October 31, 2005

Shirt Snob.com Round Up for Ocbober

Happy Halloween readers! We've had another great month at Shirt Snob, here are a few of the highlights.

We found a bunch of great blouses on the web in Ocbober. There were two from Joie, the Let It Whip and Crazy On You. There were also two tops from Diane von Furstenberg, the Lace Nadieda and the Natalya Sequin Top. The Yoke Top by Foley + Corinna is a beauty, and the Grecian Top by LaROK is sexy and comes in tons of colors. And of course we can't forget the Long Sleeve Rayon Jersey Solar Top by ingwa; melero, one of our favorite designers. There were also some great sweaters this month, the Vintage Fair Isle Cardigan by Vince, the Jamila Blouson by Miss Sixty, and the Ray Plaid Sweater by Marc Jacobs.

The Shirt Snob found some cute t-shirts as well. We discovered the great shirts at Snorg, some of our favorite reprints at Threadless, the uniqueness that is Imaginary Foundation, Gama-Go tops, and Lost t-shirts, the Shirt Snob's favorite show.

Being that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we've highlighted a bunch of items that help the cause. Some of these include the t-shirts at tatas, the Tracy Reese Jewel Trim Baby Doll, and the Joey Breast Cancer Awareness Jeans. We also looked at tons of cute iPod cases as well as hats from Micco, Diesel, and more.

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October 21, 2005

Accessory Friday-Hats; also, Breast Cancer Research

miccamohair.gif Today's accessory is hats! The Shirt Snob looks awful in hats, but that doesn't stop us from loving them. The first we like is by Micco, the Mohair Hat in black. We love mohair! This hat seems so warm and soft, a perfect addition to your outfit as you walk down the street this winter. It is made of a medium wool blend and has small clear golden beads detailed throughout. It also comes in sky blue, burgandy, and cream, which has mulit-colored sequins. There's also a matching scarf.

dieselcap.jpg For something a little more urban, consider the Bina Cap by Diesel. Made of acrylic, this cap is knit and has the Diesel crest on the front. This cap will go well with your favorite pair of jeans and cute top. Besides brown, it comes in black, pink, and ivory. Similar is the Bina Hat, which has a Diesel tab at the bottom hem, is double layered, and is made of an acrylic and wool blend. This comes in black, green, and pink.

Also consider the great hats that are now at Ravin Style. Unfortunately, the website doesn't agree with linking specific items, but they have a number of cute knit hats with knit flowers on them, so definitely browse through them. We like the Camellia Knit Cap and the Verbena Knit Cloche, both by City Stitches.

polobreastcancer.jpg Also, because Breast Cancer Month is still going on, we've found a few more sites for you to check out. The first is ta-tas, which makes a bunch of t-shirts, as well as a few pants, thongs, and even some mens tees. A portion of every sale goes to breast cancer research. Style Bakery also has a great list of some items you can buy that will help as well. This list includes clothing, accessories, perfumes, make up, and more!

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October 21, 2005

Snorg Tees

ChooseWiselysnorg.jpg Thanks to the Liquor Snob, we've found a new website for t-shirts, similar to Busted Tees and Threadless. Snorg Tees are cute and funny, in bright colors so you and your shirt stand out. This is a new company, they were only started a little over a year ago. They don't have quite enough women's shirts in the Shirt Snob's opinion. However, they are cute and worth a look. Our favorites are Choose Wisely and I'm Kind of a Big Deal. Even better, these shirts are only $16.95, cheaper than any other decent store we've seen.

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October 21, 2005

TV Snob & The Best of the Blogpire

Tvsnob BlogadWe've been very busy bloggers this past week. One of our blogs TV Snob has been very very busy. They've found some very cool stuff to enhance your TV experience including: Plasma TV Fireplace - A Great Way to Hide That Ugly Plasma TV in a Beautiful Faux Fixture, The Classé CDP-300 - The World's Most Beautiful $6500, 35lb DVD Player, TV Walker Flash - TV Tuner and USB Flash All-In-One, and SpyderTV - Optimize Your TV's Color Settings. Also each week TV Snob covers the latest Amazon DVD Releases so you don't have to. Check out TV Snob - you won't be sorry.

