November 30, 2005

Another $10 Sale at Threadless!

threadlessfallfromgrace.jpg Threadless is having yet another $10 sale, this time for the holidays. There are a bunch of t-shirts that are on sale, almost 80 by the Shirt Snob's count, including some new ones. Shop for all your friends and family at once, the tees come in a variety of sizes, both for men and women, and there are funny ones (such as our favorite Gingerbread Nightmares, Fall From Grace, Diabolical Hot Dog, and You Are What You Eat) and more artsy ones (like Water, Just Water, Mission Listen, and Come Back To Me). We aren't sure how long the sale is going to last, so get over there now!

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November 30, 2005

Knit Sweater by LaROK

larokknitsweater.jpg Here's the cutest sweater ever. Really, we mean it. It is so classy and put together, wearing this would be a huge confidence boost for any woman. The Knit Sweater by LaRok is what we would want for Christmas if we didn't have a forever growing belly that would never fit in this snug piece. The sweater have 3/4 length sleeves, pockets in the front, four silver clasps, and tiny eyelit holes throughout the knit piece. The knit design is actually quite complex and beautiful with wavy horizontal lines throughout. Comes in two colors, ivory and heather grey.

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November 29, 2005

Artemis Top by LaROK

larokartemis.jpg Here's a top that is pretty and simple. So many tops that we showcase here on Shirt are beautiful but a bit busy or complex. Therefore, it's time we look at a top that isn't full of detailing or bows. The Artemis Top in black by LaROK fits this bill perfectly and yet is still not boring. It's extra long, has a deep V-neck, slit cap sleeves, and a rounded empire waist with pleats above and below it. There is a tie behind the neck that is extra long with a few beads at the end, and there is ruching at each side. Also comes in grey, first snow, and punk pink.

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November 29, 2005

Blouson Shell by Tracy Reese

reeseblousen.jpg Here's a cute top that the Shirt Snob wishes she could fit into. The Blouson Shell in beige by Tracy Reese is fun and sexy, a great top for hitting the bars. This blouse is a V-neck, sleeveless, and has a camisole layered underneath. The top layer is silk and has great flower beaded detailing all over the front and back as well as beaded detailing on the straps. There is also a tie at the bottom hem. Pair this top up with a nice pair of jeans and some nice pumps, and you are good to go! Also comes in Sweet Peach. If you like the Blouson Top, you may also like the Silk Tunic Top, also by Tracy Reese, which is almost identical except for color and the design of the detailing.

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November 28, 2005

Cashmere Jeweled Crop Cardigan by Cynthia Steffe

steffejewelcard.jpg What woman doesn't love cashmere? How about jewels? I love this next item because they both are represented, and in such a beautiful way. The Cashmere Jeweled Crop Cardigan by Cynthia Steffe would be at the top of my holiday wish list if only my pregnant belly would fit into it. This sweater has a high rounded neckline, snap closures in the front, and is 3/4 length sleeved. But it's obvious what makes this sweater so wonderful, it's the detailing, made up of velvet flowers with beaded leaves that are on the neckline, hem, and down the front. They are colorful, fun, and yet still very classy and lady-like. This cardigan comes in two colors, chocolate and eggplant, and the best part is that it's on sale!

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Charming Crochet Sweater by Nanette Lapore

nanettecrochet.jpg Today, the Monday after Thanksgiving, is starting to be known as Black Monday and Cyber Monday because today seems to start the holiday season online. That means many of you are starting to buy your holiday gifts online today, and what better place to look than here for all the gifts for the women in your lives. Here is a great idea, the Charming Crochet Sweater by Nanette Lapore. It's hard to see since the picture is so small, but there is a beautiful flower crochet detailing at the bust and on the sleeves. This sweater has a V-neck underneath the crochet, and it has capped sleeves. Definitely check out the larger picture on the website, this top is so pretty and feminine.

