September 26, 2011

Review: Nerdy Shirts


We've written about Nerdy Shirts many times in the past, but the Shirt Snob was lucky enough to be given one of their t-shirts to review. We are super excited because we've been fans of their designs for a long time now. Nerdy Shirts is a t-shirt company that focuses on the nerdier aspects of life. The Shirt Snob knows that many of us are geeky deep down, so why not show that? They have a ton of funny designs that focus on such topics as Nintendo, Star Wars, cartoons, and many others.

We were sent The Internet is for Lovers tee. This tee was printed on a heavy weight, preshrunk cotton tee made by American Apparel that is machine washable. We asked for a size small. It is a fitted tee, but it is not one of those types that is so tight that it will show off any flaw if you have any. The shirt is comfortable and obviously made well with many places also double stitched. It has a crew neck and short sleeves. One important note: it fits the Shirt Snob perfectly, but we are 5'2", so if you are on the tall side, you may want to buy a size up. It also has a tag, which we can deal with, but we do prefer tagless.


The design was screen-printed onto the tee. The graphic was put on perfectly. It is centered and there is not a flaw on it anywhere. The tee is very high quality.

The majority of their orders ship the same day you place the order, and that was apparent to us. We received our package a few days before we were expecting it, and we live on the other side of the country from their LA warehouse.


We have also found their website quite easy to use. It is a cinch to find their women's sizes, which is actually not usually the case, and as we said before, you can search via subject instead. They also sell tees to men and children as well as hoodies, watches, and other accessories.

Overall, we are extremely happy with Nerdy Shirts. We highly recommend them, and we suggest you keep them in mind for holiday presents too. Everyone is nerdy about something, and Nerdy Shirts has a t-shirt design for all!

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March 7, 2011

Review: My Hood Clothing


My Hood Clothing is a new t-shirt company, and the Shirt Snob has been lucky enough to obtain a tee from them. It isn't often that we get excited about a company like this one, so we are happy to share them with you.

First up a little background. The concept is simple - we all are proud of where we came from, and we love to represent that! We may move around the country, go to school in a different state than we grew up, but we never forget where we came from and want others to know that. Also, we may be proud of where we are living now and want to show that pride. My Hood Clothing captures that pride you feel and made a company around it. Each tee is made to order with the town and state you want to represent.


Now on to the shirt they sent me! There are 20 designs to choose from (both available for men and women), and we decided on the State Tee. The website was easy to use. Once choosing the design, I picked out my size and state from drop boxes and then wrote in the town I wanted. Each tee is preshrunk 100% cotton 30 single combed ring-spun 4.2 oz. t-shirt. The graphic is perfect. Right on center, not a flaw anywhere. It is a high quality tee with good stitching throughout. It is comfortable and soft as well. Fit is obviously the most important part, and it fits great. It's a slim fit, and the medium we ordered comes to just below the Shirt Snob's hips. The graphic is placed at the bust to mid stomach where it looks most appropriate. It may run a bit on the small side, so when in doubt order one size up.


It was shipped quickly and well packaged. It arrived on my doorstep only a few days after ordering, so they company seems efficient and well oiled. They know what they are doing. Ordering from the website was easy too. Everything was easy to figure out, so I didn't need to do much thinking outside of choosing the design I wanted.

In conclusion, we are very impressed with My Hood Clothing and will be purchasing from them in the future. We highly recommend them to all our readers.

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October 20, 2008

Review: Threadless Take 2


As we don't have any other t-shirt designs to tell you about besides Threadless, we thought we'd finally write a new review of them that we've been meaning to do for a while now. Last year, our readers may remember we wrote a review of Threadless. Since then, they've started using their own t-shirts instead of American Apparel, and so we thought it was time to review them again due to this change. When we wrote our last review, they were in the process of moving over to their own line, and we discovered that the tee we bought was an old one. So we were interested to see how they had changed.

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May 29, 2008

Review: You Are So Famous


We were recently contacted to do a review of a new t-shirt company You Are So Famous, and of course we jumped at the opportunity. Who doesn't love free tees? The West Hollywood company was started to specialize in slogan t-shirts that capture the fun and ridiculousness of the pop culture obsessed world we live in. Some of their designs include It's Britney Bitch and Series Regular. The company is definitely unique; we haven't seen anything like this before.

