December 30, 2006

End of Year Sales

Fred Flare has free shipping using the code "BEST.1206" at check out. They also have a bunch on sale, with up to 80% off many items. You can get a free scarf as well by spending $50 or more, while supplies last of course.

Free People is also having a big sale.

Style Violet has up to 75% off tons of items in their store as well.

Girlshop is having a sale, up to 80% off tons of clothing.

Rebe has a sale with 30-80% in savings.

Updated December 30

Luv Charlie is having a sale on their sale items. Use the code ""sale06" at check out and receive 25% off anything you buy on sale.

Buy one long sleeved tee at Festa Stuff, get another one free. They also have free shipping, and on all orders great than $50, use the code "FESTANEWYEAR" to get 20% off your order. We are doing a review on them next week (and are currently wearing one of their tees as we write this), and let us just say now that we can't recommend them enough!

Karmaloop has free shipping on all orders over $45 when using the code "SEVEN" at check out.

Kate Boutique is having a winter sale with up to 50% off certain items in the store.

This is all in addition to the deals that started before Christmas that we wrote about last Saturday.

Pink Mascara is having a Twelfth Street sale. Get 20% off everything from this designer when using the code "SHOP12ST" at check out.

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December 30, 2006

December 29, 2006



iHotto is a t-shirt company that we just discovered that is very unique. Their designs look hand drawn, but that is part of their charm. The designs are cute and fun and we really like them. The Shirt Snob's favorites include Fleur De Lis, Summer Crush, That's So Bunny, and Hanging Heart. They also sell jewelry as well.

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December 28, 2006

Evil Cotton


Evil Cotton is a new t-shirt company that just started earlier this month. They have a great website that's a lot of fun to look at, using old yearbook pictures as well as celebrity photos around their shirts. Once you click on a t-shirt design, you can choose men's or women's as well as the colors of the shirt on a color wheel in the bottom left hand corner. Their designs are a little too much college humor for the Shirt Snob overall, but they do have some that aren't so dirty we would wear them. Our favorites include I Hate Nature, Morons, and Che Bacca. They have over 60 designs, so there's plenty for you to choose from. We only wish they had better pictures of their tees. The design will pop up when you mouse over them, but we would love to see the design on actual shirts.

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December 28, 2006

Lace Wrap Top by Corey Lynn Calter


If you like lace, this next top is for you. The Lace Wrap Top by Corey Lynn Calter is an off-white, sheer lace blouse with short sleeves, a deep V-neck, metallic threading, and a black belt that ties at the waist. It's beautiful and romantic looking and can be worn in so many ways! Also available in blush at Anthropologie.

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December 27, 2006

Dirty Microbe


We recently discovered Dirty Microbe, we don't know how we never knew about them before. They sell t-shirts for men and women as well as some really interesting Japanese stuff they've found. A lot of their stuff is running out because of the holidays, so we suggest you get over there and snag what you can now. Some of our favorite tees include Communitty Collige, The Other Half is Violence, Zombway, and That's How I Roll. There really are too many to list though.

Also, there's a free shipping code exclusive to Shirt Snob readers! Use the code "discount_b7" at check out, and you'll have free shipping on your order! Use your Christmas money to get something that you really want!

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Estrella Top by Nanette Lepore


Here's a stunning top that we would love to own. The Estrella Top by Nanette Lepore is a beautiful champagne color and is 100% silk and super shiny. It has cap sleeves, smocking at the bodice, an empire waist, pleats down the front, and ruching at the scoop neck. Also available in ivory and pale pink at Nordstrom.

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December 26, 2006

New at Threadless


New Threadless tees came out yesterday. As the Shirt Snob was celebrating Christmas, we didn't notice until now. We really like We Can Fix It, Fallen (In Love), and the reprint We Are Made of Carbon. We hope you all had a happy holiday, and we'll be back with more tomorrow.

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December 23, 2006

Post Holiday Sales are Starting

A few post holiday sales have already begun. At Shop Bop, get 30%, 50%, and 70% off hundreds of items.

At Pink Mascara, you can get up to 50% off of their fall and winter items.

