March 31, 2006

Monthly Round Up-March

March has been a great month here at Shirt Snob. We have found a ton of great tops that will be wonderful for your wardrobes as spring came in and summer approaches. Unfortunately, we missed the beginning of the month because we were so sick, but there were still a good three weeks in there full of tops you need. Some of the t-shirt highlights include the new collection from Blue Platypus, new tees at Supermaggie, That's My Shirt tees, Ktt Shirts, By George! The Clooney Collection, tons of new shirts at Threadless, and Raakmo Clothing.

For nicer shirts, we really liked the Lucita Frock Top by Foley + Corinna, the Randal Top by Diane von Furstenberg, the Falling In Halter and the Olivia Criss Cross Top by Ya-Ya, the Sunset Halter by Lauren Moffatt, and the Gypsy Tunic by Errol.

This month we also had a review from the Shirt Snob husband of Fright-Rags, looked at Schwa Designs jewelry, and Lizzy Wishes purses. The Shirt Snob also introduced our new mailing list.

It's been a great month, here's hoping that April is even better (and brings in a Shirt Snob baby!).

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March 31, 2006

Accessory Friday-Posh Handbags

posh.gif Yes, the Shirt Snob is doing another Accessory Friday with bags. We can't help it, we love them. While looking around for baby bags, we came across this site, and they have a lot of neat designs and patterns for all of their bags. So you don't need to have a baby to like this site. Posh has all sorts of bags, from clutches to laptop carriers, large city totes to resort bags, and so much more. We are particularly fond of the Moraccan fabrics, so we really want the Mango morocco bamboo crescent, the Lime morocco diaper bag/travel, and the Mango Morocco bangle clutch. Other purses we are fond of include the Truffle large city tote, the Drama queen medium city tote, and the Blossom skinnie mini.

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March 31, 2006

Spring Surprise at Fred Flare

Here's an interesting one for you all. Fred Flare is having a spring surprise. For $9.99 you will get shipped a goodie bag, but you won't know what is inside of it. You can't return it, but at least you'll get something new and neat. At worst, it's a present to give to someone else. They say that they end up with a ton of things they like but don't put up on their site. No two surprises are the same, and they are all worth more than what you are paying for them. We really like the idea, it's sort of like the grab bags you can buy at county fairs, although these items are probably a lot better than the cheap jewelry we always got that fell apart after an hour. If you buy the spring surprise, come back and let us know what you got! The Shirt Snob would be interested in hearing what is in the surprises!

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March 31, 2006

The Best of the Blogpire

Cheapfunwines-2Another week and another Best of the Blogpire. Make sure and check out the latest from all of our blogs and also each blog now offers a mailing list and RSS feed for you to read your news from. Now on with the Best of the Blogpire!

Liquor Snob
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Really Natural - Disturbing News About Organic Dairy Farms - Kashi TLC All Natural Snack Crackers Original 7 Grain

Critical Gamers - Warhammer Marches on PCs this Fall - Spice up your Scrabble with Wildwords

Single Serve Coffee - Review: Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Fair Trade Island Coconut™ K-Cups from Single Serve - Reader Reviews: Aerobie AeroPress Coffee & Espresso Maker

Just The Chips - Texas Hold'em Odds - RFID goes all-in at the casino

Kitchen Contraptions - Cheese Scissors - Wine Preservation Steward

Shaving Stuff - Gillette Fusion Razors - 8 for $14.99 - Free Schick Quattro Midnight Razor

Whats All The Racquet - BROKEBACK BORG - THE FINAL CHAPTER! - What do Vince Spadea and Kevin Federline have in common?

