July 31, 2006

Busted Tees Sale

There's a sale going on at Busted TeesB right now. Get all the tees at $13.99 as long as you use the code "HUMMUS." The sale ends Friday at midnight, so get over there soon.

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July 31, 2006

Review of Teetonic


The good people over at Teetonic were nice enough to send us a tee for review. Teetonic is a site very similar to Threadless in that you are able to rate the designs and comment on them. They seem to have one competition going on at a time, each with a distinct theme. The time that they are in the competition is about a month. And you can certainly submit your design to them as well.

We chose to review Night Owl in black because of our current Owl obsession. The shirts came in a nice, plastic folder with a snap closure and the Teetonic logo going across it. For the pack rats out there, it's totally something you could use as a folder. A sticker with the logo also came in the folder.

We really like the shirt right off the bat. The design is cute (of course, would we say anything bad about owls right now?). It's nice to see a V-neck in a t-shirt, that is so rare. And we really like the fit. We aren't sure who makes the actual tees, but they are a little more true to size than American Apparel and a little less tight on the hips, in case that is important to you. It's also a little stretchy and very comfortable. This tee will definitely be going into the Shirt Snob's tee rotation.

The one thing about Teetonic is that the are located in Scotland. So their prices reflect this a bit. Each one is 20 pounds. We personally have very little idea how much that is in USD, but we do know that they ship to the US. We aren't too sure how much it costs to ship over here or anywhere else, you'll have to ask them that. Or just put it on your credit card and hope for the best!

Each women's tee, unless otherwise stated, is mostly cotton (5% lycra) and a V-neck.

Currently, they only have four women's tees available, but more will be coming in the following weeks.

Soon the Shirt Snob's business partner will have a review of a men's tee from Teetonic, since we figure all of our readers must have men in their lives who they need to buy presents for at some point. Look for that in the next few days!

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July 31, 2006

July 31, 2006

Hand Knit Cable Car Coat by adam eve


Now that it's almost August, it's time to start thinking about Fall and that means sweaters! Here's one that we really like, the Hand Knit Cable Car Coat by adam eve. This sweater is hand knit as the name says. It has cables running down it, ribbed banding at the cuffs and edges, and a shawl collar. It's also made of an alpaca and wool mix, and it comes in black and taupe. Now, the Shirt Snob is a bit of a knitter, so we know that this would take a long time to make by hand. We don't think the pattern looks very easy. Therefore, we feel this sweater is really worth it's price more than most tops we show.

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July 28, 2006

Lucha Workshop


Today we are combining our normal shirt post with our Accessory Friday post. We recently discovered Lucha Workshop, and we really like their stuff. Their tees come in both a unisex and a women's variety as well as in different colors. All the tees are also hand-screened on American Apparel tees. Some of our favorites include Cloe, Heart, Stars, and Minty. They also have a really funny blog you might want to look at.


Lucha Workship also sells handmade bags. Some of the designs are the same as their t-shirt designs, while others are exclusively for the bags. The Shirt Snob's favorite ones include the Bunny bag, the Spinky bag, the Bluebird Bag, and the Pink Cloud Wallet. Also, if you like something a little weirder, check out their plush bags.

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July 27, 2006

Coral Zaragoza Top by Ingwa Melero


It's been a while since we showed you anything from ingwa; melero, so let's change that. The Zaragoza Top is 100% silk and lined, with a V-neck, spaghetti strap halter that crosses in the back, and an empire waist with ruching. The body blousing out from there. The bust and a panel below the waist has a beautiful floral patterned embroidery. Four button closures are at the back. Comes in three colors, coral, white, and blush. If you like this top, you may also like the Zaragoza Halter Dress, which is actually on sale!

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Lace Trimmed Doll Halter by Cynthia Steffe


This next top definitely can't be pulled off by just anyone, but it's so cute and girly that we hope some of you will try. The Lace Trimmed Doll Halter by Cynthia Steffe has a halter top neck with two straps going down it to the body in the back. There is tulle-ruffles and lace along the bust, and the neck and straps are woven with silk ribbons. The back is smocked and there's a large ruffle at the bottom. It comes in two colors, peach blossom and tea.

