August 31, 2005

Shirt Snob round up for August

The Shirt Snob this month found a ton of great shirts to please just about everyone. We found three great tops by ingwa; melero as well as three from Rebecca Taylor. Vince had a great cashmere sweater, and the Brocade Racer by LaROK is really cute. If it's still summer weather where you live, the Jaipur Knots Spaghetti Top by Lotta Stensson is great, while the Susana Monaco V Gather Tie 3/4 Sleeve is a great look for fall.

We also checked out the wonderful t-shirts from Busted Tees, a Shirt Snob favorite. We found a few great tees at Threadless too, including the Damn Scientists and Chance. The Shirt Snob discovered the work of Hardboiled as well.

Some of the great Back to School items we found include Fossil's Madigan, a cute cami by American Eagle Outfitters, and the short-sleeved ribbon-tie sweater by Banana Republic among others.

For Accessory Fridays, we covered iPod cases, purses that you design, Birds Nest Bags, and some of the winners from Style Bakery's On the Rise Awards.

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August 31, 2005

Victoriana blouses

victoriana.jpg Fashion Telegraph has a great article on Victoriana blouses, including how to choose one and the dos and don'ts. If you like the lacy and elegant look, definitely check out what they say. Also check out their site for lots of other great fashion tips. Other current articles include the 10 best velvet jackets and autumn trends. The site is based in the UK however, so prices and where to buy the items may not be true in the states.

Slots & Blouses - It's true, Slots & Blouses go together. Play online in your favorite clothes.

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August 29, 2005

Easy Lover Jacket by Joie

joielover.jpg Here is a cute sweater for the fall designed by Joie. The Easy Lover Jacket is cute and would look great on its own as well as with a top underneath. The fall colors of crimson, orange, yellow, and brown are what the Shirt Snob loves the most though. We are actively looking forward to fall, and anything that gets us in the mood for autumn we love. This sweater has 5 leather buttons in the front, camel colored trim on the bottom hem, sleeves and collar, and it's 50% wool and 50% cashmere. Also available in brick/garnet.

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August 29, 2005

Beaded Yoke Charmeuse Cap Sleeve Top by ingwa; melero

ingwayoke.jpg Yet another great shirt from ingwa; melero, this time the Beaded Yoke Charmeuse Cap Sleeve Top. This blouse is made of silk, has a deep V-neck, and ruching at the bust. There is a single pleat at the center, the sleeves are slightly puffed, and they have elastic banding at the ends of the short sleeves. The best part is the elaborate silver beading right below the bust. It's so shiny, it looks like it's made out of diamonds, like a huge ring or bracelet going around your chest. Besides Emerald, this shirt also comes in Plum, Black, and Chocolate.

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August 27, 2005

Flutter Sleeve by Harkham

harkhamfluttersleeve.jpg Here is a floral print that the Shirt Snob loves. Designed by Harkham, the Flutter Sleeve in Pink is such a cute top to go with a pair of jeans. Besides the sleeves, this top has a partial mandarin collar, plunging V-neck, angled empire waist with lace detail along th eseams, and lace that entends from the bottom hem. It is 100% silk and is fully lined with a tunic-length camisole underneath. This tunic is both fun and romantic looking, a great combination. Similar to the Flutter Sleeve shirt is the Gather Sleeve, available in black and green.

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August 26, 2005

Accessory Friday-iPod Cases

iguy.php.htm For Accessory Friday, we have found some cute ipod holders for you. It seems the entire world has an iPod. You can't walk down the street or enter the subway without seeing the classic white ear buds. So why not add an accessory to the iPod? These iPod hoodies from C.Ronson are really cute and yet hold the device well. Another option is the rock it! iPod case from Incase. In the shape of a cassette tape (remember those?), this case is ironic and quite funny. Our favorite offered at Fred Flare is definitely the iGuy iPod case. His arms bend, he can stand, and he's so cute!

gucci.jpg If you are looking for tranquility in your iPod case, definitely check out the Kimono case offered by Power Support. The case is made out of leather and fabric and comes in three floral designs. There is a ring so you can attach it to a key chain, and the bottom is also accessible for docking the iPod.

If you'd rather spend a lot of money and deck your iPod in designer wear, check out the Gucci case. It has the classic Gucci print, a green and red strap, with leather trim and silver hardware. Other designer options include the Kate Spade cases, one from Louis Vuitton, and Coach.