TV Snob - Is That the HDTV you Really Want? - Amazon Now Listing the TCD649180 Dual Tuner Series 2 TiVo

Shirt Snob - Falling in Tank by Ya-Ya - Short Sleeve Top with Leather Band by Lauren Moffatt

GPS Lodge - New Navman GPS Receivers: iCN 720 and iCN 750 with Cameras - Garmin Launches GPSMAP 378 and GPSMAP 478

The Cooking News - Recipe News: Taste of Home Recipes - Wine News: The effect of oxygen on wine

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March 30, 2006

Falling in Tank by Ya-Ya

yayafallingtank.jpg Here's another from Ya-Ya that reminds us a lot of her Falling In Halter that we wrote about last week. The Falling In Tank is the same color (mauve) and is made of the same material (95% rayon, 5% lycra). This also has a robe detail, this time at the straps, but it is white and not the same color as the top. The same robe detail is at the back, pulling the straps together to make a racer back look. It also has an empire waist and ruching at the seams. This is definitely a very sexy tank, not one to wear when you're meeting your man's parents for the first time!

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Short Sleeve Top with Leather Band by Lauren Moffatt

moffattleather.jpg It is sunny and warm in Boston today, with tomorrow being even warmer. We love this weather so much, we want to celebrate with some cute tops. Since we can't even fit into our maternity clothes, we need live out our clothing dreams through you. Here is a top we want to buy, maybe you'll buy it instead. The Short Sleeve Top with Leather Band by Lauren Moffatt is perfect for this weather. It is semi-sheer with a a crinkle finish, deep V-neck, and cap sleeves. There is a leather band that goes down the neck, another that goes around the waist and connects with a wooden buckle, and leather piping is at the bust. Definitely an unusual shirt, but you'll stand out in it! Besides coming in cream as shown, it also comes in turquoise. If you like the leather trim, check out some of Moffatt's other items, such as the Kirsten Top, the Gathered Neck Albers Top, the Drop Tie Waist Tunic Tank, and the Metallic Gauze Leather Dress.

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March 29, 2006

New Basic Tops by Susana Monaco

susanamonroe.jpg Susana Monaco has come out with a bunch of basics in a bunch of colors. We love them all, so we're going to tell you a bit about each. The Monroe Top is a cross back tank with ruching at the bust and 1 inch banding, and it comes in seven colors. The U Gather Flare comes in six colors, and it's a halter with ruching along the bust and spaghetti straps that tie behind the neck. The Slip Tunic is similar to the Monroe Top but longer. It also has a cross back with ruching at the bust, but this one comes in 11 different colors. If you are interested in a basic tube top, the Tube Flare Tunic is for you. It's just a tube top with a flare bottom and is 19 inches long. It comes in 10 colors. Finally there is the Hudson Tube Top. This one has a gathered detail at the bust and the sides with a flare bottom, and it comes in three colors. There's a lot for you to consider as you think about your summer wardrobes. We are big fans of Susana Monaco, we think all of these tops are great and would compliment just about anyone.

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Gypsy Tunic by Errol

errolgypsy.jpg Here's a great top you can wear with your skinny jeans. The Gypsy Tunic by Errol is flirty without showing off very much skin, a great addition to your wardrobe in the next few months as the weather starts to get a little warmer. This V-neck tunic has ruching at the shoulders, a tie at the waist, and a two tiered skirt with ruching at each tier. There are six buttons on the upper front, a single button at the cuffs, and 3/4 length sleeves. It is double layered through the body and sheer at the sleeves.

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March 28, 2006

Olivia Criss Cross Top by Ya-Ya

yayaolivia.jpg Here's a really cute top that reminds the Shirt Snob of all those Greek inspired tops from last year. The Olivia Criss Cross by Ya-Ya is a V-neck with dark gray velvet straps that crosses at the bust and ties in either the back or front. These straps are covered with faux-crystal studs as well. There is also a raw bottom hem. We think it's a great spring top because it isn't too fitted. If you still have a few of those winter pounds on your body, you can easily cover them up with this top while still looking sexy and fun.

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March 27, 2006

New Mailing List for Shirt Snob

Some of you may have noticed that we have made big improvements to our mailing list, with a great weekly email coming to you every Monday morning now from Feedblitz. If you can't make it to our site every day, a great way to keep up with all we have to tell you is by signing up for the mailing. You should only get one email a week, and we will never sell your email address to anyone ever. Don't worry, the Shirt Snob hates spam just as much as the next person. So consider signing up, it's the easiest way to read Shirt Snob!

Sign Up for the Shirt Snob mailing list.