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November 25, 2005

Accessory Friday-Ayazakura Jewelry

ayazakura.jpg For this week, we are showcasing the beautiful jewelry made by Ayazakura. When we discovered this designer, all we wanted to do was buy every single piece they make. Each and every one is beautiful, unique, and funky. The rings are definitely our favorite. The Gold Infinity Ring is the most simple of the bunch, simply many thin gold bands all held together. Others have stones with them, such as the Snow Ring, the Rice Ring, the Coral and Turquoise Ring, and the Triple Peridot Ring. Ayazakura's necklaces are also beautiful, the Peridot and Citrine Ground Collection Necklace with a variety of sizes of stones being a particular favorite. Definitely check out Ayazakura's website for many more items, most of which have a sterling silver, 14 KT gold filled and 14 KT gold options.

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Sequin Disc Cami by Hale Bob

halebobsequindisc.jpg Here is the prettiest camisole we’ve seen in a long time, so we have to show it to all of you. The Sequin Disc Cami by Hale Bob is fun and flashy without being trashy. The front is made of silk and the back of viscose. It has an empire waist, spaghetti straps that are adjustable, and a V-neck. A bow ties at the waist, and there is beading detail throughout, as well as along the V-neck and the bottom hem. The Shirt Snob is a big fan of anything gold, so we love the sequins on this top. If only it was warm enough in the northeast to wear it!

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November 23, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Shirt Snob would like to wish everyone who celebrates it a fun and safe Thanksgiving Day! We hope you all have yummy meals to eat tomorrow and yet still are able to fit into your skinny jeans and tighter tops!

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Long Tie Cardigan by Lily McNeal

mcneallongtiecardigan.jpg Our other sweater cardigan of the day is also by Lily McNeal. The Long Tie Cardigan is is long, with a skinny belt that ties in the front, and has slight kimono cuffs. It's also 100% cashmere, so you know you'll be super warm and cozy wearing this one. Besides black, it also comes in ivory and fawn. The Shirt Snob for some reason has never actually owned one of these long belted sweaters for some reason, instead always buying ones with either buttons or zippers. But we've always loved these cardigans, so we are very excited about both of these and hope you all are too.

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Hooded Jacket by Lily McNeal

mcnealhoodedjacket.jpg We're supposed to get snow tomorrow in New Hampshire, where the Shirt Snob will be for the holiday, so all we can think about here is staying warm. Therefore, today is going to be a sweater cardigan. We've found two great ones, so why not show you all them today? The Hooded Jacket by Lily McNeal is a 50% angora and 50% polyamide sweater, is extra long, has a hood, and a belt that ties in the center. Vintage looking buttons also line the front. Besides this striped version, the sweater is also available in teal.

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November 22, 2005

Sale at Revolve Clothing!

rtaylorjacket.jpg There's also a huge pre-holiday sale at Revolve Clothing. You can get 20-75% off a number of designers. Besides shirts, there are also shoes, handbags, jeans, pants, and a ton more that you can search through. It really looks like they're trying to get rid of a bunch of clothes, so definitely check it out. Some of our favorite items include the Rebecca Taylor Jacket in Parfait and the Ella Moss Braided Cami.

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Sale at Shop Bop!

Like most women, the Shirt Snob loves sales. This time of year, there are tons of them. But who wants to go to the local mall and weed through all the other people also trying to find the best sale out there. Instead, why not buy online? Right now, Shop Bop, one of our favorite online boutiques with such great designers as Diane von Furstenberg, Lotta Stensson, ingwa; melero, and more, is having a great sale. Get $20 off any order of $100 or more, $50 off any order of $250 or more, and $100 off any order of $500 or more. Buy all your gifts for your friends and female family members in one place, without leaving the house! You can also buy some clothes for yourself. After all, December is full of holiday parties, and don't forget you'll need something great for New Year's Eve!

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November 21, 2005

Delly Star Tube Top by Sky

sky_delly_star_tube_top.jpg If you are going to go out and want to impress, look hot, and it isn't 20 degrees where you live, this is a cute option. The Delly Star Tube Top by Sky is beautiful, fun, and sexy. It has a silver beaded star in the center and a sequin band waist, as well as sequins and silver rings all over the uneven hem. It also has a sheer silk overlay lined in silk with a zipper in the back and elastic trimmings on top. Wear this top anywhere, and you will definitely shine! We may add that the empire waist is good to hide the couple of extra pounds you may be putting on in the next few weeks, although even this top won't hide our pregnant belly.