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Metallic Crinkle V Top by Lauren Moffatt

moffattmetalic.gif Here's a beautiful new top by Lauren Moffatt. The Metallic Crinkle V Top is very feminine and sexy without showing off a lot of skin, a type of shirt that all women need. This blouse has a band that goes around the waist and ties in the back, 3/4 sleeves with a gold button closure, and a hidden side zipper. Banding with gold stripes and buttons also goes along the neckline. There is gold threading throughout the top as well. If you like the crinkle look, also check out the Crinkle Metallic Stripe Jacket in Blue and Pink.

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August 25, 2005

Beaded Ancient Paisley Top by Cynthia Steffe

steffepaisley.jpg Here's something a little different, either you love it or hate it. The Shirt Snob loves it though. The Beaded Ancient Paisley Top designed by Cynthia Steffe. This top has velvet paisley print, vintage velveteen ribbon on the V-neck, and a front cotton insert. There is also a paisley ribbon on the waist, lace peeking out below the loose fitting bottom, and a silk insert. This top is very beautiful, but it's also very busy, so not just anyone could pull it off. We love the print as well as the use of velvet and velveteen. This top seems so soft and so much fun to wear, and you definitely would stand out in it!

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August 24, 2005

Sequin Leaf Jersey Halter Top by ingwa; melero

ingwasequinleaf.jpg The Shirt Snob is a big fan of ingwa; melero, and with every new shirt that comes out we are more and more enamored of this designer. The Sequin Leaf Jersey Halter Top is a stunning top, one we want more than anything. There is metalic and bead detailing at the front right below the bust in a leaf like pattern. There is ruching at the bust, and it ties behind the neck. We love the color, copper is very fitting for fall, and the gold detailing looks great with it. This halter also comes in ivory and black. Similar tops include the Mini Sequin Leaf Halter and the Flutter Sleeve Sequin Leaf Shirt.

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August 23, 2005

Chance T-Shirt from Threadless

threadlesschance.jpg Haha, the Shirt Snob found yet another new shirt at Threadless, this time one that appeals to our zombie humor as well as our love for Monopoly. A bit of a weird combination, but we think it works. The Chance t-shirt makes fun of the cards from Monopoly (we'll ignore that chance cards are actually red, not yellow), stating "Built hotels over cemetary, problems arise. Pay $150." And the Monopoly man who wears the top hat has an axe raised about to kill the zombie. Yes, this is a little dark, but we think it's really funny.

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August 22, 2005

Hardboiled T-Shirts

hardboiledbamboo.jpg The Shirt Snob has just discovered the designer Hardboiled, and we love their stuff. Here's what they say about themselves:

Hardboiled Inc. is a Toronto-based group of t-shirt designers and printers who find great joy in creating unique t-shirts with original designs. T-shirts that look good. T-shirts that feel good. T-shirts that make strangers stop you on the street and say "Hello. I like your t-shirt. Let's go see a movie."

They have a lot of great shirts that are pretty and feminine. We were originally drawn to the Bamboo T-shirt, which is simple and yet is quite pleasing to look at. From there, we realized we like almost all of their tees, although the stand outs are the Paisley T-shirt and the Lilypad T-shirt. All their shirts come as either a cap sleeved, 3/4 length sleeve, or scoop neck version, and the best part is that they are all only $27 each.

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August 21, 2005

Cashmere Zip Up by Vince

VINCEzipup.jpg Here is a great sweater to keep you warm this winter. The Cashmere Zip Up in Forest by Vince, who is known for his great cashmere, is super soft and super comfortable. It reminds the Shirt Snob of skiing and sipping hot chocolate in front of a fire in a log cabin. There is a front zipper, 6" fold over the collar, 5" banding at the cuffs, and 3" banding at the hem. Welt pockets are at the side, and a reindeer design on the back. Also comes in Graphite.

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August 19, 2005

The Best of the Blogpire

Yahoo-2It's been a big week for the Blogpire. Shaving was Yahoo! Pick of the Day for August 18th, and 3 of our Blogs are ranked in the Feedster Top 500. Kitchen comes in at 280. Single Serve comes in at 357. TV comes in at 495.

We also added a new title to the Blogpire - The Cooking News. We think you'll enjoy the recipes, wine info, and other cooking related items each day. Michael & Jennifer are both total foodies and will bring you the best of what they find each week.

