April 29, 2006

We've Moved Hosts! New ShirtSnob.com Speed and Power!

All Blogpire websites have moved hosting facilities. Seems we're all growing so well that we outstripped the bandwidth and CPU limitations of our previous internet provider. But that's good news, since it means we've got tons of dedicated readers like you who keep coming back to our site. So thanks! And even though we've moved, we're still the same bat-time, same bat-URL.
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April 27, 2006

Sale at Fragments


There's a sale at Fragments as well. Get 25% off between now and Friday April 28th at midnight EST by entering the code sale at checkout. Also enter to win a $500 shopping spree while you are over there. There's tons and tons of great items to chose from, but our particular favorite of the moment is the Cherry quartz and white pearl goldfill flower necklace by Dana Kellin.

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April 27, 2006

Free Shipping at Fred Flare


Get free shipping now through April 30th at Fred Flare by entering the code momsrule.06 at checkout. This is to promote their Mother's Day items, but it works for all purchases. So now might be a good time to check out their tee shop, maybe pick up a Strawberry Tee or some Rhinestone Skull Earrings.

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April 26, 2006

Edita with Chiffon Babydoll Top by Diane von Furstenberg


Here at Shirt Snob, we just love Diane von Furstenberg, so when she comes out with a new top, we often like to tell you all about it. Here's one that we are currently drooling over, the Edita with Chiffon Babydoll Top. We miss tube tops, so we are extra excited about this one. This top is another with a great and unusual print, but harder to describe than our last entry. You'll just have to get a closer look at it yourself. This top is 100% silk with a 100% cotton bust and a mostly silk lining, a hidden zipper at the side and boning at the bust.

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April 26, 2006

Pleated Baby Doll Top by adam+eve


Here's a cute top by adam+eve, the Pleated Baby Doll Top. Made of 100% silk, it has thick straps that tie at the shoulders, a zipper at the side, pintuck pleating at the front and back, and banding at the top hem. It comes in two colors, coral and white and black and white. The design is great, it looks sort of like a flowery pattern up close but at the same time like splattered paint from farther away. We love this because it's a fun simple shirt, looks very comfortable, and it's easy to wear. As the weather is getting warmer, you'll need something fun to wear to all your cookouts and laid back parties.

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April 25, 2006

Tinkerbell Top by Sweetees


There's been so much about t-shirts lately, it's about time we look at something different. Sure, tees are great, but we don't want to be wearing them all the time now, do we? Here's a great top the Shirt Snob just found at Playhouse Clothing, the Tinkerbell Top in pink/berry by Sweetees. This 100% cotton top has an empire waist, a zipper on the side, adjustable straps, and it is lined. There is a ribbon that ties below the chest and there is eyelet and ribbon detailing at the bottom as well. The name of this clothing line really makes sense in this case, you certainly will look sweet and innocent in this top. It also comes in black/white. While you're there, check out some of Sweetees' dresses, they are also beautiful.

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Even More New Threadless Tees


We finish posting about the new Threadless tees yesterday, then we get notice of even more new ones. Sheesh, we are behind! Out of the four that are new, our favorite is definitely Be Green. The other three, People in the Sky, Playful Hands, and Bunnies, all seem a little weird creepy to the Shirt Snob. But maybe they are your type of thing, so who knows. We also like the reprint Missing Piece. It sounds like Threadless may be having a sale in a few weeks to prepare themselves for summer, so definitely keep a lookout for that. We'll definitely let you know about it right away, we know how quickly everything sells out during their sales. Happy shopping!

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April 24, 2006

Threadless Tees

threadlessoutdoor.jpg While the Shirt Snob was away, Threadless came out with more tees. We know, big surprise there the way they pump them out! Out of the new ones we like Ambition Killed the Cat and think Landline's Revenge is funny. From the reprints, we like Honest Tee (a take off of the I Heart NYC tees) and find The Outdoor Mix to be beautiful. Since these came out last week, they may not all be available in all sizes, but hopefully they are still mostly available. Better check them out sooner rather than later to be on the safe side!

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Preggers n' Proud

preggermama.jpg What better thing to start writing about as we come back from our mini-maternity leave than clothes about babies and for babies? We realize this is a site for women's shirts, but it's our site and we went through a long and difficult labor, so the Shirt Snob can do what she wants, right? We've written about this site before, Preggers n' Proud, and boy do we love them. The nice people over there were kind enough to send two shirts our way, the Men Who Change Diapers Rule! tee for the Shirt Snob husband and Mama's Got My Back for our new son.