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July 26, 2006

Three New Tees at Busted Tees


There are three new tees at Busted Tees. They are Pizza is the Best, Original Gangsta, and St. Dorothy Mantooth. Personally, the Shirt Snob isn't enamored with any of them, but maybe you'll like them.

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Silk Checkered Top by Yumi Kim


This next top sort of reminds us of our grandmother's couch, and for some reason it's a good thing. The Silk Checkered Top by Yumi Kim has a sweetheart neckline, an empire waist with a drawstring that ties in the front, four buttons that go down the chest, thick straps, and a flowing body. Then there's the pattern, a checkering of blue and other colors with flowers on top, with solid blue panel at the bottom. We think this would be a fun one to wear with your jeans.

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July 25, 2006

New at Threadless This Week


New shirts at Threadless! For the regular competition winners, we really like This is not a Pipe (a Super Mario Bros. reference), Nature Call!, The Day They Came ("They" being aliens), and The Early Bird and the Worm. We also like the reprint Hypotamoose, they Type tee Shakespeare Hates Your Emo Poems, and the Select tee Strange Birds.

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Free Shipping at Fred Flare

There's free shipping over at Fred Flare this week. Use the code "skoolrulez0706" at check out for the savings.

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Sale at Shop Intuition

Shop Intuition is having yet another sale. Get 50-70% off a ton of great items.

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Free People's Pleated Bib Top


Finally, our last Free People shirt of the day, the Pleated Bib Top. This blouse is semi-sheer slubbed voile (the site explains what this is for those of you who are curious) with antiqued buttons that run down the front, raw edges at the waist, and split cuffs. It has a tuxedo bib that runs down to the middle of the top, giving it a slightly more formal appeal. It comes in three colors, green, tea, and black.

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Pointelle Kimono Hoodie by Free People


Next up by Free People: the Pointelle Kimono Hoodie. This sweater has a wide ribbed waistband, wide 3/4 length sleeves, a hood, and antiqued copper buttons that go up the V-neck to where the hood begins. The stitches are large, so you should wear something underneath this. It'd be great to throw over your shirts for the fall. Comes in three colors, ivory, purple melange, and chai.

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V Wrap Flowy Tunic by Free People


Today will be Free People day because that's what we're in the mood for. First is the V Wrap Flowy Tunic. Made of a wool blend, this top is roomy and comfy. It has a V-neck, a billoy waist that ends at the upper thigh, long sleeves, and ruching at the neck and upper back. Banding goes along the neck, wraps around the back and can eventually be tied in the front at the waist. It comes in both grape and black and would look really cute with a print tank underneath, as shown in the picture.

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July 24, 2006

Sale Continuing at Pink Mascara

We thought the summer sale at Pink Mascara ended earlier this month, but it seems to be still going on. You can get 30-70% off a bunch of stuff (such as the Sunset Halter by Lauren Moffatt we wrote about last March) , and they've just added more items.

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Sale at Diane Medak

There's a sale going on at Diane Medak as well. Use the code "0706" at checkout to receive 20% off your order. Sale ends July 31.

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Bluefly Sale

Today only get 10% off everything at Bluefly! No code needed, so get over there!

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Butterfly Thermal with Hood by Grail


Although you probably wouldn't realize it, the Shirt Snob just loves hoodies. We think they are the cutest things ever. So when we discovered this one, the Butterfly Thermal with Hood by Grail, we decided we had to show it to our readers. Made of 100% cotton, this top has a split V-neck, pouch pocket, banding at the neck and pocket, and surged edges at the bottom hem and sleeves. There is a large butterfly on the upper right shoulder in the back and paint splatter detail on the lower left side. We think this would be a fun top to wear as the weather starts to get a little cooler.