Single Serve Coffee: Brugo Self-Cooling Coffee Mug, Single Serve Makes Feedster Top 500 Blogs, and Review: Krups 1010 Home Cafe Pod Brewing Machine from Single Serve

Kitchen Contraptions: Flip Flap The Solar Powered Plant: Our Money Where Our Mouth Is, simplehuman Organize This! Contest, and Meat Tumbler

Shaving Stuff: Lavender Pre-Shave Oil, Get a $50 Gift Certificate When You Buy A Braun Electric Razor, and Shaving tips from a/MEN/ity

What's All The Racquet: Wimbledon game for your mobile phone

TV Snob: Great Olevia LCD TV Customer Service Experience, Touchscreen PC LCD, and Samsung HLR4667W 46" Widescreen HDTV Drops below $2500

Shirt Snob: Mr. Housing Bubble tee, Great T-shirt from Threadless and Busted Tees

GPS Lodge: US Marines going to Iraq with Garmin 76S and 76CS GPS Receivers and GPS Review: TomTom GO 700 GPS Unit

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Accessory Friday-1154 Lill Studio and M. Avery Designs

1154lill1.jpg For today's Accessory Friday, we are going to look at one of the Shirt Snob's favorite stores, 1154 Lill Studio. Founded six years ago in Chicago, 1154 Lill "is the original custom handbag boutique that gives you the creativity to design your own handbag! Create one-of-a-kind custom LILL bags, totes, purses and accessories online, in-store or at a Handbag Party!" Lill has a ton of different styles of bags to choose from, constantly changing the styles of the bags to keep them current and fashionable. They also have a quick turn around for their fabrics; when the warehouse runs out of the fabric you can't get it anymore. This helps to guarantee that no one else has created the same purse as you. Besides the one or two fabrics that you can put on the outside of your bag, you can also choose the inside fabric as well as the inside pocket fabric if you have a pocket. So there are tons of ways to make your purse truly unique and your own. If you don't think you're very creative, you could also buy one of their already made purses online. Besides purses, 1154 Lill has also branched out into reversible belts and journals, so there is something for almost everyone at this store.

1154lill2.jpg 1154 Lill currently has boutiques in Chicago, Boston (where the Shirt Snob made our purses), and Kansas City. Don't dispair if you don't live near one of these cities though, for home parties are also held in Chicago, Boston or Kansas City or host a home handbag party in Bethesda, Boston, Bridgewater, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Des Moines, Detroit, Grand Rapids/ Kalamazoo, Hartford, Indianapolis, Long Island, Los Angeles, Louisville, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Nashville, Omaha, Portland, Philadelphia, Providence, San Jose, or St. Louis, with more cities added all the time.

mavery.jpg There are other similar companies out there. We recently heard of M. Avery Designs (thanks to She Finds), which seems to focus much more on making your bag online, instead of seeing the fabrics and bag types in person. We like to feel the fabrics and see the combinations for our own eyes, so we prefer Lill. However, this is a decent alternative if you do not live in an area where there is a Lill party available.

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Liberty Draping Pullover by Anthropologie

anthroliberty.jpg Anthropologie is a store that the Shirt Snob has never been to. For some reason, it's never in the malls that she goes to. We've heard good things for years, and here is a great example of how much we wish we lived right next to one. The Liberty Draping Pullover is exquisite, combining the currently trendy tie top with a regular shirt. A silken knit with a touch of wool, this shirt ties at the bust into a knot. It has long sleeves, a deep neckline with satin trim on one side. The pullover comes in three colors: rasberry, sea fog, and ecru.

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August 18, 2005

Silk Charmeuse Top by Dolley Designs

dolleydesignssilk.gif Color can sometimes make or break a top, and in this next case, we think it definitely makes makes it. The Silk Charmeuse Top by Dolley Designs stands out because of the beautiful green color that is pretty unique. This shirt is made of 100% silk charmeuse, has two ties in the front, and is a sharp V-neck. You have to make sure you tie the front well, or else the V-neck will go down to your belly button. If you like this top, you might also like two similar shirts, the Triple Weave Chiffon Top and the Silk Print Top, both of which are also by Dolley Designs.

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August 17, 2005

Mr. Housing Bubble tee

mrhousingbubble.jpg We just discovered one of the current hot t-shirts, thanks to the Boston Globe of all places. The Mr. Housing Bubble tee is a take off of Mr. Bubble, a product that we think the entire country must recognize. The shirt is making fun of the current housing bubble, if it truly exists (some experts say yes, others say no, we don't care either way). The tee is hilarious though, with sayings that include "Free Balloon Mortage Inside" and "If I pop you're screwed." This shirt comes from T-Shirt Humor, and it's an instant best seller on their site. It comes in a tank top and a baby doll tee, and the colors are white, black, pink, and brown, and red for the baby doll tee only. You can also get this design on a mug, baseball hat, mouse pad, and a poster.