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Barking Irons in Entertainment Weekly

Reading Entertainment Weekly this past weekend, we noticed in their Style column that guns are all the rage now. The Shirt Snob must admit that we didn't know this, we aren't really sure how true it is. Regardless though, there was a tee on the page that had two guns together making what looks almost like a bow. A few stars have worn it, including Rosario Dawson, so we thought we'd let you know about it. The site, Barking Irons, is full of flash, so we can't link to individual pages (nor can we easily get a picture), but they have tees for men and women, with most of the women's sleeveless. After searching through the site, we finally found the tee from the magazine. It's available for men only and called Wooden Pistols. So it may not be up your alley, but if you want to wear clothes from the same place as some of the stars, check the website out. Be warned though, the site is on the slow side!

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March 24, 2006

Accessory Friday-Lizzy Wishes

lizzywishespaisley.jpg Today for Accessory Friday, we are going to look at Lizzy Wishes. This site sells stationary, baby stuff, bath and body items, clothes, and lots of jewelry (we want the Cherry Drop Ring). But what we are truly in love with today are the bags on this site. We really are just drooling over them all. Maybe it's because the Shirt Snob is about to enter the baby bag world, which sounds like we are leaving the cute little purse world for a few years, so we want what we can't have. But oh, there are some great ones here. They have cute wallets (which we use as clutches sometimes) like the Light Bright Wallet and the Chic Lace Wallet, then there is the retro looking Pink Swirl Malaga Bag, the Deco Bouquet Shopper, and the 50s Style Clutch. You can also try to win a $50 e-certificate by answering a trivia question. We know you all will need new bags for the spring and summer, we hope these are some that you will like! Have a great weekend readers!

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Sunset Halter by Lauren Moffatt

moffattsunset.jpg Here's a cute new halter top by Lauren Moffatt. The 100% linen Sunset Halter has a tie dye fabric, and there's a rope style gold chain at the neck. Braided gold metal straps are at the V-neck, there is piping right at the empire waist, as well as ruching at the bust. A hidden wire is also in the bust to provide shape, there is a hidden zipper in the back, and the lining is 100% silk. We really like the angles at the neck, it's all very geometric and unique looking. If you like this, also check out the Sunset Halter Dress.

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Keep On Top of the Modern Board and Social Game Revolution at

Criticalgamers BlogadIs your closet full of mid-century board game titles like Monopoly and Sorry!? Are you still answering questions about 1980's science and technology questions from a dusty version of Trivial Pursuit? The staff at can help move you from the drab repetitive gameplay of yester-year into the entertaining world of modern Eurogames and social card games.

Blogpire Productions is pleased to announce the addition of to our growing family of product- and category-specific Web logs. will provide news and reviews of social board games, Eurogames, and card games. Critcal Gamer's goal is to weed-out the mediocre from the slew of modern table top game titles, and to keep readers posted on what's new and popular in the world of social gaming.

At CriticalGamers

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March 23, 2006

Falling In Halter by Ya-Ya

yayafalling.jpg Now that the weather is getting warmer, the Shirt Snob is thinking about showing off a little skin. Of course, we personally won't be doing that for a bit, not until the watermelon in our belly decides to be born. But once that is over and we hopefully get our new body back, this is definitely something we want. The Falling In Halter by Ya-Ya is fun and sexy and still classy. It has a braided banding that gathers at the front and back, which leads to a keyhole detail. The bottom hem is unfinished, and there is a verticle seam detail at the body. It comes in three colors, black, white, and mauve, and would look great with a variety of different bottoms.

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Raakmo Clothing

raakmoworld.jpg Someone recently emailed the Shirt Snob about Raakmo, an independent clothing line for women as well as men and soon children as well. Some of their offerings are your typical, simple tanks and tees (which while we love them, are a little too common out there for the Shirt Snob to write about), but they also have shirts with their logos on them that we just love. Normally, we are not the biggest fan of a company's logo on clothing, preferring clothing that stand out on their own and makes someone ask where you got it. However, these shirts have such neat designs, we can't pass them up. The Raak n' Roll design on both a tank , two short sleeve tees, and a long sleeve tee, is both pretty and just edgy enough for us. We also love the Raak my World tee, also available in long and short sleeves. And who can pass up the Raak Star tee? The prices are awfully good as well, with tanks starting at $20. Who can beat that?