The baby tee is a little big for the Shirt Snob baby right now, it's a 6 month size. As he's growing faster than we thought was possible, it'll probably fit in about two more weeks time. We love it though and can't wait to use it. As you can see from the link, it's obviously just adorable. I can't wait for him to wear it! The Diaper shirt, however, has been worn much by the husband, and he loves it. The Shirt Snob household has a weakness for ringer tees, we must admit. However, the husband has been complimented much over the shrit. The nurses at the hospital were even asking where he got it. And today, his first day back at work, he is wearing it. He got a large, and it's your typical large size, it didn't shrink, it fits great, and the husband loves it. We are big fans of this website, so if you are pregnant, know someone who is pregnant, or know someone who is a dad or has a baby, you should really go here and check them out. All of the Shirt Snob's pregger tees for the next time we get pregnant will be coming from this site.

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The Shirt Snob's Back!


Hello lovely readers! How the Shirt Snob has missed you all! As you can probably guess, we gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy named Anderson on April 9th. It's been a bit of an adjustment having a new baby in the house, but we are all doing well and very very happy. Thank you to boss Jay for posting while we were away, we really appreciate it!

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Olives Clutch from MIYO Design

Malia Deasign

We came across this rather clutchy little number over the weekend and just had to feature it this morning. MIYO Designs specializes in the creation of handmade custom handbags, clutches, totes and accessories. Featured designs are infused with color and style, smartly crafted with urban appeal. We especially like the OLIVES CLUTCH black with green olives.

At MIYO Design

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April 21, 2006

Vere Chocolate For Your Weekend Cravings

VerechocolateWhat's better than a weekend of shirt shopping? How about a weekend of chocolate and shirt shopping. We were recently looking over some of the more "natural" offerings at Treehugger and came across Vere chocolate.

Manhattan-based Vere (pronounced “very”) prides themselves on being a chocolate company for the modern consumer. They promote quality, health and ecological benefits, while not sacrificing a bit of flavor. Vere uses a single varietal, sustainably grown and harvested bean found only in the Ecuadorian rainforest. These beans are certified by the Rainforest Alliance to be grown without pesticides and in accordance to standards that protect the rainforest and the farmers who grow them.

Okay - now all we need to do is head to NYC and get some this weekend along with some shirts of course. :-)

Via Treehugger at Vere

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Get the Latest Each Week from BlogPire Productions

Tvsnob 150 Macnn-1We know you have a busy life and a busy schedule, and that's why everyone here at BlogPire Productions wants to make it easier for you to get the latest news from any of our sites. Below is a list of our sites along with a link for you to use to receive news from any of them Monday morning. It's really easy - just click the link - sign up, and you'll get the list of headlines sent to you via email.

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April 20, 2006

Tigerlily Pajamas


We can't but recommend pajamas with a small tiger like person who also carries a gun. Take that! 100% cotton pajamas with repeating Tigerlily design and elastic waistband with drawstring will get you through those "tough" nights.

At Tigerlily Pajamas

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April 19, 2006

New Sustainable Women's Hemp T-Shirts : Goto Reviews

Fh2001 Egp 210X210

Hemp. Hemp. Hemp. You see it all the time in shirts and clothing now, but do you see any great colors? We really like the new colors and cut from Fair Hemp. Fair Hemp has released women's tees priced at $14.95. The shirts are made with 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton, and colored with eco-friendly dyes like this crushed maroon number above. Best of all, these hemp tees are soft, stylish and comfortable, and sweatshop/pesticide free.

Via Goto Reviews At Fair Hemp

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April 17, 2006

Threadless T-Shirts - Submit Your Design, Win $2,000 in Cash & Prizes!

Threadless ContestThreadless is at it again with a pretty amazing contest - submit a design and you could win up to $2,000 in cash & prizes! It's a simple 5 step program to success in the fashion design world.

  • Step 1 - Download Templates
  • Step 2 - Make Your Design
  • Step 3 - Submit Your Design
  • Step 4 - Your Design is Scored
  • Step 5 - You Win $2,000 in Cash & Prizes!

Seems easy enough to us. We dare you to make something decent and win.

At Threadless T-Shirts - Submit Your Design, Win $2,000 in Cash & Prizes!