Now - on with the rest of the Blogpire!

Single Serve Coffee: Review: Baronet Coffee's 12 Gram Dark Kenya AA Monster Coffee Pods from Single Serve Coffee.com - Williams Sonoma & Single Serve Coffee

Just The Chips: Straight Flush Ghetto - Dogs Playing Poker Drink Coaster Set - Royal Flush Chip & Dip

Kitchen Contraptions: 12-Bottle-Capacity Table-Top Wine Cellar - Clear Espresso Hand Tamper - Kitchen Contraption Makes Dishes on Demand

Shirt Snob: Halloween Designs at Cafe Press - Reprints at Threadless - Accessory Friday-iPod Cases and Breast Cancer Research

GPS Lodge: GPS Review: Another Great Review for TomTom GO 300 - Want a Free Garmin eTrex? Buy a Segway - Club TomTom Blog launched for US

Liquor Snob: Instant Expert's Guide to Single Malt Scotch Review - Tito's Handmade Vodka Review - Blavod Black Vodka Review

The Cooking News: Wine News: 50 flavorful, affordable wines - Recipe News: Get creative with pumpkin recipes - Cooking news: Being Rachael Ray: How Cool Is That? - Wine News: Wine tasting 101

Shaving Stuff: The Science of Billy Jealousy's Hydroplane - 2005 FHM Grooming Awards - Braun Cruzer3 Shaver - CVS M3 Razors

What's All the Racquet: Roddick clinches berth in Tennis Masters - Williams Sisters get props from the Hip Hop Community

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October 20, 2005

Halloween Designs at Cafe Press

cafeskull.jpg We don't know about our readers, but the Shirt Snob is totally obsessed with Halloween. With our favorite holiday right around the corner, we thought we'd share some of our favorite Halloween themed shirts available at Cafe Press. We are a big fan of owls, so we think the Happy Owl-o-Ween design is really cute. Witchy Woman is a funny top, and and we love the Halloween Skull Head, which is a little more spooky. I Heart My Mummy is probably our favorite idea, but we think it'd be much better done as a child or baby shirt. Definitely check out Cafe Press for more designs. And don't forget that each design has a separate list of tops available, including for men and women, long and short sleeves, ringer tops, etc.

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Secretary Blouse by L.A.M.B.

lambsecretary.jpg Gwen Stefani has been all over the place recently. We must admit, we're not as big a fan of hers once she went solo. However, we know that tons of people love her, so the Shirt Snob thought we'd focus on her clothing line L.A.M.B. Here is a beautiful top, the Secretary Blouse in gothic print. It is semi-sheer with ruffle detail at the front, on the cuffs, and in other places on the front and back which gives it shape. There are also 7 buttons that go up the front as well as 3 buttons at the cuff. We love the print on this top, you will be the coolest secretary in your building when you wear it. If you like this top, you might also like the Gothic Print Hoodie, which also comes in a black variety, as well as the Cashmere Turtleneck in gothic print.

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October 19, 2005

Striped Cardigan by Stacia

staciemajolie.jpg Here's a cute sweater offered by Stacia, the Striped Cardigan. This sweater goes to the bottom of the hips and is lightweight. It has a fold over collar and a large belt that ties in the center. There are also 7 clear buttons in the front. The sweater has small stripes with creme and brown colors, and there are small pockets in the front that have a different criss cross pattern of the same colors. The Shirt Snob thinks this would be a nice sweater to wear for the fall over some of your summer clothes that you can't seem to put away until next spring.

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Crazy On You by Joie

joiecrazy.jpg Here is a pretty, sheer blouse that is very versitile, you could wear it with jeans, a nice pair of pants, or a shirt. Wear alone or with a cute jacket or coat. The Crazy On You in chalk by Joie is a long sleeved top with 8 buttons that close in the front. There is 2 inches of lace on the cuffs, collar, and bottom hem, 1.5 inch ribbon banding at the waist, and verticle lace and pintuck detail through out the blouse. The edges are also unfinished. Besides the chalk, this blouse also comes in caviar. One thing we really like about this top is that you can button it up to the top to give it a more Victorian look, or leave the top buttons open for a more relaxed look.