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Great T-shirt from Threadless

threadlessfuture.jpg The Shirt Snob loves this t-shirt from Threadless. Entitled Damn Scientists (we love how their tees have names), it says "They lied to us. This was supposed to be the future. Where is my jetpack, where is my robotic companion, where is my dinner in pill form, where is my hydrogen fueled automobile, where is my nuclear powered levitating house, where is my cure for this disease?" What an awesome idea, it reminds us of Epcot Center. Remember the ride that showed us how the future would look like? And how it doesn't look anything at all like we were hoping? We think that ride is gone, but we thought it was so funny. Thank you John Slabyk for this wonderful design.

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August 16, 2005

Old Navy's Rib-Knit V-Neck

oldnavyv-neck.jpg One of the great things about Old Navy is that you can often load up on many staples for really cheap, which is great if you're a student without a lot of money. We find their clothes can fit really weird, but sometimes you come across a great find. We think the Rib-Knit V-neck might be one of those finds. It's a simple sweater with long sleeves, slim fitted throughout the body, and has a medium rib. This sweater is great for layering pieces, and they show a picture of a button down shirt underneath, which looks nice. We think a simple camisole would also look good underneath, with a splash of color right above the V-neck. The sweater comes in five colors: oxygen, black, light blue, chastity pink, and peacock teal.

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Faniciful Stretch Cami by Mayandree New York

mayandreenycami.jpg The Shirt Snob likes this next shirt because it's pretty simple, but with one neat piece that makes it stand out. So many shirts are so busy and complex, it's nice to have some uncomplicated pieces in your closet. The Faniciful Stretch Cami by Mayandree New York is just a straight forward tank with awesome straps. They are beaded feather light ribbon in a chain link motiff, which is so unique, we haven't seen anything else like it! The actual tank is comfy and lightweight stretch cotton jersey with a support bralette inside. Besides pink, it also comes in powder blue and white.

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August 15, 2005

Busted Tees

Today we are going to look at the Shirt Snob's favorite place for t-shirts, Busted Tees. This jesus.jpg company has a ton of funny and unique t-shirts, and they also have plenty for women, which is rare. Many of the t-shirt companies have a very limited selection for women (Threadless being an exception), so it's nice to see that Busted Tees recognizes that women like tees too. Started by the guys from College Humor, this company began in March of 2004 by a group of friends who "want people to have fun, laugh, look good, feel comfortable, get good jobs, get sweaty dancing, and go home with someone who also did those things." The company is very interested in hearing from it's customers and is willing to work with anyone who has a good design for a t-shirt, so feel free to contact them!

We personally own a few of the t-shirts for sale, including Your Retarded, South Korea's got Seoul, thriftstore.jpg and Nobody Likes a Vegetarian (which is especially funny because the Shirt Snob is a vegetarian). Busted Tees also has the recently controversial New Mexico, Cleaner than Regular Mexico. Besides those, our favorites include What Wouldn't Jesus Do? and Greece. Our only complaint is that one of our favorites, Pedro Lacks Political Experience (a take off of the popular Vote For Pedro tees from Napoleon Dynomite), is only available for men. But we've noticed that this can change, Your Retarded started out only available for men but eventually was made for women as well. Sizes seem to run a tad bit small, so be careful when ordering.

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Stephanie Cami by Conspiracy 8

conspiracy8cami.jpg The Shirt Snob has found a pretty yet simple camisole that we think would work well in a number of different situations for years to come. The Stephanie Cami in Black by Conspiracy 8 is a top that you can wear just about anywhere! Made from Blooming Jersey, this top is very comfortable and yet still sexy. It has spaghetti straps, is fitted on top, and blue velvet trim and stitching goes across the stomach area. This camisole also comes in Sienna Brown with pink velvet. If you like this top, you may also like the Helen Top, also by Conspiracy 8. This is a V-neck with long, flared sleeves and two white velvet stripes going across it.

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August 14, 2005

Rose Bouquet Cami by Rebecca Taylor

rtaylorrose.jpg The Shirt Snob has found another shirt by Rebecca Taylor that we need to post about. What can we say, we love all her tops! Our current fixation is the Rose Bouquet Cami in Milkshake. It is 100% silk, has ribbon laced adjustable spaghetti straps, and has a drawstring at the empire waist. There is sequined bow detailing at the ends of the straps, and lace banding wraps around on the upper seam. Our favorite part of this camisole is the floral print, it's so pretty and feminine. Besides this top, there is a tank top that has the same print in caviar, the Rose Bouquet Tank. The tank has ruffles at the bust, a drawstring in the back, and thicker straps, and it's just as cute as the cami.

