January 30, 2006

Monthly Round Up-January

Well, it's that time of the month again, the end of the month! Time for our wrap up of all things shirt related! We found some great blouses, such as the Chiffon V Top by Lauren Moffatt, the Garden Party Cami by Rebecca Taylor, the Charity Tank by 2Belles, the Helena Tank and Dakar Tank by Ella Moss, the Ohem Top by Diane von Furstenberg, and the String Halter by Susana Monaco. There were sales at Shop Bop, Girl Shop, and Urban Outfitters, and free shipping at Pink Mascara. We wrote about basic tees at C & C California as well as the new t-shirts at Threadless and their new hoodies. And finally for accessories, we showed you the Miel purses, the jewelry of Melissa Rousseau, and Xela Aromasticks. All in all, it was a great month here at Shirt Snob. We're looking forward to February and more great tops!

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January 30, 2006

Gama-Go discount at Sketch Comedy Show

Remember Gama-Go, the company in San Francisco that wanted to promote the art scene and showcase their friends' work? They make t-shirts among other thing. Well, the company is sponsoring a sketch comedy group similar to SNL and Kids in the Hall. The group is opening a new show called Train of Thought > Breaking Up, and they are giving a discount to everyone who is wearing Gama-Go. If you're in the Seattle area, check it out.

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January 27, 2006

Review: Xela Aromasticks

xela.jpg This week for Accessory Friday, we are going to write about something a little different, something that you don't wear, Xela Aromasticks. The Shirt Snob was lucky enough to win two of their fragrances thanks to the Lucky Breaks in the back of Lucky Magazine (probably our most favorite magazine ever). The big box with our fragrances came earlier this week, just in time for the Shirt Snob's birthday, and we couldn't have been more excited to try them out. We love having a beautifully smelling house, but with three cats this is harder to do than you would think. We've tried candles, but they can be dirty, you can't use them when you aren't home, and we have always been a little nervous about the safely aspects. With Xela's reed diffusers, there is no trouble and no worry. If you have 10 seconds to put it together, you will have the best smelling house on your block. All you have to do is open the top of the bottle full of the scent (is it oil? alcohol? we aren't too sure), put the wooden globe on top, place the sticks into the globe so they are sitting in the oil, and place the bottle where you'd like it. Within 24 ours, our entire apartment smelled like Vanilla Latte. We were at first concerned that it would be a little strong, but it's the perfect strength. We can smell it if we breath in deeply or walk into the house for the first time, but it's not so intrusive to be in our thoughts all the time or give us a headache.

Now, we are sure you are wondering what a reed diffuser is. We sure were at first. Here's what the website says about this:

Simply put, a reed diffuser is an ancient system for introducing fragrances into the air. It starts with a bottle of scented essential oil. The bottle is opened, and long bamboo reeds are placed inside and allowed to protrude from the top of the container. Because bamboo is porous, the reeds draw the essential oil upward and out of the bottle — where it “diffuses” or evaporates into the air. The result is a gentle, continuous release of fragrance that can last up to six months (depending on the amount of oil used).

There are many different scents. So far we've only tried the Vanilla Latte although we also won the Creme Brulee. We want to try them all though, especially the Nursery with our baby coming in a few months. There are three sizes, 16 oz, 8 oz, and 4 oz. If you like scents, you should definitely consider Xela.

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January 27, 2006

Big Sale at Shop Bop

joiesalefall.jpg Shop Bop has increased their discounts on their current sale. Now you can get up to 70% off on fall and winter merchandise. Now is a great time to stock up on warmer items to wear for the rest of the colder season as well as pick up some good deals on some things you could still wear next fall. Our picks include the Alice + Olivia Halter in black and gold, which was originally $165 and is now only $49.50, and the Fall From Grace by Joie now only $67.50, down from the original of $225.00.