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October 18, 2005

Reprints at Threadless

gingerbreadthreadless.jpg Threadless has some new shirts as well as some reprints. Two of the reprints are favorites of the Shirt Snob, so definitely check them out. The first is Dark Side of the Garden, which is great for all those Star Wars geeks out there (and you know you are one of them, just admit it!). The other is Gingerbread Nightmares, good for those of you who like a little dark humor (and it's also good for the upcoming holidays!).

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October 17, 2005

Barbie Luxe-new clothing line by Mattel

Growing up, did you ever wish that you could wear your Barbie doll's clothes? Or watch a child play with the doll and wish you had that great top that Barbie had? Well, you can stop wishing, for Mattel is launching a clothing line for women in their teens through their 20s and 30s, Barbie Luxe. Besides shirts (yay!), jeans, handbags, and jewelry will be made, all by well-known fashion designers such as Paper Denim & Cloth, Stile, and Anna Sui amongst many others. Mattel also has Barbie boutiques in Japan. The Shirt Snob is just so excited about this line, we love all things Barbie and can't wait to find these clothes in stores or online. At this point though, we can't find anything, but we'll keep looking and will let you know!

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October 14, 2005

Accessory Friday-iPod Cases and Breast Cancer Research

mummy_300_ipod.jpg Accessory Friday this week is showcasing some more cute iPod cases. Everyone either has an iPod or wants one, so the Shirt Snob thinks this is an important and necessary accessory for any woman these days. If you are interested in something a little wacky and fun, check out Pixelgirlshop, which amongst its large iPod case collection has kitten cozies, a summer sky case, and many monster cases. Thanks to Chip Chick for the link. If you are into something a little more designer, the Burberry Gold iPod Case might be a good fit for you (and thanks to The Bag Lady for that link). Our favorites are definitely the Halloween Costumes you can get for your iPod from iAttire. There are a bunch to choose from, but we like the Pirate and vampire costumes the best. There are also costumes for the iPod shuffle and iPod mini. The Shirt Snob is a total dork for all things Halloween, putting up decorations on Labor Day weekend, so you can understand how wonderfully exciting this is for us. Thanks again to Chip Chick for the link!

breastcancnertracyreese.jpg Also this week, we've found a few more ways to buy great clothes while also donating to many Breast Cancer research and education organizations. At Sassanova, 15% of all proceeds of the Rafe shoe will go to the Young Survival Coalition. Also from eDressme, 20% of proceeds of the Tracy Reese Jewel Trim Baby Doll will go to the Avon Foundatoin Breast Care Fund. Both are great products, so we hope you consider them!

The Shirt Snob is in Vermont for the weekend, we'll see you on Monday!

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T-Shirt news from Boing Boing

gryphontee.jpg Boing Boing had a few articles about t-shirts yesterday, so we thought we'd pass them on. We love shirt news of any kind! First is the new robot logo for Gryphon, a place to buy stringed instruments and take music lessons. Designed by Robert Armstrong, a popular underground cartoonist. Many people asked for a t-shirt when they first saw the design, and the company produced one! Unless you live in Palo Alta, CA, you'll need to call to buy a shirt, but the number is 650 493-0503.

surreal.jpg Also interesting from Boing Boing is that the Imaginary Foundation has a new line of t-shirts. The Foundation's goal is to "eliminate set conventions in favor of the humorous, the abstract, and the visionary," which sounds interesting enough to get the Shirt Snob to take a look. Unfortunately, everything seems to be only available in men's tees, but they would make great gifts for the man or men in your life. After all, the holidays are quickly approaching! Our favorites include Keeping it Real and Lobster. If anything, these tees are certainly interesting and unique! We love them!

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Kitchen Contraptions & The Best of the Blogpire

Mailing List Kitchen

Ummm...where did the week go? I was pretty sure getting up this morning that it was in fact Thursday and not Friday.

