December 28, 2005

After Holiday Sales

Hello lovely readers! The Shirt Snob is hoping your holidays are going well. We just wanted to pop in quickly to let you know about some sales going on. Fredflare is having a huge sale on all different types of items, not just women's clothes and accessories. There are 5 days left to get 25% off all orders at Sway and Cake using the code "luckymag." Take an extra 15% off all outerwear at Pink Mascara through Sunday, January 1 using the code "extra15." Pink Mascara is also having an after Christmas sale, with 30-75% off many designers. And you can get 20% off your entire purchase at Playhouse Clothing by entering the code "shop20" by January 8th. Don't forget you'll need a great outfit for New Year's Eve if you don't already have one, so start looking now!

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December 23, 2005

Happy Holidays!

The Shirt Snob's mother is coming to town in a few hours, so this is our last post until after she leaves. We hope everyone has a happy holiday, whatever you celebrate!

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December 23, 2005

Classic Tabitha Duster by Shop Intuition

shoptabitha.jpg Here's a cute top that looks sort of Asian to us, like maybe a modern take on a kimono. Maybe not, we aren't the authority on such things. But this blouse is very pretty and delicate, we'd love to own it. From Shop Intuition, the Classic Tabitha Duster has a high neck with an slit in it going all the way down to the waist. Here there is a black tie before the shirt opens up again. There is floral embroidery on the left shoulder and the bottom right by the hem. This shirt is made of 100% silk and comes in two colors, musk and rosebud. We think it'd look great over a cute and simple camisole to spice up your outfit.

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December 22, 2005

Make Your Own Custom T-Shirt

The Shirt Snob heard from Carl at The Warehouse recently. They have an article on how they made a funny t-shirt with a little paint, an X-Acto knife, and a cheap shirt they bought. If you are crafty or don't want to spend the money to buy a shirt at Busted Tees or Threadless, this is a nice alternative. Carl then tried it again, in a less messy way, and we really like the result of this one too. The Shirt Snob is unfortunately not very crafty or artistic, so this looks hard to us. But we're sure to most people who have a bit of time to spare and an ounce of talent, this is a great idea. Thanks Carl!

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December 22, 2005

Funny Barbie Tee at Cargo Clothing

barbieslut.jpg This shirt may be a little distasteful for the Shirt Snob, but we found it pretty funny. So many parents are keeping their daughters away from Barbie dolls nowadays because they are bad for their future body image or something. Who knows if that is true, but the Shirt Snob had tons of Barbies growing up and turned out ok. Of course, no one was wearing this tee. Barbie is a Slut is from Cargo Clothing, a British company. They have other t-shirts and clothing that are along the same lines as this t-shirt, so if that's your humor, go take a look. However, the shipping prices might be a little steep, so keep that in mind. Also, we don't know how much each item truly is worth. This tee is 10 pounds, but what is that in American dollars? Thanks to The TeeJunkie for the link.

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December 21, 2005

Even New Threadless Tees

threadlessneopolitan.jpg Threadless has a few new shirts this week. We like the French Army Knife and the Neopolitan Bonaparte tees. A few reprints the Shirt Snob is fond of include Skunk2 and Nuts! Also, remember that you can vote for the next new shirts. We think the gang!, Lonely Cow, and Fighting Franks are funny, but it's up to the public, so go over there and vote!

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Juicy Sale at Shop Bop

Shop Bop is having a Juicy sale. Save 20% on Juicy Velour by entering the code "Juicy20" at check out. The sale ends on Dec 22, so get over there and stock up! There's nothing wrong with buying a few holiday presents for yourself as well as your friends and family!

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December 20, 2005

Flutter Top by Cynthia Steffe

fluttertop.jpg Here's a top that reminds us of spring. Yes, we realize that we haven't even left December yet, but it's cold out. We want to pretend spring is almost here! The Flutter Top by Cynthia Steffe is fun, you just feel like you should be outside when you wear it. This blouse has a sheer crinkel silk overlay lined in solid silk. It has a V-neck, bell shaped sleeves, flower shaped buttons on the front, and a flared and ruffled bottom. There is also a beaded waistband made to look like flowers. Since spring isn't for another three months, wear this when you take your winter trip to the Caribbean or a cruise. If you like this blouse, also consider her Banded Skirt, which is the same look with the beaded band at the waist.