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July 21, 2006

Shirt Fight!


Shirt Fight! is another new t-shirt site. They just launched this month with 12 tees. Some are a bit dirty, so the Shirt Snob would probably not wear them. But others are just plain funny. We think this site would work really well with the college crowd (which we still pretend we are a part of, refusing to believe we are aging at all). The main page is really cute too, with all the designs shown on the shirt of a large cartoon man. All the shirts are printed on American Apparel and are silkscreened. They will continue to add more designs, so keep going and seeing what they have.

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Queen Bee Creations


Happy Friday! Today for Accessory Friday, we are going to look at the purses from Queen Bee Creations. As all our faithful readers know, the Shirt Snob certainly has a love for bags. These ones are definitely ones that we really want. There are four bags, the Poppy Tote, the Poppy Truckette, the Queen Bee Coin Purse, and the Twig Diaper Tote (which we're sure you all know by now can be used by anyone who needs a bag with a lot of pockets). They are all made of waterproof vinyl, and they are all handmade. All of these bags are available at Elsewares, an independent art and design shop that has loads are great shirts, accessories, and more. For other great designs by Queen Bee, they have a website as well.

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July 20, 2006

Sale at Willow 506

There's a sale at Willow 506 right now on Juicy Couture. You can get 30% off all Juicy by using the code "Juicy Deal." If you're a Juicy fan, now's the time to stock up. Free shipping on all orders over $150 too!

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19 23 T-Shirts


What the hell, let's just make the rest of the week t-shirt week. After all, there's a bunch more websites we want to tell you about. Last week we got bombarded with all these new places. This one, 19-23, is probably our favorite, just because it's artsy and yet not too weird for our tastes. We really love every single one we see. They sell both mens and womens tees. Our favorites are probably Golden Bird, Greener, and Deja Vu. Almost all the shirts come in two colors as well. Each shirt has a message on the inside which basically has the company's philoophy. Pretty neat if you ask us!

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Owl Movement


The world is now overflowing with new t-shirt companies. As we discover them, we let you know about them. Today we found out about Owl Movement. Right off the bat we like them because of their name. Unfortunately, there aren't a ton of women's tees (you have to click on each shirt to see what is in stock), and some of their designs are not quite our taste (we're a little afraid of the skull one), but some are cute and funny. We can't link to individual tees, so you have to go yourself to check them out. We think they come out with new stuff every few weeks though, each time with a different theme, so keep looking to see what's new.

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July 19, 2006

New at Oddica


There are new tees at Oddica right now. We really like Karma, Ghost Cameras, and Sheltered 2 (which seems to be the same as the other Sheltered, but in a different color) the best. They are also still having the sale where you save more the more tees you buy. One is $20, two are $30, and three or more $14 each. We think that's a pretty good deal, consider stocking up for future birthdays or for holiday presents!

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New This Week at Threadless


There's more new at Threadless. The Blik winner was announced, 7.00, and there is also a runner up, Happy When It Rains. There are also new tees, including Stat City, Africa, Anteater, and Satan's Little Helper (which reminds us of the dog in the first Harry Potter book. There are also two new reprints, Obi Wan Kerisst and Who F*cking Cares? There is also a new Type tee Stop, drop, and roll doesn't work in hell and a new Select tee The Deep. Threadless has also started another contest, this one with Wired Magazine. The theme is Future Forward, and you can submit through August 7th.

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Sale at Shop Rapunzles

There's another sale going on at Shop Rapunzels. Get 20% off all merchandise by using the code "July06." This sale ends on July 31st, so make sure to get over there before then!

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We just found out about Individualtee, a site that allows you to choose the style of the shirt as well as the color before choosing from one of their many designs. Basically, you choose the shirt unlike other sites that decide the color and style for you. You can even decide some of the colors in the design. If you enjoy being creative but don't want to actually come up with a design yourself, this is a great place to shop. They are constantly coming up with new designs so if you don't like what you see (which we doubt), you can go back and choose from new ones. Also, this site sells to a variety of different countries, so if you aren't from the US, you can still easily enjoy this site. Our favorite design is definitely Ink Cloud, as shown above.