Since it's the weekend, we recommend checking out Kitchen Contraptions if you haven't had your fill of cooking this week. Kitchen Contraptions features kitchen gadget news, reviews, and more including: Zevro Perfetto™ Pasta Cooker - Grcic Espresso Machine - Cameron's Stovetop Smoker

Now on with the best of the Blogpire!

Single Serve Coffee: Review: Grindmaster OPOD001 Precision Pod Brewing System - Review: Starbucks Coffee Pods for Senseo & Home Cafe from Single Serve Coffee

Just The Chips: Howard Lederer Tells All

Shaving Stuff: RAZORBLOGGING on Instapundit.com - Gillette Venus Vibrance "Legs of a Goddess'' Contest

What's All The Racquet: Blake, Rochus, Paradorn reach quarterfinals - Venus pulls out of Kremlin Cup

TV Snob: The Fortis TV - TV for the Taste Impaired? - Should your next HDTV be a Plasma? - 4GB Hard Drive for PSP

Shirt Snob: Lost t-shirts - Jesus Hates the Yankees from Busted Tees - Accessory Friday-Breast Cancer Awareness

GPS Lodge: GPS Review: TomTom GO 300 - Amazon Sale on Select GPS Units - Timex Body Link: Now with Small GPS Receiver

The Cooking News: Mexican food glossary defines terms for dining, cooking - New Cookbook Offers Relief From Multiple Food Allergies - Jumpy Monkey Coffee becoming a hit

Liquor Snob: Bombed Beer Pong Game Review - Coldpole Liquor Reservoir Ski Poles - Orange V Vodka Review - New Miller Beer Ads Are Bittersweet - Monkey Shoulder Whisky

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October 13, 2005

Cashmere Sweater by ma jolie

majoliecashmere.jpg Here's a really cute sweater that was showcased in Lucky Magazine a not long ago. The Cashmere Cardigan in peach by ma jolie is beautiful and super soft, a great addition to your winter wardrobe. This knit sweater has black trim along the rounded neck, cuffs, and center. The black buttons are velvet, as is the belt that ties in the front. We don't think that the model doesn't do this sweater justice, this is a very classy sweater that would look great any time you want to dress up a bit. It also comes in ivory.

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Let It Whip by Joie

joieletitwhip.jpg Here's a great top that the Shirt Snob wishes had come out in the spring or summer, but we're sure that all the northerners who read Shirt Snob can find a way to make this work for the fall. The Let It Whip in new lapis by Joie is cute and feminine with a sexy touch. It is a V-neck, has cap sleeves, a tie in the back, and a pintuck detail on the front. It is semi-sheer throughout except at the bust which is lined. The hems are also unfinished. We love the ruffles and embroidery at the neck, which give it a bit of elegance and innocence. It also comes in antique white.

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October 12, 2005

Long Sleeve Rayon Jersey Solar Top by ingwa; melero

ingwasolar.jpg We love ingwa; melero, there are few designers out there who design such great clothes. The Long Sleeve Rayon Jersey Solar Top in chocolate is certainly no exception, although we are surprised to see a long sleeve shirt from them. This top has a deep V-neck with ruching at the shoulders and around the circle, which is 7 inches at the center of the top. We love the circle, it is crocheted and makes this sexy top look even sexier. There is also elastic banding at the cuffs. Also comes in black.

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Lost t-shirts

LOST-T4.jpg The Shirt Snob is probably one of the biggest Lost fans in the entire universe. We go online to the various websites and forums for the show and do all the research we can on the episodes. We even have a multi-page list of what all the numbers could mean. If you are like the millions of others out there who enjoy this show, you may appreciate this website that has among other things, an Oceanic Airlines tee, a bunch of other tops, and items such as mugs and magazines for the tv show. We played with the Oceanic Airlines website all summer long, so that's the one that we like the most. ABC's official Lost website also has some shirts that you can buy, including one with the numbers on it.