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March 22, 2006

Review: Fright-Rags

frightragspossessed.jpg The scary folks over at Fright-Rags sent us a frightfully unique t-shirt a while back for review. They currently don't have any offerings for us ladies, but they wanted our superior Snob eye to take a look at it. So the Shirt Snob's husband volunteered to take the shotgun around back and take a look, and here's what he has to say:

I don't know a ton about horror movies (although I do like the genre), so many of the shirt designs go right over my head. Self-described as kick-ass, original, horror shirts, all of the tees that this company currently offers fit the bill. Fright-Rags sent Possessed to us for review. I'm not entirely sure what exactly makes this a horror t-shirt, but out of their selection it appealed to me the most.

The shirt itself is made by Gildan. Its 100% heavy-weight pre-shrunk cotton. I requested a large, which felt like it ran a little larger than I was used to, but overall it feels good. The sleeves and torso are long enough for my 6 foot 2 inch frame. Overall the shirt was comfortable and sturdy. It held up through a wash cycle. The color didn't run onto the whites that were washed at the same time. And even after an hour in a hot dryer, the pre-shrunk cotton held up to its name: there was no shrinking to speak of!

The website features a dozen other designs, and another four on clearance right now. Some interesting ones include WWJD (What Would Jason Do), Johnny, frightragsjohnny.jpg and Funhouse. There may not be too many to choose from, but there isn't a bad choice in the bunch. There were also a few stickers in the package they sent us, although I'm not entirely sure if they are something that is included in every order. Overall I'm very happy with the shirt. If you're a horror fan, and we know you're out there, you definitely need to check out their offerings. Even if you're not, Fright Rags will have some shirts that will help you look hip to your zombie-loving friends.

There you have it readers, our second review! We know plenty of you must have men in your lives who live for horror movies, many of our male friends do. So consider checking this website out the next time you buy them a gift, or even tell them to go look themselves. The company was great to work with, we think you'll be impressed. And for those of you women who wish there were shirts for you, keep in mind that they do carry women's tees at times, so continue to check back to see if they have any.

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By George! The Clooney Collection

bygeorge.jpg There's a new t-shirt company out there, one that is dedicated to America's favorite celebrity, George Clooney. The By George! The Clooney Collection at Misters and Misses makes tees that revolve around Clooney becoming President of the United States. While I love the guy as much as the next person, I don't know if I'd personally want him as president. But the tees are funny. Our favorite is definitely "keep the George, lose the Bush" design. The best part is 1% of all sales will be donated to ONE, the Campaign to Make Poverty History. If you're a Clooney fan, you should definitely consider a shirt from here.

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March 21, 2006

Ktt Shirts

kttpoppy.jpg You've probably figured out by now that the Shirt Snob likes to promote the independent designers, at least the ones we like. Here's a new one that just started called ktt. There are three cute tees, all printed on our favorite American Apparel. The three shirts are Blackbird, Poppies, and Dear. This is a pretty small site, so you can either email the owner or pay with paypal. Just remember to buy one size up, American Apparel runs a little small.

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Bluefly Bag Giveaway!

Check out Bluefly, they are giving away a bag a day right now. This promotion is going on for 45 days, but we can't tell when it started. You can sign up for daily reminders to go back and try to win the bag again. They offer different purses every day from what we can gather, and you get to choose your favorite to try to win out of three. Good luck!

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March 20, 2006

Sale and New Tees at Threadless

threadlessluftballoons.jpg The $10 t-shirt sale is back at Threadless, but for only until this Wednesday at 10am. So get over there and get shopping wihle it lasts! There are three new tees (we like Midnight Snack and 99 Luftballoons) as well as 10 reprints (hard to choose because there are so many, but Loch Ness Imposter, Chance, Nuts!, and Pandamonium are are tops picks)! The website seems busy, so we're sure plenty of people are taking advantage of this sale now. Don't wait until the last minute or all the tees may be gone!