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August 13, 2005

Leavers Lace Shell by J.Crew

jcrewleavers.jpg Boy was the Shirt Snob surprised to find this top when looking for Back to School items at J.Crew! We didn't know they made items so intricate, and so expensive! Using traditional Leavers machines dating back to the early 1800s, the Leavers lace shell was made in Northern France. Made to closely resemble ancient hand woven lace, Leavers laces are considered to be works of art. We couldn't agree more, this shell is truly a work of art. This top has a V-neck in the front and back, is fitted, has a velvet bow that ties in the back, and has princess seams. There is a back zipper, and this top is fully lined. Besides Light Champagne, it also comes in Espresso. This top would easily go under a nice suit, but you could just as easily dress it down with a nice pair of jeans and a pair of heels.

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August 12, 2005

Accessory Friday-jilli designs and Birds Nest Bags

jillibracelet.jpg This week we have two different accessories for you. Last week we totally forgot about one of our favorites that won the On The Rise Award from Style Bakery, so we will cover that now. First though is a beautifully stunning bracelet made by jilli designs, the Floral Multistrand Chain Bracelet. This piece is gold-filled and has fresh water pearls, peridot, tourmaline buds, and ruby and citrine flowers all inside a little gold frame with multistrand chains. It is adjustable between 6 3/4" and 8" in length. This is such a unique and striking design, it instantly became a much desired accessory. If you like this bracelet, you may also be interested in the gold version (as apposed to the gold-filled), the 4 Strand Floral Chain Pendant, the Floral Cuff, the Floral Link Bracelet, and the Floral Vine Bracelet.

birdsnestbags.jpg The winner of the Reader's Choice Award for Handbags at Style Bakery, the Birds Nest Bags are designed as an alternative to the super expensive Kate Spade, Gucci, and other designer purses that not everyone can afford while also celebrating colors, textures, and patterns. There are so many that we think are great, but the top ones are the Chocolate Toile Katie, the Amarillo Las Pratagas Cigar Box Purse, the Tropical Punch Tracy Purse (with bamboo handle), and the Black Polka Dots Tiffany (only two are left so hurry!). The purses all have different types and lengths of handles, and they are willing to listen to you if you'd like a purse they have with a slight alteration, like an added ribbon.

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This Week's Best of the Blogpire

Another week and another best of the best from the Blogpire. We've had an amazing week finding the latest kitchen, coffee, poker, tennis, TV, fashion, and gps offerings.

We also want to remind you that publishers and supporters of Blogpire Productions have participated in the Pan Mass Challenge (PMC) this past weekend and we are donating all profits from the Blogpire this weekend (August 12th & 13th) to the cause. The PMC donations go to the Jimmy Fund and Dana Farber cancer institute.

Donations can be made at:

Now, on with the Best of the Blogpire!

ArrowContinue reading: "This Week's Best of the Blogpire"

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Argyle Cardigan by Generra

generraargyle.jpg Argyle sweaters are all the rage this fall. We're already posted on some great ones from Juicy, and even Old Navy is selling some. Here is one that the Shirt Snob thinks is a really cute variation, the Argyle Cardigan by Generra. All the sweaters of this kind that we've seen so far have been pull overs, so it's nice to see a button up version. It's very versatile, you can pair this sweater up with a long tank or a polo shirt, or you can wear it by itself. This sweater is 99% cashmere, has a V-neck and five buttons, and the sleeves are slightly cropped. There is a subtle glitter stitching throughout, and the back is totally nude, with no argyle pattern. Besides Desert Melon, this cardigan is also available in Chambord/Brown and Black/Bluefish.

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August 11, 2005

Geek is the new cool at Cafe Press

casemondays.jpg Cafe Press is spotlighting Geekware right now. There are a bunch of funny designs, our favorites being Girlie Gamer, Physics Babe, Duke of URL, and Case of the Mondays. Cafe Press is having a back to school special-buy $50 or more and get $10 off when you use the coupon code TANK10. This offer is good only until August 16.

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Layered Cami by Future Paradise

futureparadise.jpg The Shirt Snob has a thing for crocheted tops lately, here is another that we are craving. Made by Future Paradise, this Layered Cami is fun an bohemian. The bust is covered in a cotton crochet, there is an empire waist, and a flared bodace covered with a patchwork of meadow flower prints. Spaghetti straps are adjustable, and there are sequins and detailing along the neckline and bottom hem. This top would look great with a pair of slimming jeans. If you like this shirt, you may also like the Patchwork Skirt.