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December 22, 2006

Accessory Friday-Viola Valone Necklaces


For Accessory Friday, we're looking at Viola Valone necklaces at Shop Intuition. What first caught our eye were the Charlotte Spider Necklace and the Antique Charlotte Spider Necklace. While the Shirt Snob is not entirely sure we'd be able to wear them as we freak out over spiders, they are beautiful and certainly eye catching. Viola Valone also has he Skull Necklace, available with either emerald or ruby eyes, and the Anchor Chain Skull Necklace, which was recently worn by Ashley Simpson. We still can't get enough of skull items and designs, so we are really fond of both these necklaces.

We'll be taking a few days off, back sometime next week. Hope everyone has a safe and pleasant holiday!

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Surrealist Top by Nanette Lepore


Looking for something cute to wear on New Year's Eve? We love this next shirt, the Surrealist Top by Nanette Lepore. This black and cream cami has an empire waist, thin straps that are removable, lace trim on the upper hem, a hidden zipper in the back, and a velvet strap going around the waist with a cute velvet bow at the front. It's feminine and classy and will be a great top to celebrate the new year in! If you like this top, there's also a Surrealist Dress available as well.

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December 21, 2006

Laser Cut Top by Sweetees


Here's a flirty little top that you'll have a blast wearing. The Laser Cut Top by Sweetees has a fitted bodice with eyelet-like embroidery at the brest and hem, a pleated empire waist, flared body, and scalloped edges. There's a side zipper, and the spaghetti straps are adjustable. It's cute on its own or with a heavy sweater over it! Available in brown/pink and white.

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New Busted Tees Shirt

The Shirt Snob has tried hard to stay away from showcasing raunchy designs on this site. We may link to a site that has some shirts that are questionable in taste, but we try to focus in on the ones that you would feel more comfortable wearing in front of your grandparents, or at least your parents. However, this new one available for preorder at Busted Tees is pretty darn funny. We'll call it Cut a Hole in a Box instead of it's real name, and we'll let you decide for yourself if you want to look at it or not. If you don't get it, see the reference on YouTube. It was originally a Saturday Night Life sketch, on last Saturday we believe. Just please don't let any young children watch it or we'll feel bad!

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New Red Cross Tees


The Red Cross Store has some new tees. We did a huge review for them over the summer, and one of their tees is still our most favorite, comfy tee in our entire wardrobe, so we can't write about them enough! Our favorites include Our Boys Need Sox, Heart Attack, and Strong Hearted Woman. All of these shirts are from their new Apparel for Life series, with each design having historical references. For instance, the Sox tee "pays tribute to the World War I and World War II knitting campaigns that provided millions of knitted garments to soldiers overseas and in the United States. The design was inspired by a volunteer campaign circa 1918." Support the Red Cross, and buy some great tees from them today!

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December 20, 2006

New at Owl Movement


Owl Movement has new tees out from their fourth series. We especially like Feather Me Down and Little Humphrey's Portrait. Also, series one is now $12 a tee, and as for the rest, you can buy two tees for $36. This deal ends December 31.

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Silk Pocket Cami by Tracy Reese


Here's another Tracy Reese blouse in the same colors as the previous top. The Silk Pocket Cami is also 100% silk with a pleated waistline, wide ribbon straps held on with an oversized button at the back, two front pouch pockets, and a center zipper. This top is very sexy and is very flattering on a slim body. And we love the print, the scarlet and white colors go very well together.

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Print Tie Neck Tunic by Tracy Reese


Here's a new one from Tracy Reese that we adore. The Print Tie Neck Tunic is 100% silk with a bow that ties at the neck. It also has pearl buttons at the back and cap sleeves. You can tie the scarf in many different ways, so you can vary it up each time you wear it. We really love the print, it's so fun and fresh looking.

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December 19, 2006

Wolfgang's Vault


Wolfgang's Vault is a store that sells both vintage and retro tees, mostly of concerts and famous groups and singers. Yes, they seem to know the difference between the two. Obviously the retro tees are more affordable and plentiful than the vintage ones, but if you're really into vintage, this is a good place to check out. There's also vintage gym shorts (we had no idea a market for them even existed!) as well as men's and children's clothing, poster art, photography, vintage concert tickets, and more.