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Randal Top by Diane von Furstenberg

dianerandal.jpg Here in Boston, it's not quite as warm as the Shirt Snob wishes it was. Sure spring is coming, but it's an awfully slow process. What better way to feel like the warm weather is coming sooner than buying a great new top for spring? One of our favorites right now is the Randal Top in yellow (a perfect spring/summer color) by Diane von Furstenberg. This tank is made up of 100% micro modal, and it has two spaghetti straps on each side, ruching at the neck and upper back, and a balloon hem (which is also great for hiding those last few winter pounds you still need to work off!). This top is so cheerful, you could wear it on a rainy day and still feel sunny. Also comes in white.

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Lucita Frock Top by Foley + Corinna

foleylucita.jpg Now that the Shirt Snob is finally feeling better (although still coughing all the time), we want to feel girly. And what is more girly than ruffles? The Lucity Frock Top by Foley + Corinna is just the top for us! Made of 100% cotton, it is semi-sheer with ruffles at all the edges. It has cap sleeves, a deep scoop neck, and 4 hook and eye closures at the front. It comes in three colors, black, brown, and champagne.

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March 17, 2006

Accessory Friday-Schwa Designs

schwadesigns.jpg For Accessory Friday, we have found yet another nice jewelry shop online. This one is a little more expensive, but we really love the jewelry. Schwa Designs has earrings and necklaces, all of which come from nature's inspiration. The tagline for the site is even "jewelry of the earth." Much of designer Lauren Schwartz's pieces really do feel rather earthy. She uses a lot of jem stones and crystals in different and unique ways. Some items the Shirt Snob likes includes the Dark Star necklace with the Althea earrings, the Aster necklace, and the Skye earrings. Most items also come in sterling silver, 14K gold filled, and 14 K gold, so you have your choice of both price and look. Unfortunately, the website is not the best so we cannot link to individual items, you'll have to search around yourself. But there's a lot of very pretty things, definitely go look for something new for spring!

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New Items at Anna Maa

Remember Anna Maa Designs from Accessory Friday last month? Well, her Spring Collection has just been released. Go have a look!

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That's My Shirt tees

thatsmyshirtirishtodaytee.gif Happy St. Patrick's Day! In honor of the holiday, we probably should be showing you some green tops, but it's actually harder to find green than you'd think. Maybe it's because we are a little picky about our green on March 17. If you wear green, it should be full blown out green, not jade, not a forest green, but the green you find in a crayola box. And there aren't many shirts out there like that. So instead, we are going to write about a t-shirt company because we want to, and it's our blog after all! That's My Shirt has a ton of t-shirts. If you like graphic tees, this is a place you need to check out. Granted, some of the tees look like they've come from Cafe Press, but there are also brand names like Junkfood Tees. And they even have some Irish ones, such as the St. Pat is my Homeboy tee. See, we tied this into St. Paddy's Day! Some others we like include the Guinness Feeling Lucky baby doll (another holiday tie in!) and a Guns and Roses tee. The site isn't perfect, mens and womens tees are separated for instance, but if you look around, you'll be bound to find something you like.

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March 15, 2006

Maneater Threads

fordfloralkimonotop.jpg If you are interested in independent designers, go check out Maneater Threads, a new online boutique. The company has items from a number of designers (including Kara Janx from the second season of Project Runway-we like her Kimono Dress). The site offers a personal shopper, gift wrapping, seasonal promotionis, and special offers for shoppers who register. Some of the items we like from the site include the Black Skull Camisole (and we all know how big skulls are right now) by Soul Revival, the Wicked Top (hey,the Shirt Snob lives in Boston after all!) also by Soul Revival, and the Floral Kimono Top by Geren Ford. The site also offers accessories, dresses, lingerie, pants, and skirts.

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March 14, 2006

New from Threadless

threadlesssound.jpg It's Threadless time again, and we have found our new favorite shirt. In fact, we love it so much we may just buy it for ourselves even though we have no idea what size we'll be post baby. The Sound of Silents just really fits into the Shirt Snob humor so well, it's a classic to us. Besides that one, we really like Get Some Fresh Air, as well as the reprints Ah Munna Eat Choo and F*ck It. We like Alphabet Zoo as well but personally think it is better for a guy.