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January 27, 2006

January 26, 2006

C & C California

c&cclassictank.jpg The Shirt Snob is starting to think about spring. Maybe it's because we've had some warmer weather in the Northeast recently, or maybe it's just because we are so sick of our big pregnant belly and want to daydream about the clothes we'll be able to wear after the birth of our baby. Either way, now might be a good time to start thinking about stocking up on some basics. C & C California is the perfect company for this. They specialize in the basic tanks and t-shirts that every women needs in her wardrobe to compliment the more intricate and exotic tops that we normally show here. We would probably start with the Classic Tank, which comes in a variety of different colors. There's also the Bold Tank, which comes in black, white, and molly and the Tencel Ribbed Tank, which comes in five different colors. The Surf Tee comes in six different colors. If you like tunics, check out the Aquarius Tunic in white and panther. If bell sleeves are more your thing, there's the Classic Bell Sleeve in moola, scarlet, and St. barth. There really are a ton more classic shapes and styles, so if this is what you need before the warmer weather strikes, stock up!

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Dakar Tank by Ella Moss

We don't know how this next top is different than the Helena Tank that we showed you a couple of days ago besides the cool navy combo print. The Dakar Tank by Ella Moss has the same smocked banding at the racer back, twisted straps, a surged bottom hem, and ruching detail with a tie at the bust that the Helena Tank has. Either way, we love the shirt, we want it in both the solid color as well as the print. There's also a skirt, dress, and V-neck with the same print as well as the dress in a different color, flame.

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January 25, 2006

Article with Mike Jeffries, CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch

Yesterday on Salon.com there was an article abou the CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch Mike Jeffries. He's a 61 year old who wears jeans and flip flops and says dude a lot. There's a picture, which was actually a little disturbing to look at. You expect to see a young face with the clothing he's wearing, but he's definitely 61! Here's a bit of info on the company:

For the kids there's Abercrombie, aimed at middle schoolers who want to look like their cool older siblings. For high schoolers there's Hollister, a wildly popular surf-inspired look for "energetic and outgoing guys and girls" that has quickly become the brand of choice for Midwestern teens who wish they lived in Laguna Beach, Calif.

When the Hollister kids head off to college, Jeffries has a brand -- the preppy and collegiate Abercrombie & Fitch -- waiting for them there. And for the post-college professional who is still young at heart, Jeffries recently launched Ruehl, a casual sportswear line that targets 22- to 35-year-olds.

We didn't realize that you could dress yourself in their clothing from childhood all the way to age 35. As a true t-shirt and jeans gal at heart, the Shirt Snob always liked Abercrombie. But we stopped wearing it after college. We must admit we are a little curious about Ruehl. Hopefully a store will open up near us soon so we can check them out.

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Ohem Top by Diane von Furstenberg

dianevonohem.jpg Here is a top that is breezy and attractive, the perfect shirt to wear as the weather gets warmer (even if you have to fly somewhere to find that). The Ohem Top by Diane von Furstenberg is a great way to look like you put a ton of time into your outfit without any effort at all. Made of 100% silk, this top is sheer, with beads and sequins throughout. There is a tie at the waist , surged edges at the cap sleeves, and a camisole lining. We love the print, it's so fun and summery. If you like this top, the Irma Dress is in the same print as the Ohem Top.

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January 24, 2006

String Halter by Susana Monaco

monacostring.jpg Here's another cute top for spring that the Shirt Snob wishes she could wear (only three more months until the pregnant belly starts to look a little more normal!). The String Halter in pucker by Susana Monaco is definitely a must have. There is ruffle detail, ruching at the bust, and 2 inch embroidered elastic banding below the bust. The tie behind the neck also has bead detailing at the end. This top also comes in coco, and there's a similar top, the Pacific Island Tube Top in coco and dark sage.

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Win a Date With Threadless, Plus More Tees

threadlessnerds.jpg You can win a date with Threadless! If you love them, you can win a trip to Chicago to eat the Threadless team, visit their offices, and get $250 to spend as you choose. All you have to do is write them a short love letter. Not too bad considering the prize. There are also some new tees, including Suburbia, Nerds Unite, and Canada Owes Me. The Communist Party has also been reprinted already. It's obviously a popular tee, so make sure to get it before it runs out again.