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April 14, 2006

Owl Track Jacket from gama-go


We know the Shirt Snob would be furious at us, but we just had to cover this rather interesting Gama-Owl Premium Track Jacket. We think the Shirt Snob would have to love the fact it's a limited edition of 250 Pieces, and who doesn't want to wear a cute owl on their track jacket. This stretchy number is made of 62% Cotton, 33% Polyester, 5% Elastane Knitted Fabric.

At Owl Track jacket: gama-go

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Get the Latest Each Week from BlogPire Productions

Tvsnob 150 Macnn-1We know you have a busy life and a busy schedule, and that's why everyone here at BlogPire Productions wants to make it easier for you to get the latest news from any of our sites and not just the one you visit everyday. We've provided below a list of all our sites and a short description along with a link for you to use if you'd like to receive news from any of those sites each Monday morning. It's really easy - just click the link - sign up and you'll get the list of headlines sent to you via email. Thanks again for reading us and check out some of the other great news from BlogPire Productions.

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April 13, 2006

Rhidden Clothing


It's nice to read a bit about young entrepeneurs making it happen for themselves instead of waiting for it to happen. Rhidden Clothing was created from just such a happening. Very cool shirts with some very interesting designs.

David and Matt, two college kids from Albuquerque, New Mexico, dreamed about seeing their fellow students wearing clothing that they created. To make that dream a reality, the duo took matters into their own hands by purchasing screen printing supplies and churning out a few shirts. The shirts sold well, and now their clothing brand, Rhidden Clothing Co., has a fully functional website that showcases both men's and women's apparel.

Via Josh Spear at Rhidden Clothing Co.

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April 12, 2006

WOMEN'S: gama-go Spring 2006 Collection

801F Or L

Gama-Go has just launched their new 2006 Spring collection. You can get a variety of t-shirts, track jackets, and even some Yeti slippers. We like the above number "Bling Bling Bamboo".

At WOMEN'S: gama-go

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April 11, 2006

Hall And Oates By Thom Lessner Shirt

15098Who doesn't love Hall and Oates? Turntable Labs is featuring several new and interesting shirts including this Hall & Oates number. I'm not sure about the chiffon green, but I do think the pair in a heart is nothing short of perfect.

If the shirt doesn't do it for you - perhaps you should rekindle your love affair with them and get "The Very Best of Daryl Hall & John Oates" - I know I am.


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Shirt Snob On Vacation

Shirt 75 We'll be taking a little vacation over the next few weeks to recoup and enjoy some other things in life besides shirts.

Naaah! We will be on vacation but will return soon. We should have some guest postings over the next few weeks as well from some of our fellow bloggers but wanted you to know things may not be as active until we return.

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April 7, 2006

Sale at Pink Mascara

Pink Mascara is not only having a sale of 30-70% off selected items, but their standard shipping is only $5.95! Now is a great time to get those items you've been thinking about for a while but haven't yet bought. Our picks include the Tiered Bustier by Plenty (which the Shirt Snob wrote about back in December) and the Empire Tunic by Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent (which we found last August).

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Dry Knit Linen Slim Tank by adam+eve

adameveknit.jpg This next shirt takes an ordinary look and makes it extraordinary with a few details. The Dry Knit Linen Slim Tank by adam+eve is just a simple tank, but with a big twist. There is a braided rope and bead detail at the neck and the front. Banding is also at the arms and the bottom hem. What a great way to dress up a tank top! Besides ivory, this also comes in fatigue as well as in a similar t-shirt version.

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Artemis Smocked Lace Top by Paul & Joe

pauljoeartemis.jpg Here's a very cute top that has such a feminine and innocent look to it that we just can't resist. We almost feel like you could find the same thing for a young child, yet we rather like this about the shirt. The Artemis Smocked Lace Top by Paul & Joe has floral embroidery and stitching detail on the front. At the arms, neck, bottom hem, and back is a sheer French lace banding. A ribbon drawstring ties at the front, and there is ruching at the empire waist and verticle pin tucking throughout. This blouse would be perfect for when you meet your man's parents or for a nice picnic in the countryside. Besides jaune, this also comes in blanc.

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The Best of the Blogpire

ThumbnailApril is going to be a great month but we musn't forget how amazing March 2006 was as well. Check out the monthly round ups from the following Blogpire blogs: Liquor Snob Monthly Roundup: March 2006, Critical Gamers March '06 Roundup, GPS Lodge: Monthly Round Up for March 2006, Shirt Snob Monthly Round Up-March, March 2006 Monthly Roundup for TVSnob, March Monthly Roundup for Shaving Stuff, Monthly Roundup for Kitchen Contraptions, and March 2006 Monthly Roundup for Single Serve Coffee.