Our tee arrived promptly in one of those white mailing bags. The tee they sent us was Have You Seen My Sex Tape. After looking at the sizing chart (something we almost never do), we decided to go for a large. The first thing we thought as we put it on for the first time was how comfortable it is. It's very soft, and it's a good thin material so it'll be perfect for this summer. The length is great, coming to our mid hip, and it's fitted without being tight which we really like. However, be careful if you are trying to hide your stomach after a long winter in sweaters, as it will show off your belly if you have one. The wording looks great. It's even and there are no flaws on it at all.


This tee is also very different than all the others we own or have reviewed before because the make up of the shirt is different. The edges at the bottom hem and cuffs are raw, so they roll a bit when you put it on. Also, at the sides have inside out seams, giving it a very casual feel. This isn't the case at the neck though, which is your typical scoop neck with banding.

Customer service was great at You Are So Famous. They were very courteous with us, and we think they will be with you too. Overall, we are very happy with the company and recommend them to our readers! Also check out their men's tees too!

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April 8, 2008

Review: Vintage Vantage Plus a Coupon


Vintage Vantage recently sent us a t-shirt for review. They've been selling tees on the web since 2001. You can buy their vintage looking tees or actual vintage tees on their site, as well as stickers, wallets, Liner Notebooks, and more.

We were sent their Astronaut tee in a size medium. The package arrived very quickly in the mail in a Priority Mail envelope. The shirt is great! It's really soft and comfortable, and it's slightly stretchy too. This is a shirt that you'll want to wear all the time, it's that comfy. It's the perfect length in our opinion, coming to our mid-hip. There's double stitching, and the graphic is perfect with no flaws or imperfections. The tag is for Vintage Vantage, and it doesn't say anything about how to take care of it or what it's made out of, which is a shame. It does say the size though, so we are happy to see that. Not all companies will put their size on the shirts for some reason, but luckily Vintage Vantage doesn't forget that. The shirt also held up in the washing machine great, although we didn't fully dry it just in case it was to shrink.


Customer service was also wonderful. We communicated quite a bit with the company, and they were courteous and responded to us very quickly.

Overall, we are very impressed with Vintage Vantage. We think they are a great company, and we highly recommend them to our Shirt Snob readers. The company has also offered us a coupon code just for us. Enter shirtsnob at check out and receive 21% off your order. This code is good forever. The company also has a bunch of men's tees too, so you can buy tees for everyone you know relatively inexpensively!

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March 7, 2008

Accessory Friday - Durt Bagz Review


Durt Bagz are bags with made up and funny caution signs on them. We hadn't seen anything like them before, so we were intrigued. They were started when the owner got the idea to make bags with signs on them after spotting a dramatic and funny caution sign while hiking one day. From that day on, the goal with this company was to have people never look at street signs the same way again.

The kind people over at Durt Bagz were kind enough to send the Shirt Snob a bag for review. We asked for Have You Heard This One? because we thought it was pretty funny. The picture is of a horse, a priest, and a rabbi walking into a bar. It's a satchel bag, black (although also available in khaki), and made of a polyester blend. It's a good heavy material, 15 x 14 x 6 inches, and definitely stands up to a lot of weight. So if you like to stuff your bags with lots of stuff, this will do the job great. It has five pockets - a large one on the front, and two on each side. There are no pockets inside, which we sort of like because inside pockets just take away from the space for your bigger items. The inside is lined and therefore easy to clean, and the strap is adjustable too.


The bag is a great size. It's large and can fit a lot in it, but it's not so big that it's weird looking and cumbersome. We are actually thinking about using it as a diaper bag because we don't need the inner pockets anymore and want something that doesn't look like a typical diaper bag. This would be a great bag for a lot of other uses too, including a book bag, overnight bag, carry on bag, and more. It'll make a great conversation piece with the caution sign too.

If you like Durt Bagz but don't see a sign that fits your personality, you can also add your own to their mix as well as vote on ones that others have made and placed on their site. So if you are the creative type, this is a fun place for you!

We really like our Durt Bagz and will be using it plenty in the future. If you are in the market for a casual and fun bag, this is definitely a site to consider!

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January 28, 2008

Review: Crooked Monkey


Crooked Monkey was kind enough to send us another tee to review last week. You may remember that we reviewed them back in October of 2006. Since then, they've had a major xx of their website that we think looks great.