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Free Shipping at Cafe Press

If you order $50 or more from Cafe Press, you'll get free shipping. Use the code VDAYSHIP. This only lasts through February 3rd! They have items for men and women for Valentine's Day as well as Anti-Valentine's Day items, so get over there if you're interested!

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January 23, 2006

Helena Tank by Ella Moss

ellahelena.jpg Here's something fun for the spring! The Helena Tank in coral by Ella Moss is fun and flirty. This ultra soft tank is made of a modal, pima cotton, and lycra mix. It has a surged bottom hem, a tie and ruching at the bust, and smocked banding at the racer back with twisted straps. You could wear this top with a simple bottom like a nice pair of jeans or the Helena Crop Pant, and you are ready to do almost anything. If you like this top, also consider the Helena Short Sleeve Top, which is just as adorable but covers a bit more of your body. Also comes in clover, flame, and teal.

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Charity Tank by 2Belles

2bellescharity.jpg Happy Monday everyone! The Shirt Snob hopes everyone had a great weekend even though we didn't leave you with some nice tops to wear on Friday. We will start off with a bang today though, at least in our opinion. The Charity Tank by 2Belles is near and dear to the Shirt Snob's heart because half of the cost of the top ($24) goes to the American Heart Association, an organization that works closely with the Shirt Snob's sorority's foundation. Made exclusively for Fig Leaves and the AHA, this tank is pink fitted, made of 100% cotton, and has Swarowski crystal hearts at the end of a red ribbon tie. Also, while at Fig Leaves, save 20% on all orders of $100 or more through the end of February. With Valentine's Day coming up, we're sure that many of you will be able to spend that much without a problem! Thank you to Stylebakery.com for the link!

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January 20, 2006

Long Weekend

Hello readers! Unfortunately, the Shirt Snob husband had surgery today. He is doing fine, but we're going to take the weekend off to nurse him back to health. We'll be back Monday! Have a great weekend!

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January 19, 2006

Urban Outfitters Controversy

jet_crop.gif Johnny Cupcakes, a clothing and accessory website for both men and women, is claiming that Urban Outfitters has stolen an idea of theirs. They had a t-shirt in the summer of 2004 that pictured a flying plane dropping cupcakes. Urban Outfitters currently has a t-shirt for sale with almost the identical picture. Johnny Cupcakes is very angry, which is quite obvious on their front page, claiming that Urban Outfitters wanted to sell some of their t-shirt ideas last year, including this one. The company is contacting their lawyers right now to pursue the matter. They also claim that this has happened to many other independent designers. The Shirt Snob doesn't want to take sides because we hate issues, but we can't find either t-shirt for sale. However, Johnny Cupcakes does have some cute tees, so support the independent, limited edition company today!

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January 18, 2006

More From Threadless

threadlessworld.jpg More new tees at Threadless, our favorite t-shirt place ever. Shirts include Potassium Alkaline, As the World Turns, and The Communist Party. Also, potentially our favorite design ever, The Morning After, is reprinted! Don't forget that Threadless sells tees for men and women, it's a great place to get a gift for your boyfriend as well as yourself. And with Valentine's Day coming up, why not get the man in your life something he'd actually like, instead of a picture of you in a heart frame for his office.

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Princess Cami by Free People

freeprincess.jpg Here's a great top that will be great for spring, which is quickly approaching! It already feels like spring in the Northeast after all. The Princess Cami by Free People is fun and cute, yet still a bit naughty with the corset lace up in the front. There is also ribbon in the front that goes down towards the flutter drop waist. The collar and straps have lace, and the straps tie in the back. Pair this up with a nice pair of jeans and a cute necklace, and you are good to go!

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January 17, 2006

Beach Comber Sweater by LaRok

larokbeach.jpg Boy does the Shirt Snob wish she was going on vacation soon! It is so cold up here! Sure they say the temperatures will go up higher than the ever do in January later this week, but we can't concentrate on that fact now when we're shivering and afraid to leave the house it's so cold and icy. For those of you more lucky than us, check out this new top, the Beach Comber Sweater in Lagoon by LaRok. This cotton and cashmere mix has bead and embroidery detail and the scoop neck, behind the neck, at the cuffs and at the bottom hem. There is also a tie at the neck. There are elbow-length sleeves and a 2 inch slit at each side. Also comes in coconut.