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Tie Front Top by Mon Petit Oiseau

monpetittiefront.jpg The Shirt Snob is feeling very pregnant today, so we thought we'd look for tops that a pregnant woman could wear. We know, most of our readers are not pregnant, but we aren't looking through the maternity clothes, these are items that you could wear too, and would most definitely look better on a normal shaped body. The Tie Front Top in rust (which really looks like pumpkin to us) by Mon Petit Oiseau, a cute label started by a British woman in LA, is fun and cute and would be a nice addition to a cute outfit. The 100% alpaca cardigan has a large tie in the front, with cropped sleeves and a shorter bodice. The bottom hem is ribbed, and the outline of a bird is sewn onto the left side. It also comes in bog (aka brown) and ivory.

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November 19, 2005

Best of the Blogpire

We've been sifting around all of the sites for simply the best we could find. With the holiday week coming up here in the US, we're pretty sure you'll need some ideas not just for conversation but also for the gift giving season. Check out some of these other sites and amaze your relatives with a vast array of coffee knowledge, gps insight, cooking grace, wine snobbery, and of course TV chit chat.

Gpslodge 150 MacnnGPS Fine Drive announces the Finedrive 400 and Finedrive 500 - "Hey Fool" you need Mr. T on your GPS - Route 66 Announces the Mobile 7 GPS Package for Mobile Phones - Garmin Fishfinder 340C, 160C, 140 and the 90; Announced

Single Serve simplehuman Single Cup Pod Brewer $129.99 at - Review: Senseo Forbidden Fruit Raving Reds Coffee Pods - Review: Green Mountain Fair Trade Gingerbread K-Cups from Single Serve - New Melitta One:One Microwaveable Coffee Pod Mug Brewer - New Mr. Coffee® Home Café Single Serve Coffee Maker

Just The The Rise and Fall of Stuey "The Kid" Ungar, The World's Greatest Poker Player - World Poker Tour TV Handheld - XBOX World Championship Poker 2

Kitchencontraptions 150 MacKitchen Modular Kitchens from Henrybuilt - Panik-Design Oven Gloves - Smell-Away Electric Griller - Thermal Brew Coffee Maker - Digital Dinner Plates

Shavingstuff 150 MacnnShaving Stuff.comWhat Would I Look Like If I Shaved My Head? - 20% Off at Sephora - No Minimum - The Conair Chrome Hot Lather Machine - High-End Handles from The Art of Shaving - Get to Know Your T-Zone

Tvsnob 150 MacnnTV What's Next? CSI: Las Cruces - Nielsen Media Research Top 10- Broadcast Primetime- Week of Nov. 7-Nov. 13, 2005 - "My Name is Earl" Lives! - I'll Take that Plasma TV on the Wall and a Side of Fries - I Paid My Freakin' Cable Bill, Leave Me the #%^Alone!

Shirt Tokyo Pop Embroidered Shirt by 3J Workshop - The Short Sleeve Belted Sweater - The Beaded Butterfly Top by LaROK - Cap Sleeve Sun Top by Lotta Stensson

Liquor Shotgun Party Beer Opener 2.0 Review - Reason #312 to Drink Liquor Straight - Jello Shots Today...Pudding Shots Tomorrow - Reyka Vodka: Tastes Like Iceland - Not To Sound Like Your Mom...

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November 18, 2005

Accessory Friday-Frosting Fashions

frostingbracelet.JPG For Accessory Friday, we have decided to feature a website, Frosting Fashions. This website is perfect for the accessory obsessed. They have it all, jewelry of all kinds, belts, bags, watches, scarves and hats, and tons more. You can search by color, designer, or price, and there’s tons of inventory so you will definitely find items that you love. They are also having a big sale, so if you need help buying for all your female friends and relatives, this is the place to go. If you sign up for their newsletter, you will also get 30% off of your entire purchase as well as exclusive discounts in the future. So if you like what is for sale on this site, sign up! Another great feature is the wish list, where you can save your favorite items for later! Our favorites include the Glenda Gies Jackie Purse, the DRW Tiered Pearl Necklace, and the BB Designs Silver Circle Ring.