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Supermaggie! Has New Tees!

supermaggieflowers.jpgDo you remember Supermaggie from last November? We showcased them both for their t-shirts and their accessories, we just loved them all over. Well, we just found out that they have some new tees for spring, so we have to tell all of you right away! Our favorites are probably Flowers and Rats, Crow and Branch, and Octopus, although really we like them all. They also have a few one of a kind items, go check those out as well.

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March 13, 2006

St. Patrick's Day at Cafe Press

cafeirish2.jpg St. Patrick's Day is this Friday, and the Shirt Snob is part Irish so we want to celebrate as best we can considering we can't drink while pregnant. We are therefore considering some shirts over at Cafe Press. We like the Official Irish Drinking Team logo as well as I'm Not Irish, Kiss Me Anyway and I Heart Irish Boys. There are tons more designs if these aren't for you. But whatever you do, make sure you wear green (and not orange) this Friday!

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New from Blue Platypus

blueplatypusdragonl.jpg You may remember Blue Platypus from the Dandylion Tees that we loved and wrote about last year. We still think they are great, and now we got to see a sneak preview of their spring/summer line. In addition to a few more varieties of the Dandylion tee, there are some other great ones as well, like the Pink is Punk shirt. As for what's available now, we love the La Vie Pink tee, all the Psychedelic Owl tees, and the Chinese Zodiac Dragon Tank. They also have some great polka dot coats too, and we all know polka dots are a big deal right now.

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Special Offer from Couture Beauty!

coutureisharya.gif Happy Monday! We have a special offer for all of our lovely readers, thanks to Couture Beauty. Go to their website and use the code shirtsnob06 to get 10% off of any purchase between now and March 20. The site sells items for hair care, bath and body, accessories, as well as clothing. We really like the Tapestry Belts, the 20K Gold Ball Silver Bracelet, and the Isharya Begonia Pink Silk Chiffon Moroccan Caftan. They also sell maternity (love this tank!) and baby clothes too.

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March 10, 2006

New Tees from Threadless

threadlessmessiah.jpg Hello readers! The Shirt Snob is finally starting to feel better. We've read that pregnant women can be sick 2-3 times longer than everyone else, and that certainly seems to be true in our case. But now we can sit up, talk without coughing, and are sleeping well again, so we are back! We'll get fully on track next week, but we wanted to update you on the new Threadess t-shirts, since we've missed two weeks of them. For new shirts, we like Hipster Doll, What's the Cost?, Mosaic Messiah, and My Life is a Game for the new tees. As for reprints, we think Emotional Trip, Consumable, and Summer are pretty neat. Go check them out!

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Learn to Pick the Most Luscious Wines on the Planet for Under $20 at

Cheapfunwines-1We're pretty excited here at Blogpire Productions to tell you about our new site - Cheap Fun Wines.

How many times have you shelled out ten bucks for a bottle of wine only to have your hopes dashed when you poured the first glass? The staff at is here to help. They're goal is to find the most luscious bottles of affordable wine on the planet for under $20.

Kim and the staff at love wine. There is little in life that’s more fun for them than pouring a new wine or revisiting an old favorite.

What they don’t love is wine snobbery. At www.CheapFunWines they'll promise to write about wine in plain English and make fun of people who don’t. That said, they don't profess to be a wine experts. They're totally wine beginners - each with a keen sense of smell, a decent palate, a passion to learn, and a sense of humor.

For the past six years, the staff at has often trekked to wineries in Napa and Sonoma, trying dozens of reds and whites. Slowly, they've learned what they like (Full-bodied Cab and peppery Syrah) and don't like (Bombastic fruity Zin and overblown Chardonnay).

At CheapFunWines the staff won’t always be right. They won’t always use the proper wine vocabulary. But that’s OK. They're all learning together. So pop a cork and join them on a fun journey to a cheaper, better bottle of vino. And send them your favorites!


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March 3, 2006

March 1, 2006


Bad news readers, the Shirt Snob has the flu. So we won't be posting for a few days while we take care of ourselves and the baby. We'll come back as soon as we are able!

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