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Long Circle Sweater by Cue & Emm

cueemmcircle.jpg Here's a cute sweater that the Shirt Snob would love to wear. It might actually fit around the big pregger belly! The Long Circle Sweater by Cue & Emm is very simple but with a twist. There is one clasp by the bust, but instead the usual button, it's held with a chopstick. You won't find many other shirts with a chopstick on it! It is made of a mix of cotton, acrylic, and wool, has cables on the front, and ribbing along the collar, down the front to the bottom hem. The back has a neat design of a circle knit into the sweater like a bulls eye, hence it's name. You can wear this sweater over a cute tank or cami or a long sleeve shirt.

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December 19, 2005

Victorian Silk Top by Shop Intuition

shopintuitionvictorian.jpg Victorian tops are all the rage right now. We are sort of hit or miss with them. Some are cute, but some just seem like they are frilly for no reason, that they are overdone. Here's one that we do like though. The Victorian Silk Top by Shop Intuition is flirty and sexy but not over the top. Made of 100% silk, the shirt is over a peach camisole with adjustable straps. Lace detail is throughout, and there are button closures at the side and at the cuffs. This is another great shirt that you can wear dressed up or with a pair of jeans if you want the casual dressy look.

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Sleeping Beauty Sweater Coat by Free People

freepeoplesleeping.jpg Watching football last night, the Shirt Snob heard that it was 10 degrees in Chicago. This made us want to bundle up just imagining it, even though we are lucky to be in above freezing weather right now (although barely). Therefore, the first thing we did this morning is find a cute sweater that all of those in the freezing temperatures can wear. The Sleeping Beauty Sweater Coat by Free People is a beauty! You will definitely feel like a princess in this sweater! It has a lovely, romantic looking knit design that would go great over anything. Wear it with a dressy outfit or with a pair of jeans to instantly look a little more dressed up. This sweater is very long, has a ribbon closure that ties in front under the bust, an dis made of an acrylic, nylon, and alpaca blend.

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December 16, 2005

Accessory Friday-Holiday Gift Ideas

koobamarcelle.jpg With the holidays quickly approaching, we're sure there are many of you that are beginning to freak out because you haven't bought all your presents yet. Or maybe you're concerned that the love of your life is leaving everything until the last moment and will end up buying costume jewelry from Macy's on December 24th. The Shirt Snob understands these feelings, so this week for Accessory Friday we're going to show you some great items, all of which are available at, for whom today is the last day to order items using their Free Super Saver Shipping. They also can guarentee other faster shipping for a few more days, so you don't have to worry about already missing the shipping deadlines!

First, consider a Kooba bag. We love them, they are stylish but also very practical and hardy. The Marcelle in cognac, black, and toffee and the Kooba Scarlett in metallic army. These purses are so nice and will last for years; we're sure any woman would love one.

If you are interested in a purse that isn't quite so expensive, try Juicy. The Socialite is a favorite, and we love the Fluffy, which comes in smooth (in black and dirty gold), pebble (in chocolate and tea dye), the Baby Fluff Satchel With Chain in gold and metalic blue as well as pebble, and the Ultra P&G Suede Bag.

leeangelearring.jpg If jewelry is more your thing, there's tons to choose from. The Shirt Snob is a huge fan of Lee Angel, especially the earrings, and many items are even on sale! Some of our favorites (it's very hard to choose) include the Gold Rose Quartz and Crystal Drop Earring, the Gold Filigree Vintage Drop Earring with Freshwater Pearls, the Gold Peach Crystal Earring, and the Gold Jade Chandalier Earring.

We also like Erica Zap jewelry. The Pink, Green, Plum and Peacock Mixed Freshwater Pearl Cascade Necklace and the White Freshwater Pearl Necklace with Pearl and Semiprecious Stone Drop are gorgeous, as are her Lavender, Green & Grey Freshwater Pearls on Sterling Spiral Bracelet and the White Freshwater Pearl and Sterling Branch Bracelet.

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More Threadless Tees

emobear.jpg More tees at Threadless right now. We like Time Fades tee and the Biblical Disaster as well as the Emo Bear tee the best, we love Care Bears! There are also some new reprints, including Piece of Meat and God and doG. Don't forget that the tees at Threadless run out fast, so if you are interested, get over there now! Also, now is a great time to remember the Threadless 12 Club, where you get a t-shirt every month for a year. These tees are separate from the others you can buy on this site, or anywhere else. They are made for the members of this club exclusively, and only enough are made for those people. This would make a great gift for the t-shirt lover in your life. The Shirt Snob would get it for her husband, but we bought a laptop instead and are forgoing presents for a while to make up for it.