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Sandra Silk Jersey Top by Foley + Corinna


The Shirt Snob can't get enough of this next blouse. It easily could have looked like drapes in the hands of the inexperienced, but because it was made by Foley + Corinna, it's just elegant. The Sandra's Silk Jersey Top is made of 100% silk. It has a wide, cowl neck, a slit under the sash, cap sleeves, and ruching at the shoulders, side, and sash. It also comes in four colors: brick, indigo, taupe, and black. If you like this top you may also like the Sandra Silk Jersey Dress.

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July 18, 2006

Prairie Top by Rachel Pally


Lately, the Shirt Snob has really been into Rachel Pally. She makes a lot of really cute tops. This one, the Prairie Top, is no exception. The jersey shirt has short sleeves, unfinished edges, a V-neck, and drawstrings at the neck and sleeves. It comes in five colors, nude, moss, cream, black, and heather. The obi comes separately. Also made by Pally, it come in prints as well as in cream, blush, pool, grass, kryptonite, watermelon, and heather. You can also buy the metal belt as well.

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July 17, 2006

Sale at Trina Turk Starting Wednesday

Trina Turk is having a sale as well. Get 40% off the Spring and Summer merchandise (50% in the store). It starts on Wednesday the 19th and goes until August 6th.

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Sale at Frostings

Frosting is having a sale on their bestsellers. So you can buy some accessories and feel good that you are saving as you do!

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Stripes from C&C California


Happy Monday everyone! Over the weekend, we really wanted a striped top, so we went looking for some. Here's a few of the options out there if you like stripes too. We found a bunch from C&C California, and the prices are great so you can get a few of each. First up is the Chain Gang Stripe Classic Tank with skinny stripes and spaghetti straps and comes in 3 different color patterns (mozart/walmont, absynth/slipper, and steeple/mudslide), the Rebel Bold Stripe Top with a wide neck, short sleeves, and elastic banding at the bottom hem and has white strips with black, poppy, battlefield, madame, absynth, steeple, and mozart. The Wrangler Bold Stripe Tee is a fitted, short sleeved top, and again has white striped paired with black, poppy, battlefield, madame, mozart, and steeple. Finally, there is the Classic Bold Stripe Tank, which is fitted and semi-sheer. This tank comes in black, poppy, battlefield, madame, mozart, absynth, and steeple with white stripes.

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July 14, 2006

Accessory Friday-Peggy Li Creations


For Accessory Friday, we are yet again showing you some jewelry. We know, we do jewelry all the time, but we really like this company. It's very reasonably priced too. Peggy Li Creations sells earrings, necklaces, bracelets, an urges and splurges section for pricer items, and limited edition pieces in both gold and silver. We really like the Spanish Moss Jade Earrings, the Pink Chocolate Necklace, and the Vintage Filagree Leaf Earrings.

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Revolution Top by Diane von Furstenberg


Diane von Furstenberg has yet another wrap that we just adore. The Revolution Top ties at the waist with the ties ending mid-calf. There are also flap pockets on the chest, button tab detailing at the rolled cuffs and shoulders, and sleeves that go to the elbows. It comes in two colors, chocolate and navy. We think this would be a great one for the fall.

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Get the Latest Each Week from BlogPire Productions

Criticalgamers Blogad-1We know you have a busy life and a busy schedule, and that's why everyone here at BlogPire Productions wants to make it easier for you to get the latest news from any of our sites. It's really easy - just click the link - sign up and you'll get the list of headlines sent to you via email each week.

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July 13, 2006

Cotton Lawn Cami by James Perse


We really like this next top, the Cotton Lawn Cami by James Perse. It's simple and pretty, and sometimes we like our shirts that way. Made of 100% cotton, this cami is semi-sheer with ruching at the bust, eyelet detailing at the empire waist and bottom hem, and a drawstring at the waist that ties in the front. The spaghetti straps are adjustable as well. Comes in five colors, pale linen, kiss, swan, abyss, and white.