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October 11, 2005

Jesus Hates the Yankees from Busted Tees

jesusbusted.jpg Here at Shirt Snob we must apologize to every Yankees fan out there, because all of you will not like this next shirt. However, since the Shirt Snob is a Boston fan for life, we think this is funny. Jesus Hates the Yankees by Busted Tees is the newest shirt from this company. As you all know, we love Busted Tees, they have a ton of funny shirts, and we own quite a few of them. If only we weren't pregnant, we'd be buying this one too. And yes, we realize that this is technically a men's shirt, but really, a shirt this good is necessary for any wardrobe, at least of any true Yankee hater. If a women's version comes out, we'll let you all know. Until then, buy it for your brother/husband/father, who will be sure to love it.

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October 10, 2005

Lace Nadieda by Diane von Furstenberg

dianelacenadieda.jpg Our other Diane von Furstenberg is the Lace Nadieda in mehndi brown, a very soft tank made of 100% micro modal. What makes this top is the 3/4 inch banding that crosses at the bust and the back as well as being on the straps. There is also ruching at the bust and on the back. Although there is no reference to it anywhere in the description, this top reminds us of many of the Greek inspired tops that have been so popular this year. The crisscross of the banding is similar to Athena by Foley + Corinna. This top also comes in black, although the banding is also black and doesn't stand out in quite the same way as in the mehndi brown.

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Natalya Sequin Top by Diane von Furstenberg

dianenatalya.jpg Today is Diane von Furstenberg day here at Shirt Snob! We've found two great tops by her, we hope you like them both. The first is the Natalya Sequin Top in august patchwork which is a diagonal geometric print, one of many of von Furstenberg's great patterns. Made of 100% silk, this camisole has sequin detail at the top and bottom hems as well as throughout the body. There is also pintuck detail just below the bust, and there are spaghetti straps. This top is so fun, we think it'd be great for a night on the town, although it would also look great under a nice black suit if you want to be flashy in the board room as well.

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October 7, 2005

Accessory Friday-Breast Cancer Awareness

This week's Accessory Friday is a little more important than other weeks. Today, we are highlighting some of the ways you can donate to Breast Cancer foundations while you shop! As we're sure most of you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and this is a disease that affects many of us, for who doesn't have a friend or family member that has fought this disease? On a personal note, the Shirt Snob's mother-in-law succumbed to this disease, so it is important to us to support this cause.

pinkmascarabreast.jpg Pink Mascara is giving away Maureen Donohue stretch rose quartz bracelets to every customer that buys $100 from their site. When purchasing these bracelets from Splendid, 50% of the purchase has gone to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

True Religion is donating $100 from each pair of their Joey Breast Cancer Awareness Jeans to the Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization. The denim has a pink butterfly and floral embroidery on the back and down the right leg. There are also worn spots and light brown undertones throughout. A shopbop exclusive, get it now before it runs out!

Target is selling some items as well, including a pink charm bracelet, that you can also buy mobilebreast.jpg in bulk so you can resell them and raise more money to donate to a Breast Cancer foundation. 100% of Target's profits goes to the The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Amazon has a ton of items to support this month. Some of our favorites include Keds Champion Breast Cancer Ribbon Casual Shoe Womens, the Michael Simon Breast Cancer Tote, the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade Umbrella, and the Mobile Edge - Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Totes, available in microfiber, pink leather, and pink suede.

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Silk Jersey Bead Empire Top by Lauren Moffatt

moffattsilkjersey.jpg The Shirt Snob is a huge fan of Lauren Moffatt. All her clothes are so feminine and pretty, yet still quite practical and easy to wear. Today's blouse, the Silk Jersey Bead Empire Top, is no exception. It has a V-neck, ruching at the waist and 3/4 sleeves with elastic banding. There is 2 inch banding that goes around the empire waist as well as braided piping detail at the neck and waist. The print is cute too, with little white spots scattered all over the place, like a snowstorm against a lavender background.

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The Cooking News & The Best of the Blogpire

ThecookingnewshearderWe think you should check out The Cooking News. Each week it features the latest recipes, food news, and interesting tidbits on cooking. Jennifer & Mike bring to you each and every day the best recipes they can find like: Strawberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake, SQUASH RECIPES, and of course Apple recipes. We think you'll really enjoy The Cooking News.

Now on with the best of the Blogpire!