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January 13, 2006

Free Shipping at Pink Mascara

We just found out that Pink Mascara is having free shipping on all orders $100 and over this weekend only. Use the coupon code Freeship to get it! Also, don't forget about their winter sale, 30-70% off.

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Accessory Friday-Melissa Rousseau Design

rousseauviolet.jpg For Accessory Friday, we are going to look at the designs of Melissa Rousseau. We certainly realize that we have been showcasing jewelry a lot recently. But we've found a lot of great items that we personally would love to own, and it's our blog so we do what we want! Rousseau is also living in Boston, so we need to support our local designers. She makes bracelets, earrings, rings, and necklaces. What immediately drew us to her is the Violet Ring, but afterwards, we realized that we love all of her work. Our most loved items include the Single Violet Earrings, the Single Oval Charm Earrings, the 14k Gold Tear Drop Necklace, and the Mini Disc Charm Necklace. It can be hard to find gold jewelry that you really like, it can easily be gaudy or too much. Rousseau's jewelry is simple, clean, and yet still stunning.

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Garden Party Cami by Rebecca Taylor

taylorgarden.jpg Here is another adorable tank top, but this one is better for when you want to look more put together and dressed up. The Garden Party Cami by Rebecca Taylor is also feminine, but more in the girly, frilly way. It has a ruffle at the top hem, pintuck detail at the bust, embroidery and bead detail at the straps, which are adjustable. There is also a tie at the waist and floral detail throughout. If you like this top, you may also like the Garden Party Dress.

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Little Odd Forest Tanks

littleoddforest.jpg The Shirt Snob has been so bad! It's been a very busy week, we haven't been able to post nearly as much as we would have liked. We'll try to make up for it today. Here is a cute website for tank tops, they sort of remind us of the Dandylion tees by Blue Platypus that we found last summer. The tees are cute and sweet and feminine in a very wearable way. A few of our favorites include the Fairies & Toadstools Tank and the Wandering Forest Deer Tank. The best part of this website is that these tanks are under $13. So you can buy a few for the same price as only one tank you've done at other places.

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Best of the Blogpire

Slingplayermacintosh2-350Another week and another Best of the Blogpire. It looks like the Mac OS X is finally getting some GPS support: Garmin Announces MAC OS X Support and other devices like the new Sling device are making SlingPlayer.

Single Serve Coffee.com continues the onslaught of coffee reviews with Review: Aerobie AeroPress Coffee & Espresso Maker and if you're a coffee pod user Review: Eight 0' Clock Colombian Coffee Pods.

Just The Chips finds two new books - one on Poker humor: A collection of poker wit and a return to a classic poker book Hold'Em Poker for Advanced Players.

Want to get a new cool fridge? Kitchen Contraptions finds 50's Inspired Refrigerators from Smeg and GE Custom Cabinet Refrigerators & Freezers.

Shaving Stuff.com continues their Review of KENMEN products, part 2.

TV Snob.com also has an amazing run down of all the cool new gadgets from CES: TVSnob CES 2006 Roundup.

Shirt Snob.com has found new Hoodies at Threadless!!!.

Want to know how to find better wine? Wine News: 10 ways to become a smarter, thriftier wine buyer.

And of course we save the best for last - check out The Liquor Snobby Awards: Best of 2005. Magic.

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January 11, 2006

Chiffon V Top by Lauren Moffatt

moffattchiffonv.jpg Lauren Moffatt has a certain style, at least in the tops of hers that the Shirt Snob loves the most. These tops, such as the Floral Silk Top, the Silk Jersey Bead Empire Top, and the Crinkle Metallic Stripe Top, are all V-necks with a high waist. Well, this next top by Moffatt is no different. The Chiffon V Top is very similar to all of these, but with short sleeves. Made of 100% silk, It has a drawstring waist and ruching at the shoulders and bust. There is piping detail at the shoulders and V-neck, with metal discs at the neckline as well. This would be a great top to wear on your upcoming vacation (and admit it, you're starting to think about a trip to a warmer place in the next couple of months).