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August 10, 2005

Crew Cardigan by Rebecca Taylor

rebeccacardigan.jpg Rebecca Taylor gets it right again with this next top. This sweater remind the Shirt Snob of the sweaters our moms wore when we were little, with it's creme color and cables. The Crew Cardigan is an instant favorite. Made of 80% merino wool and 20% nylon, this sweater is soft and yet keeps you warm. It has five buttons in the front, a ribbon that is laced throughout the top and ties at the neck, as well as bead and sequin detailin around the collar area. We really like how this is a modern version of what has been around for decades

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Crochet Ribbon Halter Top by ingwa; melero

INGWAhalter.jpg Today we discovered the cutest halter top by ingwa; melero. The Crochet Ribbon Halter Top is a fun and funky top that would be great to wear to a party. The crochet lace is at the waist, just below the bust area. Being that it is crochet, has holes in it. This is not something that you could wear if you are conservative in your clothing, but for those that like a little adventure in what they wear, this is certainly for you. This shirt also has ruching at the bust, a single pleat in front, and it ties behind the neck. Besides orange/berry, it also comes in striped.

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August 9, 2005

Empire Tunic by Cynthia Vincent

cvincentempiretunic.gif The Shirt Snob can't get enough of the tunics this summer. There are so many beautiful and girly ones that we just want to buy so much! This one is certainly no exception. The Empire Tunic made by Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent is truly stunning. We think a lot of this has to do with the color and fabric. The sequined V-neck compliments the Spruce color of the top very well, and the silk gives the top a flowing, feminine feel. There is also a cinched empire waist, a V in the back, a dual layer at the botton, and ties at the cinched shoulders with pull ties so you can adjust the fit.

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August 8, 2005

Brocade Racer by LaROK

larokracer.jpg Here's another tank top that will keep you cool for the remainder of the summer, the LaROK Brocade Racer. The Shirt Snob likes this shirt because it isn't too complex. This top is a normal tank with a metallic weaving around the neck and arms, but nothing too weird or complex. It is a nice top that you can just throw on before leaving the house, it will make you look sophisticated and a little funky. One neat feature is that the straps have buttons on them. We aren't sure if this means they adjustable or not, but it's a neat little feature. Besides black, this tank top also comes in dark heather, plum, and yucca.

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Short-sleeved ribbon-tie sweater from Banana Republic

bananaribbontie.jpg Here's another great Back to School top, this time by Banana Republic. The Short-sleeved ribbon-tie sweater in Delicious Pink is a super cute top that works great if you want to be a little more dressy when you go to class. This sweater is a scoopneck with short sleeves and a pink satin ribbon that ties around the waist. It's made of lambswool, nylon, angora rabbit hair, and 1% spandex for a slight stretch to it. This sweater is also available in Porcelain and comes in petite sizes as well. Also, if you spend $125 online, you get free shipping through August 15th!

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August 7, 2005

Top with Camisole by Rebecca Taylor

rtaylorparfait.jpg The Shirt Snob really has a thing for Rebecca Taylor right now. All of her designs seem to have a timeless appeal to them, as if we could still be wearing many of her pieces five years from now. This next shirt certainly feels that way. The Top with Camisole in Parfait is 100% sheer silk with ruffles at the shoulders and ruching at the bust. There is some elastic smocking in the back to give the top shape, and a camisole comes with it to wear underneath. This blouse is a beautiful yet subtle blouse that one could wear at almost any time with almost anything.

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August 6, 2005

Sparkle Cami by American Eagle Outfitters

aecami.jpg The Shirt Snob has found another cute, low priced shirt for students! The Sparkle Cami made by American Eagle Outfitters, is cute and not too revealing. When paired with a nice cardigan or hoodie, this could definitely be worn to school. Made of 100% cotton, this camisole is very lightweight, so it could be worn by itself for the remainder of the summer. We love how feminine it is with the crochet trim and beading detail along the straps, hem, and neckline. The ribbon around the empire waist adds a nice touch of girliness too. Besides blushing pink, this tank top also comes in white. The best part is, it's only $34.50. Who can beat that?

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The Best of the Blogpire

We scour each week to find the best of the best from all the Blogpire blogs. We've got some juicy morsels for you this week and some info on an event all of our blogs are sponsoring.

Publishers and supporters of Blogpire Productions are participating in the Pan Mass Challenge (PMC) this weekend and donating all profits of the upcoming August 12th weekend to the cause. Nearly 4,000 cyclists will take part in the ride this August 6 and 7, 2005. They will travel six different routes, riding between 89 and 192 miles over one or two days, through 46 scenic Massachusetts towns.