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Killer Tees

killerteeshoot.jpg As today is Friday and is known as a more casual day, at least around the workplace, we thought we’d show you some cute t-shirts we’ve discovered recently. Killer Tee is a site run by Brian Dold, who designs shirts with his home state of New Jersey in mind. This is evident by the I Miss My Feathers tee. Our favorite is probably the I’m a Hoot tee because we like owls, although the Little Red Flock Hen is pretty cute too. There are also mens t-shirts as well as vintage tees , in which the company finds old tees and add their designs in flock lettering on top of the screen. Each vintage tee is unique, so you can wear it knowing that no one else has the same shirt as you do.

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November 17, 2005

Pintuck Camisole by Ella Moss

ellapintuck.jpg Here is a top that could be very formal, but with a cute pair of jeans could really dress it down a lot. The Pintuck Camisole by Ella Moss is a great shirt because you can wear it with so much. Jeans or pants, by itself or with a cute cardigan or jacket. As usual, the website we found the cami on won't give us details, so we don't know what it's made out of or anything in particular. However, it has a tie around the waist, and the pintucks are only in the front. It comes in two colors, pink and pomegrant.

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Tokyo Pop Embroidered Shirt by 3J Workshop

3Jtokyo.jpg Here's a cute top that is fun to wear with a cute pair of jeans. The Tokyo Pop Embroidered Shirt by 3J Workshop is feminine and spunky and is a great shirt to help you look nice without dressing up. This blouse has embroidered butterflies, crests, flowers, and more going down the front as well as throughout. There are pinstripes which help to make the shirt a little more formal, yet the fraying throughout helps to give it a relaxed feeling. It has a snug fit, so if you'd like it a little looser, buy a size higher. Besides white, it also comes in green, but the Shirt Snob doesn't like that one quite as much.

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November 16, 2005

The Short Sleeve Belted Sweater by Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent

twelfthbelted.jpg The Shirt Snob loves sweaters, especially now that we keep the thermostat low to save on heating bills. Therefore, we are always looking for cute ones that are very wearable. Here is a perfect example, the Short Sleeve Belted Sweater by Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent. This sparkly sweater is a wrap, has a tie at the waist, and has a faux welt pocket at the hip. There is one inch banding at the front and neck as well as smocked banding at the short sleeves. It also has embroidery, sequins, and beads along the tie of the sweater. If you are looking for something simple, attractive, and warm, this is definitely the sweater for you. Besides coral, it also comes in black and ivory.

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The Beaded Butterfly Top by LaROK

larokbutterfly.jpg Here's an interesting top that the Shirt Snob really likes, although it's not something we'd normally be interested in. The Beaded Butterfly Top by LaROK is stylish and yet very comfortable, so it's the perfect shirt in our opinion! There is 2 inch smocked banding at the waist and a surged hem at the wide butterfly sleeves. Around the V-neck is very elaborate beading detail which is really what makes this top what it is. The white of the detailing is a nice contrast to the dark color of the blouse, and the detailing is so pretty that we would love to have this. The fact that it would hide a belly if you have one (like the Shirt Snob's big pregnant one), which makes the top even more desired. Comes in brown and tan.

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November 15, 2005

Cap Sleeve Sun Top by Lotta Stensson

lottasuncap.jpg What the heck, let's make this a Lotta Stensson Sun Day! There is yet another cute top that this designer has out now that the Shirt Snob loves, this time the Cap Sleeve Sun Top. There is a chiffon ruffle on the front as well as chiffon cap sleeves with raw-edge ruffle detail. Smocked banding is at the bust and the back, and the hem is longer in the front than the back. We really like this top because it's simple and yet very elegant. It seems very soft and comfy as well, which is always a big plus. Besides antique brown, this blouse also comes in black.

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Embroidered Sun Top by Lotta Stensson

lottasun.jpg The Shirt Snob has found another Lotta Stensson top, and this one is even better than the rest because it's on sale, almost 50% off! The Embroidered Sun Top (not to be confused with the Drapery Petal Sun Top) is made of silk chiffon with beads and handsewn embroidery flowers along the top hem. The shoulder straps are ruffled, and the bottom hem is uneven. This shirt is dressy enough to wear under a suit, but it would work great on it's own in the summer. This top comes in black, mauve, and peach, but sizes are limited so go check it out now.