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January 10, 2006

Hoodies at Threadless!!!

threadlessmp3.jpg The Shirt Snob is incredibly happy. One of her favorite clothing items, the hoodie, is now available at Threadless. Our favorite of the five that they have printed, the Damn Scientists design, is already almost out with only unisex XL and 2XL left. However, the Pandamonium is also cute and has all the sizes still. Check the sizing chart to see what you are. There are also some new tees this week as well, including the Corporate Zombies tee and the JC was a Streaker tee. We hope this is something that the company continues to do, some of their previous t-shirts would have also made great hoodies as well.

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January 9, 2006

Anti-Valentine's Day at Cafe Press

cafered3.jpg Anti-Valentine's Day tees are all the rage over at Cafe Press right now. With a little over a month to go before the big Hallmark day of the year, the Shirt Snob thinks that you have a lot of time to find a date for the big night. If you are truly against the holiday though, why not go over there and check out some of the designs. Personally, we like the stick figure designs of a character named Red. Also, Cafe Press is having a contest for the best Anti-Valentine's Day design, where you could win an iPod. So if you have an account there or are just creative, why not give it a try?

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January 6, 2006

Accessory Friday-Miel Accessories

mielparisa.jpg Said to be a next big thing in the January 2006 issue of Lucky Magazine, Miel Accessories are definitely worth checking out. Their purses are handmade leather and come in many different colors. We really like them all but some of the best in the Shirt Snob's opinion include the Parisa, the Stephanie, the Monica, and the Erica. Each Miel handbag is made to order, and you can even design your own from the Miel online palate. If you like to stay ahead of the trends, get a Miel bag before everyone else does, it sounds like everyone will have one soon!

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anthrogeranium.jpg More back to school clothing today, this time from Anthropologie. We have found a bunch of cute cardigans, such as the Collared Cardigan, the Field Grass Cardigan, the Balmy Day Cardigan, and the Visionary Cardigan. In the sweater category, we also love the Geranium Sweater Jacket and the Drafting Boat Sweater. If you are in warmer weather or plan on going on a vacation, check out their tees. There are a ton of cute shirts, like the Wild Fennel Tee and the Lilacina Tank, and the Mariel Top. There are also a bunch of pretty blouses, such as the Bise Bise Blouse and the Hanabi Silk Tieback Blouse. Plenty of great tops to keep you looking great into the spring!

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Best of the Blogpire

Blopire 120Welcome to 2006 and Happy New Year from Blogpire Productions. Everyone here is geared up for the new year filled with cool products, news, and of course our witty banter and we're dedicated to bringing you all three (we're working on a fourth) everday. So sit back and relax and check out the Best of the Blogpire!

Single Serve Coffee.com: Review: My K-Cup Keurig Reusable Filter - Best of Single Serve Coffee.com 2005

Just The Chips.com: PSP World Series of Poker Revisited - Illustrated Royalty Poker Chips

Kitchen Contraptions.com: Making Eggs Singapore Style - simplehuman Butterfly Step Can

Shaving Stuff.com: New York Facial Hair Patterns and Shaving Trends - High-End Shaving Gear from Penhaligons

TV Snob.com: Futurama Coming Back to TV ? - Finding the Right HDTV for the Xbox 360

Shirt Snob.com: New Tees at Threadless - Big Sale at Girlshop

GPS Lodge.com: Turn your Magellan Roadmate 800 into a DivX Movie Player - Pharos Traveler 525 GPS -

The Cooking News.com: Food News: Fast Food More Than Twice Weekly Adds Pounds - Wine News: 2006 looks to be a good year for wine

Liquor Snob.com: Belly Up To TheBar.com - Bottle Blaster Review

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January 5, 2006

Banana Republic-Sale and New Items

bananafloral.jpg With many going back to school soon, it's time to start thinking about your school wardrobes for spring. So let's start with Banana Republic. Their Spring 2006 Modern American Sportswearcollection is now out, and there are a bunch of cute shirts. Some of our favorites in tops and tees include the Floral Empire-Waist Top, the very similar but long sleeved Twist Front Floral Top, the Faux Wrap Shirred Top in floral, bahama sand, and brown mantle, and the Silk Floral Long-Hem Camisole. In woven shirts, there are a ton of basic button downs if you need to add a few to your wardrobe. As for sweaters, we love the Cotton Textured Cardigan, the Cotton/Wool Tailored Cardigan, and the Cotton Floral Crewneck Cardigan. Banana Republic also is having a sale with up to 50% off both in the stores and online.