Liquor Snob: Quaffer Shot Glass Review - Tuaca Italian Liqueur Review - Liquor Snob Roundup: September 2005

GPS Lodge: GPS movie to be released: GPS The Movie - Magellan RoadMate 800 Announced - OFFICIALLY - GPS Lodge Monthly Round-up for September 2005

Shirt Snob: Tees at Gama-Go - Breast Cancer Awareness at Cafe Press - Shirt Snob.com round up for September

TV Snob: Using P2P to Catch up with The BBC - DVD Recorders - What Can You Do With Them? - TV Snob Monthly Round-up for September 2005

What's All The Racquet: Tennis star in doping shock...

Shaving Stuff: A Patented Approach to Increasing Razor Life - No Nose Hair Ever - September Wrap-Up

Kitchen Contraptions: Review: simplehuman compact dishrack - Kitchen Shredder: Protect Your Family's Identity - The Best of Kitchen Contraptions for September 2005

Just The Chips: World Poker Tour Texas Hold'Em Handheld Game - TV Poker Blackjack & Video Poker

Single Serve Coffee: Get Tassimo $144.99 & FREE SHIPPING - Review: Brugo Self Cooling Coffee Mug - Single Serve Coffee Monthly Round Up for September 2005

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October 6, 2005

Grecian Top by LaROK

larokgrecian.jpg This next top is very sexy, but it could easy become skanky if you aren't careful. the Grecian Top by LaROK has a very deep cowl neck that is stopped by banding at the bust. However, the opening continues below this banding, so if the top doesn't fit well, you will be exposing a large area of your stomach if you aren't careful. There is also ruching at the back, a tie behind the neck, and pintuck detail at the shoulders. The sleeves are 3/4 length and flowing, and the bottom hem is surged. Overall, this top certainly lives up to it's name, looking very similar to the gowns we all think of when we imagine the ancient Greeks. And we all know that Greek inspired tops have been big recently, such as the Athena by Foley + Corrina and the Grecian Tunic by Twelfth St. Besides taxi (which we really like as there are few tops in this mustard color), this top comes in punk pink, heather grey, first snow, light heather, black, white, bronze, pollen, and faded seafoam.

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Yoke Top by Foley + Corinna

foleyyoke.jpg Here is a very unusual tank top that will definitely turn heads. The Yoke Top by Foley + Corinna has a print and metallic banding with leather piping at the front top, in a V shape along the bust, turning into the straps. A metalic leather tie makes a V at the back as well as a tie in the back. It is also 100% silk, there is also ruching at the bust, and the tank is lined with 100% cotton. Besides black, the Yoke Top also comes in natural and as a tube dress.

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October 5, 2005

Vintage Fair Isle Cardigan by Vince

vincefairisle.jpg If you are looking for the more traditional looking sweater, one that you could wear to the ski lodge, the Vintage Fair Isle Cardigan by Vince is what you need. This top has 7 metal button closures in the front, dark ribbed banding at the front along the buttons and the collar as well as at the cuffs and bottom hem, and it's 50% wool and 50% cashmere. The best part of this sweater is the design along the upper front and back. This makes it reminiscent of the sweaters everyone wore 20 years ago, but must more stylish. If you like this, don't forget about the Cashmere Zip Up, also made by Vince.

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Jamila Blouson by Miss Sixty

missjamila.jpg Here's a cute sweater by Miss Sixty, the Jamila Blouson sweater. It's simple, looks warm, and will match almost everything. At this time of year, at least in Boston, you don't know what the temperature will be. Will it be in the 50s? 70? Better to take a sweater like this with you wherever you go just in case. The sweater has a front zipper, faux fur lining, leather trim along the zipper, and a leather tab at the collar.

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October 4, 2005

Ray Plaid Sweater by Marc Jacobs

marcplaid.jpg Here's a great sweater designed by Marc by Marc Jacobs, the Ray Plaid Sweater. It's sort of a combo between a sweater and a jacket, but no matter what you call it, this top is stunning. The top is knit with 100% wool, with a two button closure in the front, flap pockets to each side, and a 7 inch slit at the back. What we love is the trim, in a bright pink plaid along the front, pockets, and cuffs, which truly makes this coat, and you in it, stand out. The trim is made of a wool, nylon, and cashmere mix, and we think this sweater will truly keep you warm this winter. It's certainly one of the Shirt Snob's favorites, if only our pregnant belly would fit into it!