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Really Natural
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GPS Lodge
Wayfinder GPS for the Mobile Phone
NOVOGO Launches First Voice-Command GPS Navigators - NOVOGO V

Shirt Snob
Design for the American Red Cross, and New Threadless Tees!
Extra 20% off at Bluefly

TV Snob
How to Buy a Plasma TV
DirecTV Announces 750GB HD DVR - Yowza!

Shaving Stuff
Electric Razor Deals at Amazon
Free Brut Aftershave

Kitchen Contraptions
Intelliscanner Kitchen Companion
Peppermill with Light

Single Serve Coffee
Review: Senseo Cappuccino Coffee Pods from Single Serve Coffee
Limited Edition Bourbon Amarelo Espresso Capsules from Nespresso

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April 6, 2006

Miele Fresca Tees

mielefresca.jpg The Shirt Snob was recently contacted about a t-shirt company we'd never heard of before. Miele Fresca has shirts for men, women, and children as well as tote bags. Each item is hand printed and therefore one of a kind. Some of our favorite women's tees include Flock, Superstar, Flower People, and Prep Skull. And we must say that some of the baby items are very very cute. Turns out these tees are sold right down the street from us, in a store that just turned into a maternity store. We don't know if it's still there, but if their onesies are still being sold at this place, we are definitely going to go buy some there on our future walks with the stroller (which may start soon, the baby is almost here!).

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April 4, 2006

Design for the American Red Cross, and New Threadless Tees!

threadlesshope.gif Threadless has teamed up with the American Red Cross for their 125th anniversary. Here's what they are asking for:

Design a tee based on your interpretation of hope, humanity or compassion. The design shouldn’t involve the logo of the Red Cross nor the words “American Red Cross.” Need some inspiration? Click here to learn more about the fundamental principles of the Red Cross Movement or take a peak at our history by visiting the Red Cross Museum. We’ll take the three top tee designs and produce them at Threadless.com. We’ll also offer them at the organization’s online store.

If you are creative, this is a great way to get your design out to tons and tons of people. Threadless tees are seen by a bunch, but with the Red Cross, this'll get out to even more! If you want to see a few of the early submissions to get an idea of what this is about, check out Growing Hope threadlessstars.jpg and Rye Ruff Roo (and vote for them if you like them). There will also be prizes, and Threadless will be donating $5 from each "American Red Cross Loves Threadless" tee that is sold. So if you are just interested in buying, keep an eye out for them! Look at the rules and details for more information.

There are also new tees at Threadless with a little something for everyone. For something funny and disturbing, there's Mermaid, It's What's for Dinner. For the math geek in your life, try Hypotamoose. If something more political is for you, Everyone Poops is probably a good one. Then there's Star Light, Star Bright for the dreamer and e for the literary types. Also reprinted is 99 Luftballons. Sometimes new Threadless tees are better than others, but right now there are a ton of great ones. They must have made more room from their sale for all these great designs!

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April 3, 2006

Win a $700 Giftbag

Swagtime is a website dedicated to introducing you to all the must-have products in gift bags that celebrities love to get, give and use... aka Swag! They have partnered with Trés Jolie for a special gift bag offer. This gift bag was chockful of everything from lotion to a purse to three pieces of jewelry, and it'svalued at over $700. This is the same giftbag that was created for Marilyn 2006, a celebrity fundraiser to help raise money for breast cancer research. In order to win, you must email tresjoliegiveaway@swagtime.com with "Enter" in the subject line by 11:59 PST on April 4, 2006. Also note that by entering this sweepstake, you are opting-in to be a Swagtime Insider and to receive Swagtime's weekly newsletter.

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New Tees at Busted Tees

bustedpartyfowl.jpg Busted Tees has four new shirts for women. They are I'm so Excited..., Never Forget, Life Begins at 40, and Party Fowl. Now we are sure you all know we don't love Busted Tees quite as much as we love Threadless, but they are a good t-shirt company. All the tops we have from them have been great and high quality. We just wish they would come up with new designs more often, but they are obviously a picky bunch, only holding out for their favorite designs.

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Extra 20% off at Bluefly

Bluefly is having a Spring Break Sale. Get an extra 20% off of their merchandise. There's 18 pages worth of shirts on sale alone, you definitely don't want to miss this! Also don't forget their It-Bag-A-Day Giveaway is still going on, so you should be over there every day trying to win a new purse as well.

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