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Threadless This Week


There's some new stuff over at Threadless, and the Shirt Snob isn't really feeling any of it. If we had to choose favorites, we'd probably choose Mozart Didn't Like To Practice Either and Bob Shopping. But we really miss all the good tees that were coming out during their sale, and we hope more good ones will come in the coming weeks.

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Playhouse Clothing Sale!

There's a big sale going on at Playhouse Clothing. Get 30% off your order today and tomorrow when using the code "2DAY." This ends at midnight on December 20.

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There is a very unique new t-shirt company out there called innerTee. The way this site works is you browse the artwork on the site, place it on a tee (they call this mixing), save it and share it with your friends, then buy it and wear it. This allows you to use your creative juices and make the tee that you want instead of buying designs you like but don't love. Each design you place on your tee has it's own price, and you get to choose the type of t-shirt, color, where the design goes, and how many you place on the tee. You can also browse the tees that others have made and buy them if you don't want to make one yourself or see a great design. You can sign up for a beta account now to start designing your tees!

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December 18, 2006

Silk Cami with Lace by Vince


Here is a very simple and elegant cami that is on our wishlist right now! The Silk Cami with Lace by Vince has three inch lace trim at the top hem and one inch lace trim on the bottom hem. It's sheer, 100% silk, spaghetti straps, and has 4 buttons on the side. There is nothing more feminine than this top, we just love it. Available in vanilla and black.

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We've been meaning to write about Distro.y for a while now but kept forgetting. They are quite memorable, so we don't know why! Distro.y is a clothing company local to the Shirt Snob, and we have to support our local businesses! This t-shirt company has very unique designs on really cute tees. They really don't seem like every other t-shirt company out there. They also have a scarf and skirt on sale as well that we really like. Our favorite tee designs are Gun, Reincarnation, and Batty. Distro.y is having an end of the year sale right now, and they also sell men's clothing too. They also have a MySpace page you might want to check out.

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Free Two Day Shipping at Busted Tees

Busted Tees has free two day shipping all day today and tomorrow. Enter the code "YESSIR" at check out for it to apply. Ends at midnight on December 19 EST.

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New at Crooked Monkey


Crooked Monkey has some new tees out. We especially like Chicago Blows, Girls Are Precious, and Don't Frown Get Down. If you want to know more about their tees, check out the review we did of one of their tees.

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December 15, 2006

Accessory Friday-Newsboy Hats


For Accessory Friday this week, we'll be looking at hats, particularly newsboy hats. The Shirt Snob has been seeing them all over the place, and we found some very affordable possibilities for you. If you look good in hats, this might be a fun trend to try out. The Boiled Wool Newsboy Caps come in five colors and are 100% wool so they'll still keep your head warm this winter. The Wool Flannel Newsboy Caps are a wool and flannel mix and are available in three colors. The Brimmed Crochet Beanies look a little more like your typical winter hat as they are knit, and they have a brim that can be worn out or tucked inside. They come in red and black. And finally, if you're a cashmere fan, consider the Chunky Cashmere Hand Crochet Newsboy Caps. Available in three colors, these are a little more expensive, but they are super cute and have matching scarves as well.

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Review: Retro Rags

Remember Retro Rags, whom we wrote about last month? Well, they weren't lying when they said they give away a free tee a day. The Shirt Snob was lucky enough to win one! We received an email that gave us a code for a free tee. The actual amount given to us was $33.87, and if we didn't use the whole amount, it'd carry over for a future purchase.

We went to the website, entered our coupon code that was provided in the email, and started browsing. After much thought, we chose the Moby's Dock tee as we are starting a new fascination with whales. They say to buy a size up, so we ordered a large. We moved to the check out page, filled in our shipping info, and bought the shirt. As we were a few dollars ahead after taxes and shipping, that amount is still sitting in our account there.


One word of caution for those of you who may miss it. If you are signed up for the newsletter but haven't actually bought a tee, you may not realize that you have to actually sign up with an account in order to get your gift certificate. The Shirt Snob tried signing in a few times before we realized what the problem was, and in that time we were afraid that we weren't going to get our gift certificate.

The package with our tee came rather quickly through the mail. We were also able to track it's voyage through an email that Retro Rags sent us.