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December 15, 2005

Tiered Bustier by Plenty by Tracy Reese

plentytiered.gif Looking for something to wear to all of those holiday parties? Here's a great top that can be paired with a nice skirt of pair of pants, but can also easily be dressed down for the rest of the year. The Tiered Bustier in rasberry by Plenty by Tracy Reese is the sweet, romantic look that always works well, yet it's also sexy. Made of 100% silk, the top has floral beadwork throughout as well as chiffon layers and a big velvet bow in the front. There is boning that supports the bust and inner clasps that adjust to fit like a bra and keeps the top from falling down. It has a sweetheart neckline, is fitting at the waist, and has two layers. Also comes in a dress form, the Strapless Tiered Dress.

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Wyatt Top by Diane von Furstenberg

dianewyatt.jpg The Shirt Snob has found a fun top that is a must for all you fun gals out there. The Wyatt Top by Diane von Furstenberg is such a cute top, one that will definitely make you the center of attention no matter where you go. Made of 100% silk, it has a surged bottom hem, ruching at the sides, a twisted knot at the bust, and is double layered. The print is so great though, it's a tie dye that looks like a floral print from far away. It almost looks like a better version of a hawaiin shirt. A similar top by von Furstenberg that you might like if you think the Wyatt top is hot is the Dot Tunic as well as the Pomdor Dress, which are also in the tie dye look.

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December 14, 2005

Drape Collar Cardigan by Vince

vincedrape.jpg Here is a sweater that the Shirt Snob almost overlooked. It seemed a little weird to us at first. But once we sat and considered it, we actually decided that we love it. The Drape Collar Cardigan in heather cinder by Vince is a great way to spice up your sweater collection with something flirty and a little more feminine than most. The sweater is 100% cashmere, has long sleeves, and 1/4 inch banding at the edges. The drape collar is what stands out on this top, giving it a little something extra. Also comes in black, white, mahogany, cappuccino, and heather port.

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Paisley Deep V Blouse by Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent

twelfthtunic.jpg We are sorry that we haven't posted this week yet. We had a long day at the hospital on Monday, and only today is the Shirt Snob truly recovered mentally. Everything is fine with the baby and pregnancy, but mentally exhausting in the meantime. But we are back, and we have a great top to kick off with this week. The Paisley Deep V Blouse by Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent is something a little different for you all. We haven't had a tunic on here for a very long time, but this one is fun and stylish and not dowdy as tunics can sometimes be. Made of 100% silk, this sheer top has 3/4 length sleeves, ruching at the bust, and ties in the back. Satin trim is at the cuffs, waist, neck, and bottom hem, which contrasts well with the paisley print. If you like this top, you may also like the Kimono Tunic also by Cynthia Vincent.

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December 9, 2005

Accessory Friday-Pink Polka Dog

pinkpolkadog.jpg For Accessory Friday, we are going to show you an unusual type of accessory that not all of you will use, but is very important to some of us. Dog clothing is becoming more and more of the norm every day. With dogs being thrown into the lime light (ala Paris Hilton and others), people are starting to think of their canine companions as more of a part of the family and one that should be dressed up appropriately (or unfortunately, like merely an accessory that makes them look better, but we'll try to ignore that). Here's a great site to buy some of your doggie clothing at, Pink Polka Dog. According to the company, Pink Polka Dog is the up-and-coming designer dog clothes label, which offers its original and exclusive trendy handmade doggie clothes for the pampered pooches, who has it all. There's a ton of variety. You can match your pooch to your Ugg boots with the Eskimo, a Ballarina outfit, bandanas, hoodies, hand knit items, and tons more. Also, shop now through December 31, and you'll get a 10% discount and a free gift! The Shirt Snob, although a dog lover, has only cats at the moment, moody ones at that, so we can't participate in pet dressing. But this site makes us want to dress them up anyway!

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Update to Abercrombie Controversy

Remember a while back when Abercrombie and Fitch had those offensive t-shirts? Yes, we're sure you're wondering "Which time, Shirt Snob? Doesn't this happen every 6 months?" Well, yes, we think it does, but we are specifically referring to the bunch of girls who formed a group to complain and got a lot of press as well as some of the offensive shirts pulled last month. Well, now the same group has met with the execs at Abercrombie and proposed some new t-shirt ideas. Our favorite is definitely "Your Future Boss." I mean, we all know that women rule the world, why not let those teenage boys know it up front? It doesn't seem that the execs were overly enthused by their meeting, but even if the shirts aren't used by Abercrombie, the girls' group has had plenty of offers from other clothing companies to make their shirts. So maybe you'll soon be seeing an "All This and Brains" tee in a store near you soon.