The tee we were sent was Spread the Love in medium. It's a cute design with a lot of hearts on it, so it's perfect for Valentine's Day coming up if you're into celebrating every holiday like we are. This tee is fitted and extra long, coming down to the lower part of our hips. It's a thinner material and quite stretchy, so it's really comfortable and soft. In fact, it's treated with natural enzymes to help make it so soft. The design looks great too. It has a slightly distressed look that we like, and it's really cute. There's also their signature Crooked Monkey icon on the back right shoulder. It held up great in our washing machine too!

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January 21, 2008

Review: Retro Campaigns


The Shirt Snob is the lucky recipient of another tee to review, this time from Retro Campaigns. We'd never heard of this t-shirt company before, which is a shame because we really like what we see. Their shirts show unique characters from American politics of the past. They don't go too far back, but if you're in your 20s like we are, you may not know who Adlai Stevenson or George McGovern are. Therefore, you look cool and knowledgeable in their shirts! Considering that this is an election year and politics is in the news, we think this is a good time to buy from this company.

We were sent the Hole in the Shoe tee in a girly medium. Right off the bat we like this tee. It's a ringer tee, which is really enough to win us over immediately. But it's cute and looks comfy, and we think the saying is funny. Here's how it came about, thanks to the Retro Campaigns website:

During his 1952 campaign, a news photographer captured a picture of Stevenson with a large hole in his shoe. “Better a hole in the shoe than a hole in the head!” he remarked. This now iconic political image became a campaign symbol, representing his down-to-earth character and frugality.
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December 17, 2007

Review: Medicated Clothing


Medicated Clothing is a new independent t-shirt company that has limited print designs. They were founded by a woman named Jamie who creates the designs and runs the website. A goal of theirs was to make designs that culd stand alone as artwork. Here's what the company says about themselves:

MEDICATED CLOTHING was founded in an attempt to bring something new to fashion. Original designs and collaboration with artists who work in a variety of different fields is where it begins. Today t-shirts, tomorrow... more t-shirts. But someday the world!
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December 11, 2007

Review: Delicious Tees


We recently heard from Delicious Tees, a women's t-shirt company. They wanted to send us some shirts for review. We were excited as they have some really pretty designs and a wonderful and inspiring message to give. Here's what the company says about themselves (as they put it better than we ever could:

While the tees are aesthetically fresh and trendy, they more importantly promote a message of love and unity, rooted from the female experience. Each tee features an inspired thought paired with an illustration. In addition, the Tees come together as a sister set to tell a story of growth. Delicious Tees deeper purpose is to evoke social commentary, strengthen a woman's sense of self, and arouse a spark of creativity and purpose.
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December 3, 2007

Review: Glarkwear


When the Shirt Snob first saw the tee Ask Me About My Crippling Shyness at Glarkware, we knew it was one we needed to own. It came out right when we were starting to make friends in our new neighborhood, while we were still a little shy when talking to our new friends and acquaintances. So we thought this would be a funny addition to our wardrobe and a conversation starter at our play dates.

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November 13, 2007

Review: FBnK


The Shirt Snob was recently contacted to write a review of FBnK, a new clothing brand. Not one to pass on free t-shirts, especially cute ones, we of course agreed!

The company makes a limited edition line of casual tops that are affordable as well as cute. They are for the tween set up to the tweens' parents. We like that at Shirt Snob because while we are a mother, we often times still like what we see the younger girls wearing. These shirts are characterized by their fun characters: Foxy, Bunny, and Kitty. They also claim that they have a great fit, style, and quality. These are obviously very important characteristics in a t-shirt, so we were excited to try them out and put them to the Shirt Snob test!

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October 19, 2007

Review: Threadless


It's pretty surprising to us that it's been two years that we've had this blog, and we have yet to review Threadless! We've always loved their designs, but we discovered them when we became pregnant. Since then they've changed from American Apparel to their own tees, so we were unable to review what we already owned. But we took advantage of the recent sale to buy a few tees for ourselves for review.

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August 2, 2007

Review: Junkfood Tees from 80stees


The good people over at 80s Tees were kind enough to send me two Junkfood tees to review. The company focuses on things that were popular in the 1980s (obviously) including the music, movies, TV shows, and video games. They also sell a ton of Junkfood tees related to the 80s as well. We jumped at the opportunity to tell our lovely readers what we think of both the tees and the company.

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