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It was almost a year ago that we wrote about Hardboiled, and we still love their tees. Therefore, we wanted to remind you all about them. They are still selling the tops we wrote about then, such as the Bamboo Tee, and they have a bunch of others that we really like, including the Corsage T-Shirt, the Bee T-shirt, the Flower Swirl T-Shirt, and the Vines T-Shirt. The shirts all come in scoop neck, cap sleeve, and 3/4 length sleeve (for $6 more) versions. They've also raised their prices by $2, but $29 is still a great deal if you ask us. These tees are very cute, very artistic, and they are so easy to pair with jeans for a laid-back yet still put together look. We want these tees more than any other right now!

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July 12, 2006

Tuxedo Shirt by adam+eve


The Shirt Snob must admit that we don't normally like tuxedo styled tops normally. They are just too masculine for our taste. However, here is one that we can't stop looking at, probably because it's pink. The Tuxedo Shirt by adam+eve is a sheer silk blouse. It has frayed ruffle detail at the front, 7 buttons down the front, and a single button at each cuff. It is long sleeved, has a collar, and a silk camisole is underneath. If you are looking for something dressy and a little daring, maybe try this top this fall. Comes in black as well as pink.

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July 11, 2006

Can't Get Enough of Threadless


More new at Threadless today. Check out Bonsai Gardener, Deerie, and Rorschach Hits the Disco. Also, for the zombie fan in your life (we have a ton), consider the reprint Of the Dead.

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Two Stunning Blouses From Catherine Malandrino


There are two new tops by Catherine Malandrino that we love and can't wait to tell you about. The first is the Chantico Embroidered Blouse. I'm sure the name doesn't hurt (remember those Chantico's at Starbucks, oh how we miss them!), but this blouse is beautiful! It has embroidered crochet trim at the waist and edges, pintucking below the empire waist, and ruching at the bust and shoulders. It is semi-sheer and has a hidden zipper on the side. Comes in two colors, noir and merlot.


The second top is the V Neck Half Sleeve Pointelle Sweater. Made of 100% baby alpaca, this knit blouse is super soft. It has a V-neck, pointelle detail throughout, flutter sleeves, and yoke detail at the empire waist. It is very feminine and very sexy. This one also comes in two colors, noir and soy.

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July 10, 2006

Arizona Top by Diane von Furstenberg


We really love this next blouse, the Arizona Top by Diane von Furstenberg. This chiffon top has ruching at the cap sleeves, a slight V-neck, 5 buttons going down the front, and lace detailing on the front. It has a silk lining as well. We really like how dressy this blouse is. It could just as easily be worn with a pair of jeans as a nice skirt though.

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Orange Shag


Here is yet another t-shirt company we just recently discovered, Orange Shag. This one has some shirts that are a little crude, and many that are retro. Flashdance and Class of 80 are some examples of this. Many of their tees are ringers, which you all know the Shirt Snob loves. Some of our favorites on this site include Pirate, Red Star, and Bahamas. They also have men's tees, sunglasses, belt buckles, posters, and more.

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July 7, 2006

Bohemian Tie Halter by Lotta Stensson


We haven't shown you anything from Lotta Stensson in a while, so it's about time we fix that! The Bohemian Tie Halter has gold spheres, buttons, and flowers embroidered on the bottom and intricate beading and gold embellishment with a hint of blue at the bust and bottom hem. Elastic banding is at the empire waist, there is ruching at the bust, and spaghetti straps tie behind the neck.