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The Best of the Blogpire

Mailing List Promotion-1Another week and another Best of the Blogpire. We've got promotions all over the Blogpire including the chance to win a GPS at GPS Lodge! You can Sign Up for the GPS Lodge Mailing List & Win a Garmin eTrex Legend. Also there's lots of interesting November Roundups and Holiday shopping guides at all the sites. Enjoy!

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Shirt Snob: All Over Print Cashmere Hoodie by L.A.M.B., Review-Tees from High Hand Designs, Monthly Round Up-November

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December 8, 2005

Cashmere with Lace by Paul & Joe

paulcashmere.jpg The Shirt Snob loves cashmere, I'm sure we've told you all that many times before. Well, here's another sweater made of 100% cashmere that is perfect for the winter, and any holiday gifts that the men out there may want to buy for the women in their lives (hint, hint). The Cashmere with Lace by Paul & Joe is soft and snug, you just want to curl up by the fire in it. The sweater has 2 inch lace banding across the front under the bust line, and 1 inch banding along the V-neck. The knit texture varies throughout the sweater as well. We love the color of the sweater, it's so fresh that you can almost pretend that spring will be here soon, instead of in over 3 months!

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Mirabel Metropolotan Top by Theory

theorymirabel.jpg Here's a cute top that is simple, yet quite flattering and a good staple for your wardrobe. The Mirabel Metropolitan in stucco by Theory is appealing and quite likable; we don't see how anyone could not find it pretty. It is a semi-sheer, with ruching at the shoulders, smocked banding, and a small banding around the edges. There is also a double button closure at the waist. The Shirt Snob loves wrap tops, and this one is a nice option if you are looking for a wrap. Also available in black.

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December 7, 2005

All Over Print Cashmere Hoodie by L.A.M.B.

lambprinthoodie.jpg The Shirt Snob is a huge fan of hoodies. You should see our closet, there must be at least 15 in there right now. Here's one that we think you'll love, it's fun and definitely not boring. The All Over Print Cashmere Hoodie in black by L.A.M.B. is a great way to stand out while still looking and feeling comfortable, which to us at least is very important in this cold weather. Made of 100% cashmere, this hoodie has a zipper closure in the front, as well as pouch pockets. There is 1 inch banding on the hood and 2 inch banding at the cuffs, with fringe detail cuffs and bottom hem as well as the hood. All over the entire piece is print detail. Also comes in moss, white, and red.

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Cutaway Crochet Top by Vince

vincecutaway.jpg The Shirt Snob has found another sweater that we want, and this one might even work over the large pregger belly! The Cutaway Crochet Top by Vince is a cardigan, so you can wear it either as a top over your shirt or as a jacket. The sweater has a shawl collar, ribbed banding at the front and bottom hem as well as on the cuffs. It is knit loosely, so there are holes all throughout the sweater where the banding isn't. It's also made of a great mix of alpaca, cashmere, and merino wool, so it's super warm and comfortable. Besides charcoal, it also comes in camel and coffee. If you like this you might also like the Cutaway Cardigan also be Vince in monk and wheat.

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2 Tone V-Neck Top by Rachel Pally

pally2tone.jpg Here's a cute top that is simple and yet quite unique. The 2 Tone V-Neck Top by Rachel Pally is definitely something we wish was in our wardrobe. The top is a deep V-neck with cap sleeves, ruching at the shoulders, and bunched up fabric along the bottom half that ends in almost a mini-skirt. Around the waist is a large band of the contrasting color that wraps around and ties wherever you want it to. Made of a modal and spandex blend, this top is very comfortable and wearable while also being very flattering. Besides the fudge/mauve, it also comes in spectrum/mauve and juniper/coral.

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December 6, 2005

Threadless sale ends Thursday!

The Threadless sale we told you about last week is going to end this Thursday at noon CST! You must go over there asap if you are going to buy any shirts. We waited until yesterday, and many of our favorites were already gone or in very limited supply. Remember that all tees at Threadless are of a limited supply, sometimes they'll reissue a shirt, but usually once it runs out, that's it forever. Go over there now if you are buying tees for anyone on your holiday shopping list!