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November 14, 2005

Lorraine Long Sleeve Blouse by Catherine Malandrino

malandrinolorraine.jpg Here's a top that is rather frilly, but still the Shirt Snob really likes it. We think that a lot of our readers have the personalities to pull it off though. The Lorraine Long Sleeve Blouse by Catherine Malandrino is pretty, very feminine, and fun, and if you are a fan of lace, it's probably for you. This V-neck has a delicate embroidered mesh detail at the sleeves, waist, and bottom hem. Ruching is at the waist and bust with pintuck detail throughout the body and the belled sleeves. Besides rice, this blouse also comes in black.

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$10 Tees at Threadless!

threadlesscookie.jpg Once again, Threadless is having their $10 sale. They've just done their inventory and found a ton of shirts that are now in stock that weren't before. The company thinks that a lot of these shirts will be gone today, so get over there asap! Check out their stockroom to see everything and what's in stock right now. A few of our new favorites include Cookies Love Milk (which is already almost gone), Vegetarians are Eating the Rainforests (funny because the Shirt Snob is a vegetarian), and You Are What You Eat, as well as our old favorites Dark Side of the Garden and Calling Home.

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November 11, 2005

Accessory Friday-Supermaggie!

supermaggiescarf.jpg No, you are not seeing double. We are such big fans of Supermaggie! that we are going to show you their shirts as well as their accessories. This store has a bunch of different things, but we like their scarves and lariats the best. Now, we must admit that some of the scarves are a little weird for us, but others we simply cannot get enough of, so we'll let that go. Our favorites include the Skinny Spot, Verticle, Hole, and Stripe. Each scarf is handmade by felting and is either 100% merino wool or a merino wool blended with flax or silk.

supermaggieLariat.jpg Now, the Shirt Snob must admit our ignorance here. We didn't know what a lariat was, so we looked it up online. The definition we found was a "long noosed rope used to catch animals." Hmmm...not exactly what a city gal would need. However, according to this store, they are a "single strand, with no clasp, strung along a nylon string coated stainless steel cord." Ahhh, much more to our liking. Since it's a single cord, it's easy to wear however you'd like to, as a necklace, bracelet, belt, or more. They are made of a mix of plastic beads, vintage beads, glass, resin, and lucite, and each one is one of a kind. We like all of them, but our favorite if we had to choose is the Ice Lariat. They are all so pretty though.

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Tees from Supermaggie!

supermaggietee.jpg Today we are going to go a little casual. After all, it's a Friday, it's a holiday for some people (every day is a holiday for a blogger, I'm still in my pjs!), and we like these shirts and want you all to know about them too. The tees from Supermaggie! are simple, pretty, and unique with beautiful designs on them all. There are three types, long sleeve, cap sleeve, limited editions, and one of a kind shirts. Our favorites are the Double Mums T, the Moth in Hibiscus T, and the Five Flowers T. All of their t-shirts are printed on 100% cotton American Apparel Tees (our favorite), and sizing runs small so buy a little big.

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November 10, 2005

Drapery Petal Sun Top by Lotta Stensson

lottadrapery.gif The Shirt Snob just found a new camisole from one of our favorite designers Lotta Stensson, the Drapery Petal Sun Top. This cami has an asymmetrical bottom hem, a lose, flowing body, adjustable straps, and an elastic hem on the upper back. The best part of this top though is definitely the detailing. The beads, stones and sequins on the upper bust area are amazing and beautiful, and their colors are a nice contrast to the lavendar material of the top. This top also comes brown with earthy colored detailing.

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Madeleine Blouse by Catherine Malandrino

malandrinomadeleine.jpg This Shirt Snob has found the ultimate in feminine tops. Wear this, and you will instantly be thrown into a girly feeling. The Madeleine Blouse by Catherine Malandrino has an almost virginal feeling to it, yet it's still very sexy. This blouse is semi-sheer, with flowing flower embroidery detail throughout the sleeves and the bottom, and there is pleated detail on the bust and back. A 2 inch pintuck banding is at the waist and ties in the back, and ruching is on the kimono sleeves. The shirt has a deep scooping neck and has a hidden zipper at the side.