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Tees at Gama-Go

gamagohunt.jpg Here are some cute t-shirts from Gama-Go, a company the Shirt Snob just recently learned about. The company was started by two friends who wanted to promote the San Francisco art scene and showcase their friends' work. They became fond of one character from a designer, and from that character, Gama-Go began. Today, the company is available in over 250 stores worldwide and has expanded to accessories, pajamas, stationary, and more. Our favorites include Tigerlilly Kick, Bling Kaiju, Tigerlilly Hunt, and Spikey Tree.

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October 3, 2005

Herringbone Jacket by Kween

kweenjacket.jpg The Shirt Snob is a big fan of Kween. The designs are different than everything else out there, very vintage inspired. The Herringbone Jacket has a gold antiqued button at the front, sleeves that come to the elbows, and a longer, pleated back. There is also an almost identical Leopard Jacket with a black button instead of the gold. You can wear these jackets on their own or with a cute cami or tank underneath.

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Breast Cancer Awareness at Cafe Press

cafebreast.jpg October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and breast cancer will afflict 1 in 7 women. There are a bunch of ways to support this important cause, including buying shirts! If you buy one of these t-shirts by October 31st, Cafe Press will donate $1 from every order to the American Cancer Soceity. Some of our favorite tees include Hope, United in the Fight, and Breast Cancer. Also don't forget that many of these designs come in a variety of tees as well as mugs, bags, and more.

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October 1, 2005

Shirt Snob.com round up for September

This has been a busy month on Shirt Snob, with plenty of tops for everyone!

If you are interested in clothes for the cooler weather ahead, there was tons to choose from! The Cashmere Argyle by Alice + Olivia looks warm and cozy, while Lauren Moffatt's Crinkle Metalic Stripe Top is a bit more bohemian and laid back. The Jamey Cashmere by Theory is comfy and sexy, while the Cocoon Kit Cardigan by Free People is conservative and yet pretty. And don't forget the Princess Wrap by Alice + Olivia, Free People's Belted Chin Yarn Sweater, and the V Gather Tie by Susana Monaco, all of which would be great additions to your fall wardrobe.

For those of you who aren't getting the cooler air yet, or just want to continue having tops that show a little more skin, there's been plenty for you to choose from as well. The Marais Camisole by Catherine Malandrino and the Silk Cami by Rebecca Taylor are flirty, while the Poppy Tank by Ella Moss and the Claudetta Flutter by Theory are fun and carefree. We had the sexy Rose Halter and Sweet Cap Sleeve Top, both by Lotta Stensson, and there were two patchwork shirts, the Patchwork Halter by Free People, and the Velvet Patchwork Cami by Hale Bob. Also don't forget the good girl/bad girl tops from Nanette Lapore, the Naughty Girl Top and the Fantasia Top.

If t-shirts are more your thing, there were new Junkfood tees, new tees from Threadless, and shirts to help the victims from Hurricane Katrina.

As for Accessories, we've had some great ones this month. There was the stunning Twig and Heather Jewelry, the unusual bags from Astrosatchel, the True Religion Vests to get you ready for the fall, and Bag Borrow or Steal which allows you to have any purse you could ever want, at least for a period of time.

Don't forget to add us to your My Yahoo page or to Bloglines so you get updated right away when we post!

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Threadless Mid-Term $10 sale

threadlesssally.jpg There is currently a sale going on at Threadless with all their t-shirts being $10! You can't get a much better sale than that. Definitely go check them out if you are in the mood for some new t-shirts, but hurry, the sale is ending on Monday, October 3. Some of our favorites include Hungry Hippo, Family Portrait, Sally Finds a Stray, and Evolution. As an added incentive, you also get a free #2 pencil with every order to help you with your midterms!

We'd also like to apologize for no Accessory Friday this week. The Shirt Snob was sick in bed with a bug, but we are now back to normal and won't miss it next week!

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