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Accessory Friday-Susanne Maddux Baby Bags


The Shirt Snob really hopes we aren't doing too many baby items for our Accessory Fridays. We're trying hard not to, but we keep stumbling onto some great items. This one, although technically for a mom, could really be used by any woman (laptop bag maybe?). Susanne Maddux makes diaper bags. However, these don't seem to be just any diaper bags, they seem to be the supreme diaper bags. They are large (17x12x5 inches), have three cargo pockets, a large side pocket for a changing pad and diapers, metalic snap closures, a nylon interior, water resistant nylon canvas on the exterior, large interior zipper and side pockets, a cell phone pocket, an interior bottle holder, metal feet on the bottom, and even a changing pad is included. This is a pretty good diaper bag so far, but we also think it's a very handsome bag. It has a clean look, not too much color so you can still try to match it to your wardrobe. It is available in six colors, our favorites being chocolate & cream with sky blue lining and classic black on black with blush pink lining. Susanne Maddux is a mother, and that is obvious. Too many diaper bags are made to look cute but aren't that great to actually use. They can be too small, not washable, or too heavy. This one seems just right!

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Extra 15% Off at Bluefly

Can you handle all the sales going on right now? We can barely keep track of them, there's just so much savings on the web right now. Over at Bluefly they are having an extra 15% off tees and tops. We don't know how long this will last, so get over there before it ends!

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Sway and Cake Sale

The sale at Sway and Cake is still going on, now with more items added and mark downs at 50-75% off, according to an email we got from them at least. Their website says the sale is 30-75% off, but maybe they haven't updated it. Either way, great savings!

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July 6, 2006

Owl Crew by Joystick


Now normally the Shirt Snob would not be interested in a t-shirt that is $130, but we are obsessed with owls right now, so we can't help it. The Owl Crew by Joystick is a little on the young side (we're not so sure about the shiny star patchwork on the bottom as well as the lightning bolt on the left shoulder), but the owl embroidered in the center of the tee we just love. On the back the words "Who Loves You" are also embroidered with more stars. If you don't mind that the shirt is a little busy, this might be a good one to consider. Comes in two colors, mint and white.

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Oddica Review


The Shirt Snob was lucky enough to get a complementary t-shirt from Oddica to review (oh, how we love our job!) in the mail a few days ago. We were hoping to get the shirt TapeBird, but instead we ended up with Snailbot. It's a nice design, but not quite in the Shirt Snob's tastes. Nevermind though, a shirt is a shirt, and the company makes them all the same way. The tee is printed on American Apparel, so it's super soft and comfy, and we know it's also high quality. Just don't forget that American Apparel runs a little small, so when in doubt, get a size larger.

The design is very well done we must say. It is printed very well, and we really like the color shirt that they chose to put the design onto (and this is a very big deal to us, one issue we do have with Threadless is all of the shirts we like the best seem to be on yellow tees, not our favorite color). There is also a little designe on the back corner of the shirt as well.

Besides the tee, in the bag were two Oddica stickers, four Oddica postcards with their tee designs on them, a button with the Snailbot design on it, and a library card with the date stamped on it when the shirt was ordered. One of the neatest things though is the bag that everything came in. It has the Oddica logo on it with a picture of Bluebird Migrane and Sheltered on it, so it's very stylish and fun, very exciting to get in the mail. The best part though-it's resealable! We just love that so much.

The company is also very easy to work with. I've dealt with two people there, and both were very friendly and easy going, and they also were very quick to respond to me.

So overall, we are very happy with the company and their products. We highly recommend them to you all!

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July 5, 2006

Threadless Gives Us Even More to Love


It's that time again, time for more Threadless tees. This week our favorites include Kabuki Fish, Psychedelephant, and the reprint Miss Scarlet in the Hall with a Revolver. Also check out their new contest, it has to do with the upcoming movie Little Miss Sunshine, one that we are looking forward to seeing this summer if the Shirt Snob baby will let us. The Create your own trend contest ends on July 10, so get your submission in before then!