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December 5, 2005

Two tops by Zola

zolagingertop.jpg Continuing on the "what we wish we could wear instead of what we are actually wearing" theme of the day, here are two tops that we would love to be wearing right now, both by Zola. First is the Ginger Top, with it's unusual but unique combination of Greek and 70s. There fabric criss crosses at the bust, the gold threading is edging the sheer shoulder straps and the flared hem. Across the empire waist is a stunning gold sequin band that makes this top stand out amongst everything it is near. There is also a hidden zipper on the side and a nylon lining.

zolatibet.jpg Also check out the Ginger Tibet Top. This blouse is made out of delicate organza. It has a nylon lining, empire waist, cap sleeves, and a hidden back zipper. Again, what makes this top so special like the other one is the banding at the waist. This time, it's embroidery, detailed with sequins and beads, which is so beautiful and works so well with the honey color of the top. There are few tops in this color, so you will also stand out and look great in this camisole.

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Chrinkle Chiffon Tank by Rebecca Taylor

rtaylorcrinklechiffon.jpg Happy Monday readers! The Shirt Snob is bundled up, trying to forget yesterday's snow and ignore tonight's big storm. We are hoping that wherever you are, you're warmer than us. We should be showing you a heavy sweater since that's what we need right now, but instead we're going to show you what we'd much rather be wearing, preferably while taking a stroll on a beach or sipping a drink with an umbrella in it at an outside bar. The Crinkle Chiffon Tank in sugar by Rebecca Taylor is so cute and girly, it'd be fun to wear as this model is, with pig tails. We always need to act so responsible in life, why not pretend you're a little younger once in a while? Made of 100% silk, this cami has an empire waist, ruffles on the straps, and lace detailing on the straps and lower hem. There is ruching on the bust as well as a tie bow, 5 inch slits at the sides, and this is all layered on top of a puff sleeve blouse. Also comes in creme brulee.

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December 2, 2005

Review-Tees from High Hand Designs

IMG_4052.jpg This is a very exciting day for the Shirt Snob because today is the day we post our first true review! In the past, we've certainly said what was on our mind about clothes that we had previously bought, but today's review comes to us from High Hand Designs, who were kind enough to send us four t-shirts to review. So we have the clothes right in front of us, have tried them out, and are ready to share.

Now, first of all let us say that the Shirt Snob and her hubby are big poker fans. We used to have a regular game, but that recently broke up. Now we are missing poker and anxiously awaiting February when the next season of the World Poker Tour starts. Since High Hand Designs sells poker clothing (as well as hats, posters, signs and more), we couldn't have been happier to get tees from this company. What poker player doesn't want poker paraphinalia?

highhanddiamonds.jpg First, the women's tees. We were sent two, one baby doll and one relaxed fit. The Shirt Snob had asked for mediums, since that was our size before the pregger belly erupted. Now, we certainly know what a baby doll t-shirt should fit like, and this shirt like all the others out there. As it says on the website, these tees tend to run a little on the small side, and this is the case. If you are familiar with American Apparel tees (also used by Busted Tees amongst many others companies) you will know how their shirts fit. The Shirt Snob probably wears a large in American Apparel, so the shirt was a little on the small side, as the site claimed it would be. However, the tee was great. We love American Apparel because all of their shirts are made in the USA, so you don't have to feel guilty about wearing something that was made in a sweat shop. Their shirts are also high quality, not the really thin fabric that feels like it's about to fall apart that you can get at some other places. The length was right, it felt good and comfy, and we can't wait until we get back in shape after the baby so we can wear this tee.

The other, relaxed fit t-shirt was fit very differently. It is more of a boy cut, skinny and longer, past the hips. This would be a good shirt to tuck in. Again, although not made on American Apparel, it is a high quality shirt, nice and sturdy as well as comfy, and would be good for the women out there who aren't really into the baby doll tees.

As for the designs on the t-shirts (and I know you were waiting for us to get there), we are actually quite impressed. Both women's shirts say "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" with diamond graphics as the dots over the "i" and a picture of a diamond royal flush next to it. Other options for the women's t-shirts include one that says Stacked with a picture of stacked chips behind it (all conveniently displayed across the bust) as well as a yellow one that says Peace, Love, Poker (also in black), which is a nice mantra for the poker player. For the holidays, there is also a cute shirt of one of our favorite reindeer having the unfortunately disadvantage at the table of having his red nose be an obvious tell to anyone he plays with.

highhandgambling.jpg The men's t-shirts were similar to the women's in quality. We had the Shirt Snob Husband try on two mens ones, The Amazing River Card and It's Only a Gambling Problem If You're Losing. He wears an XL, and both of these tees fit him perfectly, so sizing is great. Both shirts are pre-shrunk cotton as well, so you don't have to worry about leaving them in the drier too long, and again they were comfy and felt like good quality. We love the designs on the men's shirts as well. There are more options for men than for women, but our favorites if pressed to choose are Nice Hand Sir and Hand Size. The Rudolf shirt is also available for men. The men's shirts are actually so witty, they remind us of Busted Tees but with a poker slant.