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November 9, 2005

Wink Cardigan by Ella Moss

ellawink.jpg Here's another sweater, and although not quite as heavy as the previous one, it's just as cute. The Wink Cardigan in chocolate/sage by Ella Moss looks so good with jeans, that the Shirt Snob would want to wear it every day. This sweater has a low neckline, 3 large wooden buttons that close in the front and contrast banding at the collar, cuffs, and bottom hem. The stripes are very small and alternate two different greens and browns as well as sizes. There is also the Wink V Neck Top in the same colors, which has a V-neck at the front and back, and tie at the upper back, and long belled sleeves. The sweater also comes in charcoal/petal, which also has a similar shirt, the Wink Flutter Sweater, which is short sleeved. If you love these stripes, check out the skirt too.

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Wrap Cardigan by LaROK

larokwrapcardigna.jpg As the rest of the leaves are falling off the trees, the Shirt Snob can't help but think about sweaters. All we want to do is find something cozy and warm to put on as we curl up in front of the tv or with a good book and a mug of hot chocolate. Of course, we have work and chores to do so we can't do this, but we found a sweater that would be the perfect one to wear if we could. The Wrap Cardigan by LaROK is a very chunky knit and looks perfect for the upcoming months. It ties at the waist, as tassels with metal detail at the ends, a very large fold-over collar, and wide sleeves. This sweater is so heavy, you could even use it as a coat during the fall and spring months.

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November 8, 2005

Western Shirt from What Comes Around Goes Around

whatcomeswestern.jpg Normally the Shirt Snob is not a huge fan of western looking shirts. We aren't big cowboy types, and while the look goes well with some people, it just doesn't fit well in a city most of the times. However, this shirt is just too cute for words (yet somehow we'll try anyways). The Western Top by What Comes Around Goes Around is exactly what we want, it has a slight western edge to it, yet it's not over the top and still so feminine. There are six buttons that go down the front of the shirt, and two buttons at the cuffs. There is detail stitching at the seams as well. What we love are the floral embroidery that is on the front and a bit on the upper back. Besides ivory, this shirt also comes in chocolate, turquoise, coral, and rust. For those of you who don't know about What Comes Around, they are "New York's premier vintage resource" and has a huge collection that dates between the 1860s to the 1980s.

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Abercrombie and Fitch in trouble again

abercrombieblondes.jpg Abercrombie and Fitch is back in the news, but this time it's not because of the pictures of the naked men all over the place. Instead, a bunch of teenaged girls decided to protest some questionable tees that the store was selling. They were successful in forcing the company to pull two shirts that read "Gentlemen Prefer Tig Old Bitties" and "With These, Who Needs Brains?" across the chest. There are still many other questionable tees that weren't pulled but may be after future negotiations with the group of girls. Personally, we must admit we like the "I Had A Nightmare I Was A Brunette" tee. The Shirt Snob is a brunette, so it would be ironic and therefore funny.

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November 7, 2005

Silk Printed Blouse by Paul & Joe

pauljoeprinted.jpg Here's a cute top by Paul & Joe, the Silk Printed Blouse. Made of 100% silk, it's simply a stunning shirt. You all know how much the Shirt Snob loves prints, and this is certainly a beautiful one. Up close it looks like flowers on top of petals, while when seen farther away it looks like colorful bundles in geometric shapes. This top is a wrap, with 1.5 inch banding that ties at the waist on one side. There is piping detail at the neck, and elastic banding at the cuffs. Again, this is a blouse that can be worn with almost anything, so it's a great find.

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Raincheck B by Joie

joieraincheck.jpg As our first shirt to showcase after our personal "Storm of the Century," the Shirt Snob has found a beauty. The Raincheck B in tiger eye by Joie is feminine and sexy and yet would work well with a suit as well as a pair of nice jeans. There is pintuck detail all over the front, ruching at the short sleeves, and keyhole detail at the cuffs. There are 5 buttons going up the front and a 1 inch collar with unfinished edges. Made of 100% silk, this top is certainly unique with the brown and white contrasts. Also comes in champagne.

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Where's the Shirt Snob?

The Shirt Snob would like to apologize for being MIA for the past two weeks. We went off to Florida for a vacation, and that little storm called Wilma that was supposed to be a tropical storm turned out to be a Category 2 when it hit us. This took out our power and cable modem, so the Shirt Snob was left without a way to post! So our vacation was a true one, forcing us to knit, read, and relax. But we are now back, so expect the usual posts.

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November 4, 2005

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