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Empire Waist Stretch Floral Top by M Missoni


Here's a nice and breezy blouse that will work great for the rest of the summer, the Empire Waist Stretch Floral Top by M Missoni. This semi-sheer top has cap sleeves, an empire waist, elastic at the sleeves, empire waist, and bottom, a square back, and it falls below the waist. We really like the floral print, it's fun and easy going. If you want something light weight but doesn't show off too much skin, this is the blouse for you.

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Sale at Fred Flare

Fred Flare is also having a summer sale. You can save 25-50% on select items, including some cute tees.

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Sale at Shop Rapunzels

Shop Rapunzels is having a sale. Get 50% off selected items in their online store.

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Edoc Laundry


T-shirt companies seem to be coming out of the woodwork suddenly. We keep finding more and more that we like (and a few we don't like too). Here's one that we think is pretty neat. Edoc Laundry wants to bring together fashion, tech and entertainment all into one brand. Their clothes have "nothing to hide." As their website states:

Our garments feature vivid street culture/music-oriented graphics, custom stitching, distressed cuts, and prints that "defy" seams. But the real kicker? Each shirt has hidden codes that unlock covert pieces of a crazy murder mystery on the Web. Our motto? There's more than meets the eye -- if you're smart enough to look a little deeper.

We just say that we are intrigued. The Da Vinci Code phenomenum now has entered the fashion world!

The company sells womens and mens clothing as well as hats. The shirts we like the best are Flying Colors, Rock Angel, and Floral. We really wish there were real pictures of the shirts though, it's hard to see how it truly looks from a drawing. Also, make sure to check the availability though, not all the shirts are available in all sizes and colors. And please let us know if you understand the clues hidden in the clothing, we don't see anything.

Edited to add:
Here are two pictures of this actual shirt. We found out that the key is on the shirts. Once you figure it out, you go to their website, put the code in, and you can watch part of an episodic murder mystery. Pretty cool! With their new line in September will come more shirts with more codes and more of the mystery!

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July 3, 2006

Monthly Round Up-June

Wow, is June really over already? This month has slipped by us so quickly. Before we know it, we'll be seeing Back to School sales at the malls! It's been a great month, let's look at what we've covered!

Open Knit Twist Front Cami by Catherine Malandrino
Pleated Babydoll Top by Catherine Malandrino
Linen Bandeau by Juicy Couture
Wrap Top with Tie by Ella Moss
Babydoll Top by Nieves Lavi
Crochet Braid Cardigan by Free People
Four White Blouses from Joie
Cami with Butterfly by Paul & Joe
Bandeau Top by Daryl K
Kuta Cami by Ya-Ya
Dahlia Top by Diane von Furstenberg
Full Tie Tube Top by Rachel Pally
Cummerbund Tunic by Rachel Pally
Kimono Top by Single
Empire Top by Wyeth
Calligraphy Print Tube Top by Susana Monaco
Hayworth Halter and Two Tone Halter by Susana Monaco
Beaded Halter Top by Susana Monaco
Salsa Top by Susana Monaco
Mandalay Halter by Sky
Habatoi Wrap Top by Rebecca Taylor
Silver Dot Wrap Top by Rebecca Taylor
Sparkle Babydoll Cami by Rebecca Taylor
Sheer Lace Top by Gold Hawk
Sumi Blossom Cotton Tank by Marc by Marc Jacob
Four Blouses From Fourtys
Pandora Halter Top by Ella Moss

Tons of new tees from Threadless
Punch Apparel
Oddica tees
Don't Talk To Strangers at Busted Tees

Tots and Tails Designs
Tiffini Dooris Jewelry
Body Linens
Pretty Girls Wear Pearls

Threadless Winning Tees and American Red Cross Clothing

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July 1, 2006

Sale on Holly Aiken Bags

Do you all remember way back last July when we wrote about Holy Aiken bags? Well, we just found out that all their in stock merchandise is 25% off until July 9. We absolutely adore her bags and highly suggest you go check them out.

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Frosting Sale

Frosting is yet another company having a Fourth of July sale right now. All things red, white, and blue are 10% off when using the code "fireworx" at checkout.

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