Now let us comment on some things that set this website apart. First of all, the Shirt Snob loves that there are ringer tees on this site. We have been obsessed with ringer tees ever since our boyfriend in 10th grade gave us one from his boarding school. They are hard to come by though, especially online, so we were thrilled to see that both men and women have a few to chose from. The colors of the tees are also refreshing. There aren't just the usual white, black, and grey here. We received a pink women's and a blue men's, but there are also green, yellow, and light blue to choose from. The designs on the tees are also quite colorful. Most importantly though, until we discovered this site, we thought all poker clothing was attached to an online poker site. Now, we like to play online poker as much as the next person, but we really don't want to be a walking advertisement for Full Tilt Poker, Party Poker, or any of the other sites out there. We'd rather wear something related to poker than something promoting a specific place to play. And all the clothes from those sites are ugly and boring anyway, not funny and fun like High Hand Designs.

Overall, we must say that we are very happy with our shirts from High Hand Designs. If you are a poker fan and like t-shirts, this site is truly the place for you. They would also make great gifts for any poker player you know (and admit it, you know a ton!). The shirts would work well with adults of any age, and you can be sure that they will be high quality tees that will last for years to come. Two very happy thumbs up from the Shirt Snob!

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Accessory Friday-Lovely Stitches belts

lovelybelts.JPG As you all know, the Shirt Snob is pregnant, and therefore unable to wear many of our favorite items. Buying clothes is even more hard, there isn't as much variety, and it's harder to accessorize. We wouldn't want to stop all of our dear readers from buying great items though. So we are showing you something that we won't be able to fit into for many months, the lovely belts from Lovely Stitches. We love belts, they can turn a simple outfit into something special, add color, flare, personality, and of course they have a functional purpose as well. The perfect multi-tasker! This site has polka dots, stripes, flowered patterns and more on their belts. We like all of them, but the ones we wish we could buy right now are the Myers Stripe Cub Reversible Belt, the Cream Floral with Brown Velvet, and the Blue Floral with Brown Velvet. All belts come in three sizes and have D rings. If you don't see something you like, you can always make your own as well, Lovely Stitches has tons of fabrics to choose from.

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December 1, 2005

Monthly Round Up-November

November was a great month for Shirt We found tons more great blouses, t-shirts, and sweaters. Here's a sample of it all.

There were a bunch of gorgeous sweaters that we found online this month. Two, the Knit Sweater and the Wrap Cardigan, are from LaRok and two, the Hooded Jacket and the Long Tie Cardigan, are both designed by Lily McNeal. Also highlighted were the Wink Cardigan by Ella Moss, the Short Sleeve Belted Sweater by Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent, the Cashmere Jeweled Crop Cardigan by Cynthia Steffe, and the Charming Crochet Sweater by Nanette Lapore.

Some of our favorite blouses of the month include the Cap Sleeve Sun Top, the Embroidered Sun Top, and the Drapery Petal Sun Top, all by Lotta Stensson, the Madeleine Blouse and the Lorraine Long Sleeve Blouse, both by Catherine Malandrino, the Silk Printed Blouse by Paul & Joe, the Pintuck Camisole by Ella Moss, and the Beaded Butterfly Top and the Artemis Top, both by LaROK.

As for t-shirts, we discovered Killer Tees, Supermaggie, and there were two $10 sales at Threadless.

Finally, for our Accessory Fridays, we featured Supermaggie again, Frosting Fashions, and the jewelry of Ayazakura.

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Sale at Active Endeavors!

junkfoodpepsi.jpg Active Endeavors is having a holiday sale as well. Use the code holiday20 at checkout, and get 20% off of your order. This lasts until December 25th, but doesn't work on sale items. They also have free wrapping, so definitely check them out! Some designers they sell include Twelfth St. by Cynthai Vincent, Joie, Ella Moss, Junk Food Tees, Lauren Moffatt, and more! Don't forget that this site also has many items for men as well, so you can buy your boyfriend, husband, brother, father, etc something nice from Active Endeavors as well!

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