The shirt is made to look vintage we think. There are little tears on the neckline, bottom hem, and sleeves. It's done rather uniformly, so it definitely doesn't look real. The design came out nice. It looks just like the picture on the website, and it is very clean looking. Not a scrape or missed area on the design at all. We think this is at odds with the state of the tee a bit, part of it looking new and part of it looking weathered. There is also no tag as all the info you'll need is printed on the shirt where the tag would normally be.


The fit of the tee is definitely not what we were expecting. The website says it's a slender fit, and that is more than true. You need to be pretty petite for it to look good. It's a long tee, going almost to the bottom of our hips when pulled down. We're thinking this company is best for women who have small hips and are very skinny. If you have hang ups about your stomach, you won't be happy with these tees. However, this shirt is very comfortable and soft and seems very well made.

We hope this review helps you in your t-shirt decision making. We really do love a bunch of the designs at Retro Rags, and hopefully their shirts will fit you better than us!

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Oceanic Top by LaROK


Here's a fun blouse from LaROK that we think would be a great addition to anyone's wardrobe. The Oceanic Top has 3/4 kimono sleeves, elastic band detailing, banding at the waist, and a deep V-neck. It hangs long, and the bottom hem is unfinished. It's available in black, buro, birch, and winterberry.

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Controversy at Threadless


We just discovered there's a bit of a controversy over at Threadless. It looks like someone submitted a design for a tee that was not their own work, and it's become a huge issue over there. Threadless has a little write up about the situation. Luckily, the tee, called Tagged, is still available, but we're doubting it'll be reprinted. So if you like it, get it now.

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December 14, 2006

Cable Cardigan by Sunner


The Shirt Snob was recently thinking about how annoying the sleeves are on all her sweater cardigans (they're way too bulky for when it's not freezing, and annoying when it's cold enough to wear a coat), and low and behold, we find a really cute one without sleeves. The Cable Cardigan in navy by Sunner is made from a cotton and wool bneld. It is extra long, has a collar, and had a tie at the waist. It's simple, it's cute, and it'll keep you warm. What else can you ask for? Also available in black.

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Sweepstakes Winner

We'd like to congratulate Jenny J who won our Threadless t-shirt giveaway. She's a young mother who is now back to shopping for herself and reads Shirt Snob to stay on top of the latest styles. We'll be doing another contest after the holidays, so keep an eye out for it!

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December 13, 2006

Camisole with Pleated Hem & Lurex Stitching


We have found a camisole that we just adore. The Camisole with Pleated Hem & Lurex Stitching by Development is 100% silk with large pleats coming down from the empire waist, polka dot detailing on the bust and center pleat, button detailing on the adjustable spaghetti straps, metalic stitching at the waist, and a hidden side zipper. This top does great on its own, but you could pair it with a nice jacket as well for a more conservative look. Available in grey and beige.

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Buy Three, Get One Free at Dusty Brand Clothing

Dusty Brand Clothing is having a sale. Buy three t-shirts, get one for free. No code needed!

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Palmer Cash


Palmer Cash is a another t-shirt company that sells vintage tees. We really wonder if anyone truly knows what vintage is, but we're letting that go this time around because we really like a bunch of the tees this company sells. There's the pop culture references such as the Leg Lamp Tee, , and the typical dark Skull Tongue Tee. There are designs that look like they'd fit into the 70s like the 76 Tee, and then there's the pretty, artsy types like the Blown Away Tee. Basically, this site has a lot of variety because the tees come from a few different places (including Vintage-Vantage and their own line), and that makes us really like them. There really is something for everyone. There's also a huge number of tees as well, so you don't have to choose between 12 or 24 different designs. There's six pages of tees with 60 designs a page. We only wish that when we clicked on a particular design, we could tell which designer it came from. They also sell a bunch of men's tees as well as jackets.

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December 12, 2006

Silk Ruffle Top by Parameter


We think this next blouse would be a fun one to wear on your next tropical vacation. The Silk Ruffle Top by Parameter is 100% silk with a deep cowl neckline, ruffled sleeves, and pleats at the bust. There's also a hidden zipper and the fun print of large, red flowers. If you like this top, there's also a matching dress!

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Sale Ending at Threadless, But Still Plenty New


The Threadless sale continues, but it ends on Thursday, December 14 at 11am CST. Make sure you get over there soon, who knows when they'll have another? Our favorites include Day of Reckoning, Yeah Attitude (especially on the hoodie), Homework Evidence, Maple Walnut, as well as the reprints The Communist Party, Planetary Status, and Watch the Snow Fall.