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More Sales

We love this time of year, sales are so wonderful! Sway and Cake is having a post-holiday sale with almost the entire website 30-50% off. Also Frosting Fashions, who we wrote about during our Accessory Friday in November, has taken 40-75% off most of last year's items.

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January 4, 2006

Sale at Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is having a sale on top of a sale. All their sale items are now 25% more on sale. It's a super sale! Now's the time to stock up on some extra items while you can! It ends at midnight on January 15th.

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Color Block Tunic by Ella Moss

ellacolorblock.jpg Here's a top that looks very comfy and cozy to the Shirt Snob. The Color Block Tunic in coral and bark by Ella Moss is just the type of thing we all need to wear right now in the cold of January while cuddled up inside. Of course, you could also wear it over your bathing suit while you are out by the pool on vacation or in the warm weather if you are lucky enough to live in a warmer place than us. This terry tunic has a V-neck, a pouch pocket at the front, 3/4 length sleeves, and contrast banding at the cuffs and neck. Also comes in navy and clover and white and navy.

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New Tees at Threadless

threadlessnerdberd.jpg Threadless has some new t-shirts out. Yay! Grass: Nutritional Information and Scram! Some of our favorites have also been reprint. Cookie Loves Milk, Damn Scientists, God Hates Techno, and Nerd Berd. Now that the holidays are over and you are done buying things for everyone else, it's time to treat yourself!

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January 3, 2006

Big Sale at Girlshop

ciganasilk.jpg There is a January sale at Girlshop. You can get between 30 and 75% off designer clothes. They are adding items to their sale every day, so keep going back to see what is newly priced. Right now, our favorite on sale tops are the Silk Jewel Sleeve Top by Cigana, the Beaded Ancient Paisley Top, which we first found in August, and the Cashmere Jeweled Crop Cardigan, which we posted about in November, and the Bow Top, all by Cynthia Steffe, the Mimi Sweater by Yumi Kim, the Lace Trim Tunic and the Short Sleeve Scoop both by Language Los Angeles, and the Wrap Bat Top by B with G.

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Monthly Round Up-December

Happy New Year everyone! The Shirt Snob is finally done with all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. The house is mostly picked up, everyone has left, and the husband is back at work. So we are back here! We've missed you all and are excited to start the new year in style. First though, a look back at December.

First, there were a ton of great shirts last month. Some of the best include the Chrinkle Chiffon Tank by Rebecca Taylor, the 2 Tone V-Neck Top by Rachel Pally, the Paisley Deep V Blouse by Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent, the Wyatt Top by Diane von Furstenberg, the Tiered Bustier by Plenty by Tracy Reese, the Sleeping Beauty Sweater Coat by Free People, the Long Circle Sweater by Cue & Emm, and the Classic Tabitha Duster by Shop Intuition. There were tons of sales in December from Active Endeavors, Threadless, a Juicy sale at Shop Bop, and a bunch of post holiday sales. For Accessory Friday, we found some good ideas for holiday gifts from Juicy, Kooba, Lee Angel and Erica Zap, looked at some cute clothes for your favorite pooch at Pink Polka Dot, and we discovered Lovely Stitches Belts. The Shirt Snob also reviewed the funny poker t-shirts from High Hand Designs, updated you on the Abercrombie t-shirt controversy, and found a site that details how to make your own custom tee.

All in all, it was a good month, and an even better year. We would like to thank all of our readers who keep coming back and who contribute so much to the site and to our ever expanding knowledge of what is out there. We look forward to the next year and all the great fashion we will find!

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