More can be learned about the PMC program at, and donations can be made at:

Now on with the best of the best:

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August 5, 2005

Accessory Friday-On the Rise Awards from Style Bakery

Style Bakery has just announced their winners for the first annual "On the Rise Awards" which recognizes "the hottest emerging designers and hippest online boutiques." Today for Accessory Friday, we are going to look at some of our favorites from the award winners.

indulgems.jpg The first we would like to point out is the handmade jewelry of Grace Chan of Indulgems. She uses gemstones to make most of her jewelry, and the pieces really stand out. Chan makes necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and soon rings, all with a delicacy and classiness that we know will stand up to the test of time. Although it's very hard for The Shirt Snob to choose favorites out of this wonderful collection, we must say we are very fond of the 18KT Gold Tourmaline Briolette Bracelet, the White Druzy, Rock Crystal, Moonstone and Freshwater Pearl Wire Work Necklace, and the Eternity Knot Necklace.

pellemellebelts.jpg Next are the designs of Meredith Loughlin of Pellemelle, who just started her company in 2004. While she also makes bracelets and headbands, we are more of a fan of her belts. Known for her colorful leathers and great patterns and very unique buckles, these belts are fun and funky. Our favorites are the Embossed Suede Belts, the Embossed Metallic Sash Belt, and the Eastern Sun Sash Belt. You cannot buy her items off the website unfortunately, but much of her collection is at online boutiques such as Luv Charlie and Lyrical Beauty as well at many stores throughout the country.

indiaromeo.jpg Last but certainly not least is Ileana Rodriguez of india*romeo. A big fan of all things vintage, Rodriguez makes a bunch of cute items, including bags, hair accessories, earrings, and pins and brooches. We especially like her purses because of their homemade feel, the Swirly Print Vintage Tote, Greenie Handbag, and the Yellow Poppies Handbag being our favorites. Her Beaded Hair Pins and Flowerbands are also great, bringing out a school girl feeling inside of us that works great with fall coming up. The best thing about Rodriguez's designs is that they are all very reasonably priced. If you are interested in Rodriguez, also check out her blog.

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Button Down, Green Circle by Alice + Olivia

aliceoliviabuttondown.jpg The Shirt Snob just cannot get enough of cool prints lately. Here is another one that we know you will long for just as much as we do. Made by Alice + Olivia, this Button Down, Green Circle Blouse is just what we want to be wearing this coming fall. This stretch blouse has long sleeves, three inch cuffs and a collar, six snaps in the front and two more at the cuffs, and is has darted at sides and back for shape. Normally, we are not the biggest fans of button down shirts, they are usually rather boring and not worth our time writing about them. But this one is just so much fun! This blouse you could either wear it into the office or dress down and wear on a weekend.

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August 4, 2005

Butterscotch Stallion rides no more

stallioncease.JPG Bad news for any of you that were interested in the Butterscotch Stallion. Turns out the Randy & Moss, who makes this tee, has been served a cease and desist by Owen Wilson's people. Maybe you can check out ebay if you are still interested in the shirt, although we see none at this moment there. Hopefully everyone who wanted one here got one! The Shirt Snob, however, is okay with this decision, as we'd rather have a t-shirt from Threadless, Mr. Chips, or many of the other t-shirt company's we've posted on.

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Giant Robot

biffoot1.jpg Here are some more neat t-shirts by Giant Robot. They are a very popular San Franciscan store that the leader of our Blogpire Jay suggested. They don't have the best selection for women (not all of us are size M), but they have many great designs. Besides many robot themed shirts, they have a lot of funny ones including the Vegetarian Bigfoot, Shanghai, and School Girl Invaders. Definitely check this place out, they have a ton of other tees as well as other items like toys and accessories. Also check out what we believe is their sister store, Kid Robot. Our favorite shirt of their is I Am Plastic.

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Mr. Chips Tees

bananashirt.jpg The Shirt Snob is in the mood for t-shirts today, so that is what we will be posting about. Yesterday we discovered Mr. Chips Tees, thanks to Preshrunk.
Here is what the company says about themselves:

Mr. Chips is a collection of T-shirts celebrating these Trucker's, Trailer Parks, Farms and Campgrounds that were landmarks on these great highways. Together with witty and nostalgic quotes you will feel Mr. Chips T-Shirts are
"right off the old block"

drinkanddial.jpg They have a lot of funny tees, although many of them are rather suggestive. They would probably be more for the older student, we can see many high school students being suspended if they wore some of these shirts to school. Although it's hard to choose a few favorite shirts, we're going to try! The This Shirt is Bananas tee we laughed over, even though we aren't huge fans of the Gwen Stefani song. Also the Friends Don't Let Friends Drink and Dial top is also a winner in that is rings so true (haha, get it?)!