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Dusty Brand Clothing


It's been almost a year and a half since we've written about Dusty Brand Clothing, so it's definitely time to revisit them. They're doing about the same, selling many of the same designs. However they do have some new ones, or else we just don't remember them from before. Our new favorites are Major League Beirut (a favorite sport on all college campuses) and Top Gun. Of course, we still adore Viva la Bubba too.

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December 11, 2006

New at Oddica


There are a few new tees at Oddica we'd like to tell you about. Our favorite is definitely Untitled 2. It's beautiful and on a ringer tee, which we just love. Fawn at Dawn is also really nice, and it's also available on a hoodie. Then there's Bluebird Migrane, which has been reprinted with a larger image.

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We just discovered a new t-shirt company Village-Vintage. Just started about a month ago, this company was created to give everyone a chance to buy the special vintage styles typically found only in niche neighborhoods in major cities. They are inspired by the East Village in NYC and their music scene. Right now they have seven tees available to women, all printed on American Apparel. We really like the designs, we only wish we could see pictures on them on the actual t-shirts.

Also, until Friday when you buy two regularly priced shirts, you get a surprise one free. You pick the size, they chose the design. And this works with multiples too. If you buy four tees, you'll get two free ones. You must email them with your order number afterwards, so don't forget that step. Pretty good deal if you ask us!

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Tie Front Wrap Top by Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent


The Shirt Snob cannot pull off the deep V-neck look, but that doesn't mean we don't love it. If you think you can handle it, you might want to consider the Tie Front Wrap Top by Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent. Made of 100% silk, this top has short kimono sleeves that are pulled back with a tab and button, and the tie in the front gives the blouse a gathered look. You could very easily wear a cute cami underneath if you don't want to be showing off too much skin.

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December 8, 2006

Accessory Friday-Luggage Tags by Tepper Jackson


Plenty of people travel during the holidays, so why not do so in style? The Shirt Snob thinks that these Luggage Tags by Tepper Jackson are the perfect accessory to your drab and boring black suitcases. Available in four different designs, you can really show your personality in a unique way with these tags. They would also make a great stocking stuffer! Also by Tepper Jackson are Card Holders, Passport Wallets, Cosmetic Purses, and even Keychains, so if you love these designs, you can buy them all up!

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Sweater Sale at Pink Mascara

Between now and this Sunday, get 20% off all sweaters at Pink Mascara. No code is needed, they've already taken the discount off on their website!

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Cashmere Pullover by Generra


Here's another cashmere top that we missed during our cashmere theme last week. The Cashmere Pullover by Generra is 100% cashmere with a V-neck, short sleeves, six decorative buttons at the front, ruching at the front, and ribbing at the bottom hem and the neck. We really like how it's paired with a simple white top like in the picture. This sweater is a great way to get a little more use out of your favorite white tank!

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December 7, 2006

Blue Platypus


We haven't written about Blue Platypus in a very long time, so we thought we'd update you on what's new over there. They have a Flowerpot tee in both short and long sleeved varieties which reminds us of their original Dandylion tee that we love so much. They have more varieties of the Dandylion tee, such as the 70s Hoop Dandy and the Dandy Ladies in strawberry as well as a bunch of new designs, including the Trees tee, the Butterfly tee, and the Whale sweatshirt.

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Vintage Lace Cardigan by Sweetees


Here's a very pretty one, the Vintage Lace Cardigan by Sweetees, a designer we don't write enough about. This blouse is 100% silk, is fully lined with modal, has poufed cap sleeves, a tie at the waist, V-neck, lace at the neck, and a swingy bottom. The flower print on top makes this top look rather regal.

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December 6, 2006

Austina Warmth Cardigan by Theory


The Shirt Snob just loves all the belted cardigans we see lately. It's all we can do not to just show you one after another after another that all look almost the same. But here is a special one that we couldn't hold back on, the Austina Warmth Cardigan by Theory. This sweater is a mix of merino wool, cashmere, mohair, and more. It has three inch ribbed banding at the neck and cuffs, long sleeves, and a tie at the waist. Pair it with your favorite shirt, it'd go with almost anything!

