee is definitely not what we were expecting. The website says it's a slender fit, and that is more than true. You need to be pretty petite for it to look good. It's a long tee, going almost to the bottom of our hips when pulled down. We're thinking this company is best for women who have small hips and are very skinny. If you have hang ups about your stomach, you won't be happy with these tees. However, this shirt is very comfortable and soft and seems very well made.

We hope this review helps you in your t-shirt decision making. We really do love a bunch of the designs at Retro Rags, and hopefully their shirts will fit you better than us!

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December 4, 2006

Review: Ravenswood

As we recently mentioned, Ravenswood sent us a tee to review. The company, started in 2005, get their name from their favorite Chicago neighborhood. They get their inspiration from a variety of differnet places including photographs they've taken, found objects, and Victorian advertisements, and their goal is to make tees that they would actually like to wear themselves.


Each shirt is hand screen-printed in Chicago on 100% cotton tees. Most of their tees are on American Apparel, but sometimes they mix it up. They have six tees available, all available only in women's sizes. The Shirt Snob received birds & stars for our review.

This tee is printed on American Apparel. We asked for a large, but now we're realizing that we probably should have asked for a medium as we are finally losing that baby weight. But no matter, the tee still does fit nicely even if it is a little big on us. It is very comfortable, printed well, and is a good length. The color is also very rich, much more so than shows in the pictures. The contrast of the yellow print with the purple shirt is very nice and enhances the design we think.


Working with Ravenswood was very easy. They have great customer service, responded to emails immediately, and they sent our tee out very quickly. We are very happy with our tee, and we highly recommend this company to you all!

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November 21, 2006

Review: Bub Love

The Shirt Snob was lucky enough to receive a tee to review from bub love, a site that makes "hip tees for moms, dads & bubs." And as we're a mother, we couldn't be happier to have one of these tees. Bub love is run by a mother who started making tees for her son after not seeing many cute ones on the market. Quickly her homemade tees drew attention, so she started a business designing tees so that other babies would have cute clothing as well.


To begin with, the packaging is cute. Our shirt came in a brown paper bag with a clear plastic center where the design shows through. We received the love your bub design, which is brown with caremel colored ink. It is printed on American Apparel, which our loyal readers will know we love. We are wondering if the tee seems a little longer than we remember them being, but it fits well and is very comfy.


Besides tees for the parents, there are a bunch for the little ones. They have sizes starting at 6 months and going right on up until the kids are wearing adult sizes. Many of the children's tees have emotions on them too, so you can let the world know you have a happy bub, a cranky bub, or a precious bub. They also have a bag for sale as well.

The customer service is also wonderful. It is a small enough company that they really care about how you feel, and you are a real customer to them, not just a number or order. They are very nice and easy to order from. We recommend them wholeheartedly!

Also, make sure to read our review of a baby tee from bub love over at Super Cool Baby!

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October 17, 2006

Crooked Monkey

The Shirt Snob was lucky enough to get a free tee to review from Crooked Monkey. As you may remember, we recently discovered this company and wrote about them last month. They make college t-shirts, and as we do some work with collegiates and need to blend in as best we can, we were thrilled to get one of these tees.


We were sent the Smiley Face tee, which was one of our favorites. It's a cute and fun design, and the light yellow color of the tee will work well on almost anyone's coloring we think. It's soft too, the perfect shirt to throw on with a pair of jeans or to wear around the house (or dorm) with a cute pair of sweat pants.

The tee is also tagless as it says on the website. One important thing to note though, they do run small. And by small, we really mean it. The Shirt Snob has definitely gone up a size or two since giving birth (mostly due to the breastfeeding), but this tee is definitely fitted. This is definitely one shirt that we don't want to shrink in the dryer, but luckily it's already pre-shrunk for us!

Finally, we must point out an upcoming event that Crooked Monkey is holding. In early November, they are holding a party and fashion show at the University of Maryland, co-sponsored by Alpha Phi. Now, the Shirt Snob has mentioned being in a sorority once or twice, but to find this event associated with our sorority on this website was such a treat! And for all the other sorority women out there who read this blog, you might be able to hold a similar event too!

Besides women's tees, they also sell men's tees. So consider them for your boyfriends, husbands, fathers, etc. because these tees will quickly become favorites of anyone who wears them!

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