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August 3, 2005

Madigan by Fossil

fossilmadigan.jpg Since school is right around the corner for many many people, we think that we should take a good hard look at clothes for students. Another way to put this is clothes that are still fun and trendy, but not super expensive, since we know that most students are dirt poor and can't afford most designers. Here is a shirt the Shirt Snob is a big fan of, Madigan from Fossil, a button down long sleeved shirt with a fun print. Already on sale at $29.99, this is a great addition to a student's fall wardrobe. You could easily throw your summer tank tops underneath it well into the fall. Also it looks very nice when buttoned up. There is stitching detail on either side of the collar and 4 buttons at each cuff. Silver stitching is also weaved throughout this shirt. Comes in two colors, light chartreuse and blue haze.

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After Hours Paillette Studded Tunic by Cynthia Vincent

cynthiavincenttunic.jpg Sometimes you need a great top for going out on the town. The Shirt Snob has found the perfect top for when you want to dress up and go out. The After Hours Paillette Studded Tunic is just the thing. Designed by Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent, there is no better shirt to get you into the mood to have fun! The V-neck tunic is 100% silk and has a metallic paillette detail throughout. There is ruching at the shoulders and a drawstring at the waist. A camisole also comes with this top. Besides black, this also comes in nude. A similar item is the After Hours Paillette Studded Shrug in black.

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Empire Tie Back Blouse by Corey Lynn Calter

coreylynempire.jpg It seems that lately the Shirt Snob has really liked empire waists. Maybe it has something to do with her wishing she was pregnant and liking shirts she could wear for the first few months. Empire waists are flattering everyone though, not just people carrying a little extra weight. The Empire Tie Back Blouse by Corey Lynn Calter is one of our favorite empire waist shirts we've seen. The bright yellow color with the polka dots would work great on someone with a fun and perky personality. This top is short sleeved with a V-neck and a tie in the back. Corey Lynn Calter is very popular with the stars, she was even in June 2005's issue of Teen People on Alexis Bledel from Gilmore Girls.

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August 2, 2005

Floral Blue Sienna Top by Mimo

siennatop.jpg Here is a shirt that the Shirt Snob thinks is a great addition to your closet. Paired with a simple pair of pants and jacket or sweater, the Mimo Floral Blue Sienna Top offered by Luv Charlie could last you well into the fall months. This silk tank top has smocking throughout the bust area, an empire waist, and spaghetti straps. We love the print of this shirt as well as it's casualness. Not too many shirts look relaxed and yet still sexy, but this top certainly does.

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Butterscotch Stallion

butterscotch.jpg Remember the Save Mary Kate t-shirts that were all the rage last year? Well, the same people have decided to capitalize on this summer's leading man, Owen Wilson and his new nickname "Butterscotch Stallion." The Shirt Snob must be honest, we are not the biggest fan of these tees. We love creative and funny shirts like the rest of you, but honestly, we have no real desire to have a picture of Owen Wilson on our bust area. If you are interested, here is a small article on this shirt from Defamer, a great entertainment website.

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August 1, 2005

Jaipur Knots Spaghetti Top by Lotta Stensson

LOTTAjaipur.jpg The Shirt Snob hates this time of year. We want to buy more summer tops because there are still new and cute ones coming out all the time, yet we want to prepare for the colder months that are coming ahead. Since we posted on a fall shirt already today, we've decided to show you the new Lotta Stensson halter tops we just discovered this morning. The Jaipur Knots Spaghetti Top is fun and sexy and bohemian, what is there not to love? Made of 100% silk, it has bead detailing and hand embroidery throughout. This halter is lined, has an elastic at the empire waist, with spaghetti straps that tie behind the neck and a surged bottom hem. Besides midnight, this top also comes in Earth, soft pink, and turquoise.

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V Gather Tie 3/4 Sleeve by Susana Monaco

smonacovgather.jpg The Shirt Snob has a new favorite shirt for this fall, we are so excited to show it to you. The V Gather Tie 3/4 Sleeve by Susana Monaco is such a pretty fabric, how could anyone not love it? This V-neck has ties at the sleeves, front bust area, and at the upper back, which also opens. There is ruching at the shoulders. This top is 67% wool, so it'll keep you warm during those cooler fall evenings. If you like the print but aren't interested in the sleeves, there is also a tank top version of this shirt. The tank still has the tie at the back and has ruching at the bust and waist.

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