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Well, the Shirt Snob is just shocked that we've never written about Defunker before. In fact, we went through all of our archives because we just didn't believe it. So we are going to make up for lost time by telling you all about them. Defunker was started by the same people who do Busted Tees. They exist because they want to showcase the great designers out there that go unnoticed. All their tees are printed on American Apparel too. Originally, we thought that they didn't separate between men and women's tees, but if you mouse over each design, it says in the bottom left hand corner who they are made for. The price will also pop up, and this is important because there isn't one flat fee per shirt. Some of our favorites designs include Big City Life, Girl Explosion, and Beetle. You may also notice that some of the designs are also at Busted Tees and Threadless as well. We haven't compared prices, but you may want to.

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December 5, 2006

Tees My Body


We recently discovered Tees My Body, another t-shirt company that was started this year Their tees are all $12.99, and shipping is a flat rate of $5. Also, if you buy three or more, you get a shirt free. Only five are available in women's sizes right now, but we hope that changes in the future! Our favorite tees are definitely Congratulations Idiot, Fight Milk Expiration, and Fun Size.

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Sofina Top by Theory


This next top is pretty simple, but it could be a great staple in your wardrobe. The Sofina Top by Theory has a shawl collar, crossover V-neck, and long sleeves. It's available in three colors: oak, black, and ivory.

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New at Threadless


Let's go over the new tees at Threadless, as there are a ton of tees we like. New designs include The Scr-Emo, Acute Invasion, Camouflage, Mechanical Mayhem (also available in long sleeves), Lunch Time, and A Caged Bird Dreams. Reprints include Chinese Peaches, Midnight Snack, Get Some Fresh Air, and Technology Ruins Nature. The sale only lasts another eight days, so make sure you get over there before it ends!

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December 4, 2006

Free Shipping at Busted Tees

Busted Tees has free shipping when you buy three or more tees. You must use the code "jingle" at check out for this to apply. Ends December 10 at midnight.

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Review: Ravenswood

As we recently mentioned, Ravenswood sent us a tee to review. The company, started in 2005, get their name from their favorite Chicago neighborhood. They get their inspiration from a variety of differnet places including photographs they've taken, found objects, and Victorian advertisements, and their goal is to make tees that they would actually like to wear themselves.


Each shirt is hand screen-printed in Chicago on 100% cotton tees. Most of their tees are on American Apparel, but sometimes they mix it up. They have six tees available, all available only in women's sizes. The Shirt Snob received birds & stars for our review.

This tee is printed on American Apparel. We asked for a large, but now we're realizing that we probably should have asked for a medium as we are finally losing that baby weight. But no matter, the tee still does fit nicely even if it is a little big on us. It is very comfortable, printed well, and is a good length. The color is also very rich, much more so than shows in the pictures. The contrast of the yellow print with the purple shirt is very nice and enhances the design we think.


Working with Ravenswood was very easy. They have great customer service, responded to emails immediately, and they sent our tee out very quickly. We are very happy with our tee, and we highly recommend this company to you all!

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Striped Hoodie by Lily McNeal


Happy Monday readers! You all know how much the Shirt Snob loves hoodies (really, who doesn't?), so we are starting off the week with a really cute one. The Striped Hoodie by Lily McNeal has brown and cream stripes goes vertically down this long sweater. It has a V-neck and a hood in the back. It is also 100% merino wool and has ribbing at the bottom hem. Also available in blue, plum/red, and navy/orange.

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December 1, 2006

Accessory Friday-Deepa Gurnani Belts


This week for Accessory Friday we're going to show you some belts as we haven't done them in a while. Deepa Gurnani makes some pretty impressive ones. We really like the 24" Empire Line Belt. Made from a patterned cotton that is top stitched with metallic thread, it has ornate cutouts and a double set of ties on each side. It's a great way to spice up a simple top. The Belt w/ Antique Embroidery is also quite stunning as well.

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Maureen Cashmere Turtleneck by Theory


What would Cashmere Week be without a turtleneck? The Maureen Cashmere Turtleneck by Theory is 100% cashmere with long sleeves and four inch banding at the cuffs and bottom hem. It's simple, yet elegant and cozy! Avaiable in black and ivory.

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